My pet, I have expanded Shelle’s Playground to include a special section which focuses on My slave who wants to explore how far he will go to serve his Domina, through what I call:  "Push your Limits".  There are certain fantasies, addictions, and fetishes you might have thought about exploring with your Domina Shelle, but were too afraid to ask.  It will feel so good when I test your limits to submit to your Mistress.  I have put My slave Girl, Lady Helena, in charge because of Her unique talents.

The more you surrender to your Domina, the more you please Me, so come into THIS Playground, mindless and obedient with arousal, waiting for My commands, to experience My control over you and your pleasure.

you need to have listened to the Initiation file and then individual assignment/trigger files to understand what you will do for Me.  These new Trigger Assignments, usually double lettered, which follow the rules of SHELLE’S PLAYGROUND, only stricter and give Me different ways to test you and fuck with you, to test new paths for you to come serve your Domina.  Like all Triggers, there won’t be any “previews”.

WARNING:  Is this you?  If YOU choose to participate, I will expect your obedience to SURRENDER to your Domina.

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Push your limits


Shelle’s Playground—MS

Push your limits - Surrender MS MS MS

Base price: $20.00
Sales price: $20.00
Total: $20.00

Shelle’s Playground—JO

Surrender Trigger JO JO JO

Base price: $10.00
Sales price: $10.00
Total: $10.00

Shelle’s Playground—IC

Surrender IC IC IC...

Base price: $10.00
Sales price: $10.00
Total: $10.00

Shelle’s Playground—CC

Surrender CC - Edgy Playground trigger by Lady H.

Base price: $17.00
Sales price: $17.00
Total: $17.00

Shelle’s Playground—AF

Surrender AF - Lady Helena NOW takes charge.

Base price: $25.00
Sales price: $25.00
Total: $25.00

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