Valentine’s Day is such an important time of year for Me, it is for you too, My puppy.  I am turning My CHALLENGE TO PLEASE into your opportunity to show your Love and Affection and make Me your Valentine.  you know I always make you happy and you feel all the pleasure.  I am a very important Woman in your life.  W/we have a loving relationship.....Now is the best way to please your Domina and make your Princess happy.  It’s the perfect way to celebrate the completion of LOCKDOWN and thank Me for all the “releases” I will be guiding you through.  Pick one of the gifts and PAMPER ME...The GIFT that your Domina needs right now is your Tender LOVING CARE!


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Challenge To PLEASE


Dinner Out

Valentine's Day - Dinner Out

Base price: $25.00
Sales price: $25.00
Total: $25.00


Valentine's Day - Massage

Base price: $50.00
Sales price: $50.00
Total: $50.00


Valentine's Day - Mani-Pedi

Base price: $75.00
Sales price: $75.00
Total: $75.00


Valentine's Day - Hair

Base price: $100.00
Sales price: $100.00
Total: $100.00


Valentine's Day - Shopping at Victoria's Secret

Base price: $250.00
Sales price: $250.00
Total: $250.00

Spa Day

Valentine's Day - Full Day at the Spa

Base price: $500.00
Sales price: $500.00
Total: $500.00

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