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Install the BRAIN CHIP first.  Activating your Brain Chip gives Me direct access to the deepest recesses of your mind.  you revert to being a little boy, again, so eager to Please, so suggestible to ALL My programming and commands.  This training strengthens My Control and intensifies your enslavement and servitude to please Me with your desire to become what I choose you to be, my perfect slave.  ACTIVATION will be My trigger inside your mind.  My Brain chip makes My instructions a COMPULSION. you become aroused in anticipation of obeying everything I tell you to do.  When you hear the phrase TRIGGER that controls the chip, My Control Implant will override your brain which will shut down and stand by to accept all My programming.

ONLY those who sign up will receive IMPLANTS!

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Saturday, 15 April 2017
i am aroused in anticipation of obeying HER commands. i am craving obedience to Her.

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