My pet, I have expanded Shelle’s Playground to include this specialized section where I can play with My loyal Sissy slave.  These will be assignment Triggers intended to be fun ways for My sissy boy to explore new, direct ways to serve and obey Me in O/our own special world.... For the most part, you know if this is where you belong.  Some may be still looking to discover just who you are and what certain tendencies may mean.  Then, you should come to Princess Shelle who will help you find your way.  If uncomfortable, don’t participate, My sweet.

These Trigger Assignments are intended to take Me deeper into your mind with direct contact, unannounced, when I feel like it.  The Triggers are focused on you, your fantasies, needs and preferences.  As always I expect your warm and gracious reception for a fun session together.  you will be eager to show your devotion to pleasing and serving Me during these "play dates".

Since W/we will be in touch more frequently, contact Me if you want to take special care of your Princess.  I would love some of your pampering.  I can specialize assignments, just for you, My pretty.

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Sissy Play Pen


Shelle’s Playground—SS

Sissy play pen - Surrender SS SS SS

Base price: $15.00
Sales price: $15.00
Total: $15.00

Shelle’s Playground—SIC

Sissy play pen - Surrender SIC SIC SIC ...

Base price: $15.00
Sales price: $15.00
Total: $15.00

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