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Confusion--Under My Influence | Shelle RiversConfusion--Under My Influence | Shelle Rivers

Confusion--Under My Influence


Product SKU: Confusion--Under My Influence

I will cast my HYPNOTIC spell that will never be broken...

Session: 45 minutes
Category: Confusional Brainwashing
Sample: LINK

I want you to imagine being under MY hypnotic influence, I mean My voice, the ONLY voice in your will NOT even know when it happens.  It will be too late to stop it!  I will whisper into your left ear and into your right ear, My words slipping into your right brain and your left brain, confusing your sleepy mind...Then when I have you just where I want you, I will cast My HYPNOTIC spell that will never be broken.  Spellbound, Hypnotized, and ONLY one voice NOW...One Domina...O/our minds will be one, FOREVER and ALWAYS.

If you respond well to confusion techniques, I HIGHLY recommend this file.....Weaving and spinning round and round, where you go I will not tell.***LAUGHING***

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Saturday, 03 June 2023
The spell Domina Shelle casts on the mind of Her devoted subject here is profoundly effective. After a certain point, i no longer consciously remember the session, so deeply lost in trance that after waking and regaining my ability to think for myself or clearly for that matter, it’s as if you truly fall asleep once Dominas whirling sirens voice takes it toll on the eager receptive submissive mind. Then, She has Her way with moulding and reprogramming, adjusting all those major parts of Her Brain that She Wants For Her Pleasure, isn’t it Wonderful? Giggles
Monday, 24 January 2022
ULTIMATE BLISS - POOF (omg i love this word) and its gone, never mind, you will not want your mind anyway after listening to this Deep Erotic Hypnosis. CONFUSION--UNDER MY INFLUENCE. Powerful is an understatement!
Thursday, 08 March 2018
It is a takeover of my mind, a friendly one. At least I think so as it felt very friendly. But who can tell after so much confusion?! This file is a hidden object game of hypnosis, so many themes and phrases in one or multiple layers with and without echo combined with mind-blowing 3D effects. I feel so dedicated to Her voice right now dedicated and confused. She has gained exclusivity rights in my head: I am taken over, feels like 5 stars
Saturday, 01 November 2014
Again my Domina took my very deep into trance. That's why i have problems to remember what exactly happened. i have memory of some erotic but also stangely confusing encounter. i for sure i know that my Domina put a spell on me. Since i listened, i hear Her voice constantly inside me. i already had Her voice in my head before, but not so extreme. There is only Her voice inside me, even my own thoughts sound like Her now. i think ... She thinks they can't be my thought anymore, they are Her thoughts. my Domina invaded my mind and is thinking for me now. After She already owns everything including my mind, She is now finally controlling it. Thank You my Domina for guiding me this way.
Sunday, 23 March 2014
Princess Shelle starts off this file with a soothing induction, her sweet voice leads you gently to trance. Once down deep, Domina exerts Her control over you, using confusion techniques, enforcing and reinforcing - left ear and right ear - you are Hers and Hers alone. No others can penetrate your mind but your true and only Domina, Princess Shelle. Mistress i belong to you, mind, body and soul.
Monday, 11 March 2013
This file is so powerful. For me it was a different kind of hypnosis in this file, real brainwashing. I was so swept away and felt such intense things. It's almost as if I'm still under her impression after waking up. I'm still starting at the wall and thinking about what was happening.... confused and clear what I want...need at the same time
Thursday, 06 September 2012
It's a bit difficult to review this album when all i can remember is Mistress Shelle's voice lulling me to sleep, but that's just a testament to why this is a wonderful file. i usually have trouble fully blacking out when i go under, but as Mistress Shelle cast her spell my mind wandered and i had no choice but to follow where She willed. After all, She is my Domina and knows what is best for me. Who am i to resist? For that matter, who am i?
Saturday, 26 May 2012
It's wonderful to listen to Princess in this session. Perfect rhythm, cadence, delivery, like no one else, sound bringing pure pleasure and deeply hypnotic from the very start. And of course, the words soothing me and... confusing me, its true. i have listened to this three times, and what i hear as Princess lulls me to a beautiful deep trance seems different each time. But always so easily and so pleasantly i go down as far as possible. Of course once there Domina Shelle takes the opportunity to further shape my already enthralled mind to Her liking, which is my liking as...
Friday, 25 May 2012
Just when i thought Domina has taken me as deep as i can go, she proves me wrong. this one really messed me up (in a good way!). true to its title, it left me incoherent and out of it, wanting nothing but to obey my Domina completely. i was lucky enough to get a response on messenger from Domina after listening and i think she had some fun at my confused expense. i never cease to be amazed at Princess Shelle's skill and creativity. i am forever hers. listen to enough of her files and you will be too.
Friday, 25 May 2012
Confusion techniques are one of my favourite things about hypnosis. Domina Shelle is my MOST favourite thing about hypnosis and rapidly encomassing all else in my sphere of existence. Please be aware that this file WILL hit you hard. I loved every second of it, and now an Aspect of Domina Shelle dwells in my mind permanently. I feel very peaceful and blissed out right now and I am completely content to allow Domina-Princess Shelle to do whatever she wishes to my mind. Right now I have a soft smile on my face that refuses to leave because of the way Domina Shelle has affected me.
Thursday, 24 May 2012
Where my mind begins, and where my Domina's mind begin ? Am I existing, or the concept of existence doesn't apply to me. Can I exist without my Domina ? Or I exist only because my Domina exist ? Maybe, I am the creation of the imagination of my Domina. And without her I can't even speak of myself, because the concept of myself doesn't really exist. I don't know who I am. I don't even know if I am. But I know that my Domina exist, and she is powerful. This is how I feel after listening to that file. Completely confused, not knowing anything about myself, if my self exist. I can't say nothing really about this file, I am so confused, unable to remember anything. Except that I felt wonderfully good, and I love my Domina even more after listening to it.
Thursday, 24 May 2012
This file brought me immediately down and deep. Shelle at Her Finest! Trust is critical, and as my relationship with Her happily continues, my trust in Her care has developed to a level of complete comfort now. Shelle owns me, and i have never felt better in my life. i accept that, and i love Her for that. Kisses
Thursday, 24 May 2012
Amazingly powerful and deep induction from Princess Domina, Her voices whispering you so deep. I really do feel that Mistress has taken control somewhere deep inside me with this one, that nothing will be the same again, and that is such a glorious feeling.
Thursday, 24 May 2012
you should get this file that what i recommend, but take care, it's magic, i never thought i can go deeper, believe me, no limits, for Domina's power
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