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My fortunate enslaved puppy, are you still thinking PURPLE (Powerful Uninhibited Reprogramming Progressively Leading to Enslavement)?  you must obey Mistress Shelle.  Are you feeling closer to Me, more under My control, at MY disposal?  Perrrrfect!  I am training you to be My very good boy (or My sissy girl).  It’s funny to Me that as you listen to My voice, sometimes you are completely unaware of what is really happening inside that brain of yours.  Take for instance this week...oh, sure you will absolutely love this will be so enthralled and mind fucked, you won’t have a will never tire of listening to the session, it does something to you.  Pulls you in, wraps you up with Me in the center of your brain.  I always say, I have the best ROYAL seat in the house, from here I see it all. ~~~Giggles~~~I LOVE THIS SESSION!!!!  ONE OF MY BEST!

Twisted Cinderella

you have heard of Cinderella and the glass shoe...Just wait until you experience My very HYPNOTIC VERSION.  Follow My voice to a place where your fantasies and dreams all meet...playful eroticism and an ENCHANTING fairy tale of Cinderella, but not the one you recall as a little boy.  Instead meet her alter ego, the TWISTED Cinderella.  The true untold story that will fill your dreams and captivate your vulnerable mind night after night, giving you nightmares of pure pleasure.  Yes, in this week’s TWISTED Cinderella Story, I put just a little twist on Princess Cinderella and her intentions, and an ever so slightly different happy ending.

Well, maybe not so slightly.  But I guarantee, you’ll prefer MY version of what I do to you and how I do it.  Again, My prey, you will be brainwashed, then ensnared in My wicked web and enslaved with a MOST arousing addiction.  I know how to get what I want....... Forever is a long time.....All your dreams and fantasies cumming true.

SPOILER:  SEXY Leather Boots~~~Giggles~~~


I have this assignment, once I dismiss you from class.  you are to take Me along with you and a friend or partner on an adventure in your hometown, Summer Fun 2018.  Remember a similar assignment several years ago? What makes O/our relationship more real and meaningful is how seamlessly you are able to integrate Me into your day to day life.  And O/our file sessions together become more personal and intimate.  you need Me in your life.  I bring joy and purpose to you by having this lifelong adventure of arousal and pleasure in servitude and enslavement to your Domina.  Do this assignment and realize how much I have improved your life, which is what I want for you, My obedient slave.  you may take your time doing this until the time is right, but just do it!

I’ll be sharing My adventures later this SUMMER too!


It was quite a pleasurable experience getting all your emails begging Me for My permission.  I actually slid My fingers into the side of My shorts and underneath My panties as I was reading...GREAT PLEASURES!  I’m very proud how well you’ve learned My training lessons.

Right now, I have you scheduled for orgasm release on the 1st of the month, after listening to Chemical Sedation and then on the 15th of each month with Puppeteer.  Soon, when I think you are ready, I will be offering My expert expanded orgasm management skills.  Follow My instructions and BEG for know how I love that.  I own your c*ck, I can tell you when and how to use it. ~~~GIGGLES~~~

Check out the new/old story on SFS...your story is in the works, time is working against Me this week.  "Some slave stories make Me out as a harsh Mistress.  I kind of like it. Sometimes I'm too sweet and soft on you." ~giggles~


Back to SCHOOL!  For your SUMMER classes with Professor Shelle.

I also have an exciting audio book I recorded from one of My sissy slave stories.  A personal story of mental and physical transformation from a man to the desired state of womanhood.

My special deals have changed:

Sexual Psychosis --
If you love being hard, HORNY, CONTROLLED COMPLETLY, so turned on, and on the edge ...

At My Feet --
Have you ever felt what it is like to be BELOW and BENEATH a Dominant Woman?

Mermaid Seduction --
A very erotic mermaid seduction...

My puppet, you have just experienced the supreme pleasure of the reward of wanting, needing and begging for My Ultimate Control. Did you feel that heightened exhilaration?


This week I will work My magic on you with Hypno-Persuasion.  From time to time I get the urge to personally feel My power and control over you in a more direct manner, to feel your helplessness in resisting My commands.  It gives Me a tingling sensation that is quite pleasurable......Watching you give in to My superior power.  I know the secret, which I will share with you.  The more you want to please Me with each act of submission and obedience, the more intense your a level of pleasure.

So it works out so well for both of U/us to just let go and surrender of all conscious thought, just like you are eager to do for Me right now.  you like being My guinea pig, being useful for all My experimentations.  When everything is broken down into Binary coding...all behaviors are disassembled into a set of algorithms......and run through the Core of your robotized the system is infiltrated....and ends up being altered, reprogrammed.  It’s like having a computer hacker finding a way inside your system.  Knowing all the sensitive, secretive parts of you, exposed... So sexy...HOT...and I promise you, I am the perfect HACKER of your mind.  Listen to ME NOW.


New slave story posted on SFS.  It’s interesting how My slaves see the world.  If your story has not gone up yet, it will, My sweet.

As W/we get more into My Management of you, My puppy, I want to remind you of some new rules.  On some past business, am I owed any Stroke Tribute?  Or is any Chastity Offering being gifted for keeping you Hard and Horny in Chastity?


your hypnotic desires and fantasies all cum you are taken /well kinda captured.... It will be so arousing having your begging at Me feet for.....I love changing My mind because I can.  Giggles

My special deals ...

See how I MAKE YOU HAPPY with the Powerful Idée Fixe - My Prey.  The 4 words that are changing your life.

Brainwashing Loops - Stage 2

This week is a fitting follow up with Brainwashing Loops - Stage 2.  you’ve just finished "Brainwashing LOOP Trainings - Weeks 1-4".  The PROGRESSIVE brainwashing was amazing in this first STAGE and so effective, so guess what, YES, I have 4 more weeks in this series of Brainwashing LOOPS all aimed at totally brainwashing you into whatever I want and need...Brainwashing you eventually into a total MIND FUCK.... yummy.

Hey, do you know the TRUE meaning of MIND FUCKED---A mind fuck goes beyond destabilizing your beliefs or your current notion of reality.  Think about the idea of fucking with someone's mind and the implications of phrasing it that way.  A mind-fuck is deliberate and it can be confusing or manipulatory...It is well known that men especially love it when inflicted by a Dominant sexy woman...So My sweet, go ahead and listen to your next STAGE of BRAINWASHING Loops.  you will LOVE it!

Is it true, there is never too much of a good thing, even if you’ll be walking around for the next 4 weeks with an erection? ~giggles~  YES, there will be a STAGE 3.

The human body is remarkable. Let Professor Shelle explain. The brain, an organ, controls the functions/systems of your body. The Mind gives us consciousness and shapes who we are. The Mind’s three levels, Conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. The subconscious mind, connects the other two levels and makes everything work. The Mind’s three basic functions:  thoughts, feelings and desires. An example of how the mind interacts with the brain...your mind has a thought, an erotic fantasy, and the brain carries that thought to your penis, and you feel pleasure.

This will all make perfect sense as you listen to the 4 "CONTROL" loop sessions INCLUDED in Stage 2 of the BRAINWASHING loops.

Be sure to follow instructions that are INCLUDED in the description.


Remember instructions in the Puppeteer file.  On the 12th for 3 days you will listen to Puppeteer.  Then by the 15th I will give you the opportunity to beg Me for permission to will email Me with Begging in the heading and specify what you have done to please Me, so I can decide what I will do.

With the Useful Assignment, I got your "very interesting" responses.  USE is not a tainted word.  We both get something important to each of U/us out of this.  If you use Me for relaxation or stress relief, to fulfill your need for submission, obedience, control, to please Me or for pleasure, arousal, orgasm that’s how it should be.  If you orgasm, turn over and go to sleep, you’ve done that for yourself, not for Me or wanting My permission/control.  That comes when I see you have done something for Me to acknowledge your need for My permission.  One simple way is your Stroke Tribute or doing whatever else I may be requiring of you.  And to really please Me, do it without being told.

I’m interested to hear your reaction to the Zen version of Idée Fixe -My Prey with the addition of music.  If you haven’t, do a review and let Me know.


Next week’s session, The Cinderella Story, your hypnotic desires and fantasies all cum true...taken /well kinda captured.  It’ll be so arousing having you begging at My feet glass slippers...hummm

I’m also going to be giving you an assignment for Summertime Fun.  Take Me along on an adventure in your hometown.  I gave out a similar assignment about 3 years ago.  This will be fun.

Check My Specials ...

Idée Fixe - My Prey mp3

After Puppeteer, I decided to REALLY TURN UP THE POWER with this week’s Idée Fixe - My Prey ... Doesn’t it feel so good when I allow you to surrender and express your submissive needs? Awww, and then I simply take Complete control and bring you so close to your Domina. Now you are thinking of Me all day long, on edge, missing Me, craving My attention. I have become such a real part of your everyday life, as real as anyone you care for. I love that! There is so much I can tell you about this MENACING session.

But I won’t...not for this session, I will tell you, ONLY those who love danger and are not afraid of traps will listen...haha...That means everyone! PLUS IT’S a COMPULSION, so that is all that you need to hear anyway. But, it's intriguing to think that a few little words will change your life forever...Oh, I bet you want more because when you hear My voice, you feel pleasure and happiness. BUT....4 simple words ...dangerous SUGGESTIONS…are changing your world. Let’s just say, you can TRUST ME....and did you hear Me say “you will listen because this session is your COMPULSION”. OH and you get a nice surprise GIFT with this session.

Like the song, Suspicious Minds, you’re caught in a TRAP, you can't walk out, because you love Me too much, baby. Why can’t you see, what I’m doing to you, when you believe every word I’m saying…..GIGGLES. Hey, I’m from Memphis. Elvis LIVES in all of us!

No more questions, I said COMPULSION. Go and LISTEN NOW!


DO I need to REMIND you that it’s the 1st day of the MONTH. Isn’t there a session you must listen to today and obey.

TIP ME TUESDAY. If you are doing TMT, I will have a little reward for your devotion… There will be surprises....I sent one this week, a little LOOP for you to get mind f*cked over Me (email Me if you did not get your gift). Just a show of appreciating to let you know that I am proud when I see your name on the TMT weekly payment. you will love My surprises, so keep doing TMT and you might as well buy Me lunch for My weekend night shifts at the hospital. I’ll be looking for you to please your Domina.

Remember this week you are also to Listen to Loop Session-Week #4. It’s not too late to still catch up now by listening to all 4 sessions for 7 days.

The Use used useful assignment is going even better than I planned...allowing you to THINK...and see just how much I am inside your DAILY life...and HOW MUCH you need Me and how you want to be useful....OH MY, I could find a day off coming soon....hand over your work, hummm.... Well let’s see, are you willing to prove yourself and have you be Useful to Me? If you haven’t already, sign up for My Volunteer Assignment, so I can call on you.

NOTE: For My little slave helpers, you are so LOVE every little thing that I allow you to do. I love USING you, showing you what it's like to never be FREE, showing your TRUE PLEASURE and PASSION for pleasing Me..

And then, it's NEVER too early to plan for My Birthday, the biggest day of your year for the Woman in your life… Haha!!! Save up a lot for it or send a little every few weeks. I'm spending that week at the beach, so up goes that beach banner....and maybe a LOT more of My sexy bikini pics....did you say belly button addiction or is that a FETISH?

I’ve gotten so many SFS slave stories. Thank you, My slave. I will be going through them and possibly doing some editing to find just the right theme or lesson for you.

By the way, your PERMISSION emails are a real turn on!! See you in the middle of the month.


Next week some more reinforcement. There can never be enough Obedience training, so I have another 4 LOOP series. And yes, I am making you wait to bring you into My lab to experiment on you....Trust Me, I know what I’m doing My little puppet.

Check Specials ...

W/we all know and have seen a wooden, limp, mindless puppet, completely controlled by it’s puppeteer. What could be more manipulating and dominating than a puppeteer over that puppet?....your Domina over Her slave. Listen to this week’s session The Puppeteer. The INDUCTION is one of My best EVER, I think....CONFUSION takes over, subconscious mind gives in. you will lose this time (your mind), My helpless puppet, limp and mindless, required to respond on the end of My silky shiny strings. I am your Hypnotist and your ENCHANTING Puppeteer. And you, My puppet, will lose all control, giving in, passive, submissive, obedient to each tug of My string. This will bring you to the most intense depths of physical and mental enslavement, a place you will come back to again and again. You will find yourself caught up in automatic RESPONSES that are ongoing...NEVER ending. As My control strengthens.

The Puppeteer mp3

This session will be like that book that you just can’t put down. I will attach to you….giggles, like never before. I’ll get under your skin and deeper...

I have very specific post hypnotic requirements that are irresistible, you will not be able to resist, of course...and when the time cums, you will feel the intensity of My control and find yourself begging, PLEADING...ohhh, so sexy, “Please Domina, i’m begging You…...” I know even before you listen to My voice and words, you understand how POWERFUL this session will be for you, My little puppet.

Note: Contracted you can look to your SFS monthly Calendar. More updates on that mistake...giggles!!!


Contracted look in SFS for this week’s Use, used, useful Assignment posted as a complement to this week’s Puppet file. you will make a list of 5 for each word: USE, USED, USEFUL, as explained in the assignment. If you are not contracted, you may use the above assignment link.


Contracted look for TWO new slave stories posted on SFS. I am working My way through the stories you’ve sent, trying to add My editor’s touch to make you perfect for Me. I am PLEASED with an abundance.


After a teasing delay, you will be happy with the results of My new experimenting techniques in Neuro-Lab Rat 2. Could that be next week...or will I make you wait...Waiting makes you need Me even more, you know. Don’t you just love being used and useful to Me?

Check My special deals!

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