Lady H - Dirty Secrets

Lady Helena's "Dirty Secrets"
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Dirty Secrets by Lady Helena--Shelle's slave girl

Sample: LINK
Description (38 minutes):

slave boy c#m accept your place on your knees, naked, helpless as you fall deeper and deeper. Listen as my sensual words have you swirling around and around. Close your eyes as your Lady whispers in your ear. You know you crave my whispers, voice and words, lay beside me my slave.

Oh how I love to hear about dirty secrets and fantasies. You can’t imagine how hot it makes me…how wet I get from hearing about your deepest and darkest secrets as I play with myself. As the thought of me fulfills your wicked desires. The thought of you helpless to my whims as I take you deep into my world of erotic torment. Think about how you long to share your desires with a sexy controlling Woman

C#m and share with me your desires, dreams, and cravings. You know you want to, my good slave boy. You know you need and crave too. To achieve true submission and realize your dreams you must submit completely. This file will bring you one step closer to realization of your dreams. So lay back, naked, collared beside me and let me milk your dirty desires and secrets from your mind. Now listen to my Dirty secrets.

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Saturday, 30 December 2017
WOW. This file. From the description you can already guess what the post hypnotic suggestion is all about. So you better be ready to spill your dirty secrets. I for sure was unable to resist.
In fact once the trance was over I was Like:
Oh OH I need to email Lady Helena! open mail, write to ... Oh what is Lady Helena's email actually?
Check description - not in the description! COME ON! checking store pages, checking, cant see it anywhere. WHERE IS IT!
But oh wait, Lady Helena does have her own site right? What was it what WAS IT? Oh here it is. Now still in panic mode, check pages descriptions, but oh wait TOP LEFT CORNER, just plainly visible...Which I SERIOUSLY hope is valid and her PRIVATE for her eyes only, because oh my god the things I wrote...
Right, I'm saved. Now I can totally and completely humiliate myself before Lady Helena by writing essay about the dirtiest sub desires I have ever fantasized.

The site in case anyone wonders/doesn't know is:

And let me shout you this - the email REALLY REALLY should be here in the description with GREAT BIG SHINY FONT. I mean someone might go and have a heart attack or something! I only calmed down after I addressed the new email.
Thursday, 05 October 2017
This is my first exposure to Lady Helena. I had no idea what to expect. in minutes i could feel myself falling. there was a countdown that confused my brain and dropped me so deeply, so quickly. So different to Mistress Shelle, but so powerful and sexy too. I didn't even know until weeks later that I emailed Lady Helena begging to go deeper, telling Her some dirty fucking hot kinky secret taboo fantasies of mine. i am addicted to Lady Helena already, and it's ok, because it serves Domina Shelle, my Master! i also serve Lady Helena now too. i want to stroke and serve.
Saturday, 31 December 2016
I love the feeling of Lady Helena's control. She knows everything about me now.
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