My private "club"


When you listen to My mp3's, or W/we have a call----you choose the time and place of your submission and service to Me---BUT, there are many slaves who want to feel My power over them grow even further.

Imagine receiving a text/tweet command/assigment from Me ---any time---day, or night,--- whenever your DOMINA SHELLE feels like it—knowing that you have no ability nor desire to resist.


I know that excites you-My GOOD BOY-----so your fun loving, but wicked Princess, is now inviting you into:


If you are ready for some real time action, on MY SCHEDULE-----sign up to be a member of My playground (purchase the initation file and email Me), and I will enter your life in the middle of the day or night. wherever you are.  I have expanded your Trigger Commands in an edgier way, because that’s how I want to be pleased.  As always, your arousal is in Obedience to your Domina.

In addition, I have expanded the Playground to include hypnosis Triggers and Commands of a more specialized nature appropriate for some of My loyal slaves with proclivities, preferences and fetishes that are of an interest to Me.  I want to provide all with an opportunity to serve your Domina Shelle.  There will be special links just for those Trigger assignments including a description.

Shelle's playground is a private "club" and the mp3's, interaction, and trigger commands will only be sent to those who have purchased the initiation mp3 and any command mp3's that you choose.

I am SOOOOOOOO looking forward to having you-----completely AT MY MERCY.

Join Me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ for more frequent text triggers.

Listen to the Sample of My Playground Initiation file.

Choose your Category and I’ll see you on the PLAYGROUND when you least expect it!!!

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Sign up HERE---Shelle's Playground

Sign up for Shelle's Playground TRIGGER TRAINING. ...

Base price: $22.00
Sales price: $22.00
Total: $22.00

Shelle's Playground Series

Shelle's Playground Series - Thirteen "Playtime" Playground ...

Base price: $75.00
Sales price: $75.00
Total: $75.00

Shelle’s Playground -- Initiation

Initiation to Shelle’s playground - First Playground ...

Base price: $10.00
Sales price: $10.00
Total: $10.00

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