About Lady Helena

Lady Helena

Welcome to my home page.

Shelle and I have been friends for a long time, and this is a dream come true.  I am very excited to be joining her “team”, and to be able to reach out to all her followers.


I have 5 years experience as a live Domme in North Carolina, (dominatrix?-Mistress), and training with Shelle for two years. I have recently given up my practice, and my studio, to focus ALL my attention on YOU.

My style is direct and firm,  and am more kinky/edgy than Shelle, though she is getting more dangerous by the week.

You will find my files generally shorter than Shelle’s with triggered inductions, so that I can work on your mind and get to the action that much faster!

My BDSM specialties as a Domme  include a passion for bondage (Japanese rope), punishment (whips are my first love), humiliation (whatever I learn that embarrasses you), cuckold fantasies , and financial domination--- I will take your money without hesitation.


My time is valuable. Though we might eventually be friends and I may ”chat” with you, for me there is a direct relationship between how much you commit yourself to me, and how much time I spend with you.

Custom files- No—at least for the first year.

Niteflirt- Yes-I will set a schedule when I will be available for calls but this will not be very often in the first year, as I am more interested in producing files.


Skype---yes but only for “special customers” who can afford my time.