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LOCTOBER 2021 - Sign Up | Shelle RiversLOCTOBER 2021 - Sign Up | Shelle Rivers

LOCTOBER 2021 - Sign Up


Product SKU: LOCTOBER 2021 - Sign Up

Sign up for LOCTOBER 2021 chasity lockdown training.

LOCTOBER 2021 - Sign Up

I am so excited to be playing with your mind, body and SEX for the full month of Loctober.  Keeping you HARD, HORNY, and AROUSED, yet powerless to relieve your predicament, is a sensation every true submissive should savor.  Get a taste of the true pleasures of being teased and denied by a sexy powerful Domina.

Sign Up for either the full 4 weeks of LOCTOBER or the 3 week condensed experience.  Either 3 or 4 weeks, this experience will open your eyes to the many possibilities of erotic submission to your Domina.  With this Sign-Up you receive the Pre-Chastity DRAIN session as a download for listening BEFORE you begin with Week 1 - Strict Obedience.  you will also receive FREE “teasers” during the 3 and 4 weeks chastity lockdown.

Each week, there is a LOCTOBER Session available with that week’s Assignment Instructions.  Each consecutive weekly session will be available then and is purchased SEPERATELY.

The actual LOCTOBER LOCKDOWN will commence on Sunday October 3rd (But can be adjusted to suit your schedule or for latecomers).  you should watch your emails, and My blog, for further details.  you will be MINE and through your SEX I will show you how powerless you really are to My authority.

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Sunday, 24 October 2021
It was the best idea ever to sign up here: meaningful and deep relation building!
Saturday, 16 October 2021
I'm very happy that i signed up for this, because i know that i'm pleasing my Domina.
Thursday, 07 October 2021
i've been a devoted chastity slave to Domina Shelle for a few years now. i absolutely must have Dominas permission to release. i love being locked up and under Dominas control. The cock She owns that i'm allowed to have cums only for Her. LocTober is my favorite month, and my chastity and the sweet aching need to find relief keeps me even more under Her sweet and absolute control
Tuesday, 05 October 2021
The DRAINED file that Domina Shelle sent to Loctober signups is incredible. Fractionation spliced with preparation for the coming month is so extremely powerful that i will be with you for days afterwards colouring your world view. Loctober is always fun and Domina Shelle has begun 2021's chastity month in stellar fashion.
Saturday, 02 October 2021
Wow what a start to LocTober 2021, Domina Shelle never disappoints..... With Her Sweet wicked ways She is at it again messing with my mind. Don't know what She is playing at but don't care either as im weakened by Her voice. You know what they say, Dont focus on the destination but enjoy the journey. i cant agree more, get on board for the journey of your life!
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