Breasts in your Head

My breasts, your addiction, your submission and My perfect CONTROL, all coming together to trap you.
Breasts in your HeadBreasts in your Head
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Length: 47 minutes
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Breasts In Your Head, a perfect brainwashing...causing hardness, confusion, addiction and OBSESSION.  "So many ways to enslave your mind".  With this session, I will take you down a slightly different approach.  I will have your mind sleepy and TIRED, you will want to lay with Me.  you will fall into a deep TRANCE as Your Domina guides you deeper and deeper into reality.  Then as I etch My breasts inside your mind... like the perfect hypnotic crystal swaying back and forth, back and will fall helplessly and enslaved.  My breasts, your addiction, your submission and My perfect CONTROL, all coming together to trap you.

The perfect COCKTAIL for destroying all of your thoughts, leaving you with DEEP desires, strong addictions and OBSESSIONS with a perfect climax.

One step closer to Me...where everything, is of what you always dreamed.

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Monday, 13 March 2017
Playful, seductive, erotic...and totally relentless. A must-have for fans of breasts, brainwashing, Domina Shelle, or any combination of the above.
Saturday, 04 March 2017
As others have attested, even if you are not ordinarily fascinated by breasts, after repeated listening to this session you will be obsessed with Domina Shelle's breasts! This new found fascination will act as an anchor for Domina's on going conditioning of your mind and you will find yourself thinking of Domina more and more in everyday life. This will prove to you the extent of her powers and through association her conditioning will become more powerful because subconsciously you will have accepted the power of her suggestions. This is a very elegant, almost artful, session that is a must for all submissives. After this you need to consider listening to Voice in Your Head which will take you another step closer to total submission to Domina Shelle. Combined these files are breathtaking.
Tuesday, 17 January 2017
i will be honest i didn´t thought this File would be something for me, because i am not really into Breasts, i love every Part of a Womens Body, but Breasts well that´s the least interesting Part for me and well because of this i didn´t thought it would work as amazing as it usually does, but oh boy was i wrong, she made me love breasts, she made me obsessed with them, i no longer can say breasts are the least interesting Part of a Womens Body to me, not anymore...she once again showed how truly powerful she is ^-^
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