First Date part 2

The wannabe boyfriend survived day 1 but ...
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First date part 2:- The wannabe boyfriend survived day 1---but day two is more challenging as princess Shelle ramps up the pressure and he is taken farther than any previous suitor has lasted.


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Monday, 18 January 2016
It's the second part of this story and the second day for Domina Shelles newest pet Brian. The level of his humiliation increases as his need and submission for Princess Shelle increases. i am not sure if i could stand all of the task and tortures he is going through here. Again the audio quality might be a bit poor and Princess Shelle is sometimes floundering Her lines. But in the end it is an incredibly arousing story with a dominant Princess Shelle who plays with Her slave on Her whim.
Tuesday, 04 June 2013
The story set up in the first file gets even kinkier. But I don't know if it scares me, or if I should take it as an invitation. Oh this lucky boy... Can't wait for the last part of the story.

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