My private "club"


When you listen to My mp3's, or W/we have a call----you choose the time and place of your submission and service to Me---BUT, there are many slaves who want to feel My power over them grow even further.

Imagine receiving a text/tweet command/assigment from Me ---any time---day, or night,--- whenever your DOMINA SHELLE feels like it—knowing that you have no ability nor desire to resist.


I know that excites you-My GOOD BOY-----so your fun loving, but wicked Princess, is now inviting you into:


If you are ready for some real time action, on MY SCHEDULE-----sign up to be a member of My playground (purchase the initation file and email Me), and I will enter your life in the middle of the day or night. wherever you are.  I have expanded your Trigger Commands in an edgier way, because that’s how I want to be pleased.  As always, your arousal is in Obedience to your Domina.

In addition, I have expanded the Playground to include hypnosis Triggers and Commands of a more specialized nature appropriate for some of My loyal slaves with proclivities, preferences and fetishes that are of an interest to Me.  I want to provide all with an opportunity to serve your Domina Shelle.  There will be special links just for those Trigger assignments including a description.

Shelle's playground is a private "club" and the mp3's, interaction, and trigger commands will only be sent to those who have purchased the initiation mp3 and any command mp3's that you choose.

I am SOOOOOOOO looking forward to having you-----completely AT MY MERCY.

Join Me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ for more frequent text triggers.

Listen to the Sample of My Playground Initiation file.

Choose your Category and I’ll see you on the PLAYGROUND when you least expect it!!!

Michelle Rivers
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Sign up HERE---Shelle's Playground

Sign up for Shelle's Playground TRIGGER TRAINING. ...

Base price: $22.00
Sales price: $22.00
Total: $22.00

Shelle’s Playground -- Initiation

Initiation to Shelle’s playground - First Playground ...

Base price: $10.00
Sales price: $10.00
Total: $10.00

Shelle's Playground Series

Shelle's Playground Series - Thirteen "Playtime" Playground ...

Base price: $75.00
Sales price: $75.00
Total: $75.00

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