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Fantasy House Dungeon - SissyFantasy House Dungeon - Sissy

Fantasy House Dungeon - Sissy


Product SKU: Fantasy House Dungeon - Sissy

Come, experience your inner lesbian feelings with Me...

Session Length: 48 minutes
Level: Strong
Category: Fantasy House dungeon level-(mental Femme)

Come to My sissy dungeon in My Fantasy House---where anything can and will happen:
My hypno sissy pet's seem to have a fantasy about having a sexual encounter, as a woman with a woman—turns Me on too (giggle).  I will transform you, seduce you, take complete control of My sexy hypno-toy (girl).

Come, experience your inner lesbian feelings with Me.

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Sunday, 24 May 2015
i was curious about the lesbian fantasy and i was surprised with an amazing file by my Domina. As usual She took me deep into trance. But furthermore She changed me into Her little naughty slave girl with whom She can play with. The pleasures my Domina let me feel as a female are incredible. Waves of orgasmic lust were shaking me as She aroused me higher and higher. As i was never thinking to be feminine before now this has changed when i think back to these amazing adventure i've experienced together with my beloved Domina.
Friday, 08 May 2015
This feminization/sissy thing isn't something that I would usually choose, but this was the only file in special deals that I didn't own already. So I got bit curious and decided to try this. And I'm happy that I did, this was interesting, passionate and erotic. Domina Shelle described that dungeon in such a detail that it felt like a real place. A place that I would love to visit. :)
Wednesday, 06 May 2015
Bravo. Now that was my kind of lesbian adventure... Domino Shelle, You own me! You make it so easy to try on a new fantasy. This file will make you want to be the girl that our Wicked Domina takes to bed tonight.
Wednesday, 26 March 2014
This file is so good it make me feel like Princess Shelle is with you always in your mind and in your body, I truly feel I am in love with my Mistress Shelle
Friday, 10 August 2012
i should say that it is very erotic and i Loved this fantasy however i don't have any of the feminization section recordings but i Loved this one so much and i remember this file ending till now, really perfect Domina
Friday, 29 June 2012
Only Domina Shelle could possibly do this to me. (i wouldn't let anyone else even try... what kind of a girl do you think i am?). Get so deep in my mind, take control and gradually lead me through ever increasing levels of bliss. Too much pleasure to even believe. Today i just want to be Princess Shelle's blissful dominated girlfriend. i'm even more in love with Her now. This file is Absolutely Fabluous! i still feel all warm...
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