Chastity Offering

Chastity Offering
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My devoted Chastity slave, I allow you to serve Me through your Chastity and obedience, which is a higher level of service because of your sacrifice and true commitment.  you stay hard and horny for your Me.  I care for you with My love, attention and commitment.  I allow you to stroke, edge and offer your orgasm denial.  With this Offering you would NOT be expected to send Stroke Tributes while remaining in Chastity.  your orgasm release, if not part of O/our contract arrangement, should be personally arranged.

This Chastity Offering will strengthen your devotion to maintaining strict obedience, which pleases Me.  Accept this opportunity to please your Domina and bring Me pleasure by offering your Chastity in this very tangible way.  This acknowledges your love, gratitude and need to remain chaste for Me..... Share your joy and the pleasure I allow you to enjoy by serving Me in Chastity.  This Offering helps Me stay in touch to see how you are doing.

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Sunday, 01 October 2017
Chastity is the natural progression of Domina Shelle's hypnotic c, but release is under the strict control of Domina Shelle - always! Now that is not to say Domina cannot enforce a stricter interpretation - possibly for advanced students or Contracted Slaves - but for beginners I highly recommend this training. When combined with Domina's incredible Chastity related session, this training will steadily and inevitably lead you down a path you will truly want to follow if you love to cede control to a distinguished and deserving Dominant woman - Domina Shelle.
Saturday, 17 September 2016
Every month, just like it's part of my monthly obligation, I pay this. It's a part of who I am now! Did I ask for it? I think I was told to ask for it, but it's all a blur now
Tuesday, 08 March 2016
Be careful what you wish for. This has been quite the experience. Roller coaster of emotions. Highs and lows but always exciting. I think i'm reasonably experienced with chastity, but this makes chastity a lot more challenging than without the teasing and assingments. Definitely recommend this if you want to be in chastity for Domina Shelle.
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