Mermaid Seduction

A very erotic mermaid seduction...
Mermaid SeductionMermaid Seduction
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Level: Very Strong
Length: 50 minutes
Category: Erotic Fantasy
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Mermaid Seduction

This Mind Altering Erotic experience will leave you breathless and mindless.  The Siren Mermaid will seduce you and lure you to the depths of Her Realm where there is no escape.  Once you have listened to this mp3 you will return to Her in your sleep - in the Reality of your Subconscious mind - every night.  Even now you are being drawn to Her seductive sensual voice, you can hear Her now, can't can't just can't resist Her can you?

This erotic journey will involve a feeling of transformation to a mermaid.  This is a temporary state, just for the duration of the mp3.

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Friday, 27 March 2015
This is an erotic journey down under the surface where my Domina the Queen of the ocean rules. She will lure you down into Her realm where you will fulfill an incredible change to become one of Her kind. As i awoke now i truly ask myself: Am i asleep? Is this real? i feel like still floating in the depths of the ocean as one of my Queen obedient sirens.
Sunday, 01 March 2015
Mermaids were born out of desire and temptation. After long days and weeks at sea with only sailors for company, they dreamed of beautiful women of the waves. Women who would call and beckon the lonely and sexual frustrated men to join them in the sea. Mix in the stories of the sirens and Lorioli luring men to their doom by the sound of their beautiful voice and you have the beginnings of this file. Of course, Princess Shelle isn’t luring you to destruction, She will deliver on everything she promises. Like the mermaids and sirens of lore, this story is a deeply erotic and sensual experience as She takes you deep with Her soothing voice and then weaves a little story around you. Called by an irresistible voice, you’ll find yourself following it deep under the waves, where She and her beautiful handmaidens take you in an experience you will never forget.
Thursday, 12 June 2014
Another remarkable file. Princess Shelle knows what you need which is to be dominated and owned by Her. She creates the reality of your life which is to serve Domina Shelle. i recommend this file if this is what you are looking for.
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