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LOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-1 - The Keyholder | Shelle RiversLOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-1 - The Keyholder | Shelle Rivers

LOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-1 - The Keyholder


Product SKU: LOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-1 - The Keyholder

LOCKING you up in My mental chastity.

LOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-1 - The Keyholder (42 minutes):

Have you ever been locked in chastity by a beautiful Domina?  Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to live in pure erotic ecstasy?
I mean, can you imagine even the slightest touch against your pants driving you insane with passion, need and desire?
Ummm, now envision the most beautiful Keyholder as She dangles the KEY to your locked chastity device from a chain that lies between Her perfect cleavage...

Sexy, don't you think?

So, come to Me and allow Me to LOCK you up in My mental chastity.  A form of chastity that is more effective than any device available.

Strict Chastity brings your deepest submissive feelings to the surface as you OBEY My every command.  Obedience to Me is your PLEASURE.
Chastity brings a lasting pleasure that an orgasm cannot.
Chastity brings U/us closer as I manage your day to day activities with daily assignments that will keep you focused on TRUE PLEASURE.

Experience how Chastity brings you the strongest feelings of ownership, submission and obedience to My control, leading to overwhelming desire to Please Me.

LockDOWN for Me now.

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Friday, 22 October 2021
Loctober is a special time every year and Domina Shelle always makes sure it's a unique experience. A whole month of chastity may sound hard, but with Domina's suggestions and support, it's not too difficult and learning the joys of staying aroused is for one's own good.
Sunday, 17 October 2021
There is no better experience than sacrificing in the name of Domina Shelle. LocTober is the perfect opportunity to training ones mind and body to focus on the needs Domina, indoctrinating oneself to selflessly surrender everything to Her will and riding the wave of sexual tension that Chastity provides. It is always a positive experience to be humbled in this manner, to know that if sexual release is controlled by your Keyholder, as a submissive your natural reaction is to submit to that person, to focus on pleasing them, and have them happy with your devotion. Although this is just the first instalment of a 3-4 week long adventure the session and assignment are amazing. The session is clever introduction to Chastity, using our own impulses to subvert our will, and the assignment ensures outside of training Domina truly dominates your thoughts. There is no hiding in LocTober, you weaknesses are laid bare and our sweet Domina starts to mold you to Love, Honor, and Obey her in every conceivable way imaginable. if you are late to the party, start anyway, it's an experience you simply do not want to miss!
Saturday, 16 October 2021
I appreciate how much care and attention to detail Domina has put into these assignments. Domina seems to know what i need better than i do.
Tuesday, 12 October 2021
This session prepared my mind for the next 3 weeks. Domina achieves chastity through her mind control instead of physical lock and key. I found it very powerful. I love how she can reprogram my thinking. She is my Keyholder.
Monday, 11 October 2021
Before i met Domina Shelle i was never really in chastity, only one week after i found Her, She put me in chastity for Her for nearly a half year. Of course i had accidents and needed to learn how to control my grwoing arousal and also growing submission to Her. When She is doing such an event like LocTober, it is clear for me to join in. i love the effects of chastity and the control Domina gains by being my KeyHolder. With Her suggestion you will be mentally caged and you'll love to obey and stay horny and aroused for Her.. to love, honor and obey only Her.
Saturday, 09 October 2021
If someone told me i would like chastity i would not believe it until Domina told me chastity is good for me. This first week she showed she knows what's best for me not only is she my keyholder but she wants me to inprove all aspects of my live. Thank you Domina for being there for me and training me te become my best self XX
Saturday, 09 October 2021
What a start to Loctober. i spent a lot of time in chastity outside of Loctober too, but this time of the year makes it feel more special. It is so nice to see that Loctober has becoming this big thing in FemDom world and i'm very fortunate that as My Domina's slave i can participate too.
Thursday, 07 October 2021
Going from past experiences, all i am going to say is, if you don´t do this one you are missing out, Loctober with Princess Shelle is always a lot fun and really shows how amazing it is to be her submissive Slave/Pet/Toy :D
Wednesday, 06 October 2021
Going down this path into absolute submission seemed so abnormal at first. Giving into desire and craving for someone to control my mind almost felt like a pipe dream. But i can easily say that i have never felt more grateful for that decision than after this session. A whirlwind spray of comfort is what you find in here. Exactly what we all need. Thank You Princess, and thank the world for Domina Shelle.
Tuesday, 05 October 2021
Chastity requires dedication and focus. Especially when the arousal starts to boil after the first days. I can almost feel how that special bond forms between my desires and Domina's control when i accept that She is the only source of release and pleasure for me right now. i am hungry for Her words and the file gives me exactly what i need right now: It is relieve and motivation at the same time - I want to continue and dive deeper into chastity control. Her sweetness is amazing and in contrast to her wicked and teasing comments on twitter She shows me how to "love honor and obey" Her through chastity.
Tuesday, 05 October 2021
So; I don't like chastity - it's frustrating and makes it hard for me to focus on the rest of my life? That said - it also makes me feel incredibly submissive and horny and amazing; and nobody does it better that Domina Shelle! The file here is good, takes me deep, and helps reinforce Her commands to me for the coming weeks - but the true magic here is in the assignment. With Her on my mind constantly; it gives me a multitude of ways to serve and worship her from afar - and enough interaction to feel like she's right here supervising me. That my chastity and denial are making Her happy. If you've never experienced a period of submissive orgasm denial before and are curious - one of Her Chastity Lockdowns is the ideal way to try it out. Domina Shelle Rivers is the best online Mistress you'll find for this.
Tuesday, 05 October 2021
The Keyholder and the first week of assignments that go with it are a brilliant statement of purpose from Domina Shelle. I am currently at the end of day three and i have been much more physiologically and psychologically effected than i have been in previous years. It's going to be a l Hopefully without incurring penalties or disappointing my Owner.
Tuesday, 05 October 2021
Domina Shelle, my powerful and sexy key holder, controls my Mind, Body, and Soul and there’s absolutely no way for me to do anything but OBEY her every command and instruction… My only true pleasure is in obeying and serving my sexy and powerful Domina Shelle Rivers… I can see Domina Shelle in my minds eye watching me squirming around on my bed as I’m hypnotically denied ANY type of stimulation or relief from this intense and ever-increasing arousal… as I type this… she freely touches herself moaning and giggling… repeating over and over… “horny…” “Horny…” “Horny!” “You’re so HORNY my baby…” There’s absolutely NO escaping this reality or these thoughts… I look forward to this INCREDIBLY SEXY experience with Domina Shelle every year! Words can’t describe just how arousing it is…
Monday, 04 October 2021
Wow what a way to start lockdown. This file was very arousing to me as Domina went on telling me why i need to be in lockdown. Everything She said rang true. It all makes perfect sense, while you are carried me deeper into trance. At the end, all i can say is, Chasity is good for me. If you have never been in lockdown or experienced Loctober. You owe it to yourself to try it. See what it is about. Domina goes out of Her way to make it intriguing, arousing and fun. Plus, Chasity is good for you.
Monday, 04 October 2021
Never have I ever been so sure of something like this before. Credit to Domina and her conditioning and programming in previous sessions and I do not even hesitate in saying I am in full lockdown for my Domina and everytime I listen to this session, or simply think of Domina it gets better and better. Can't wait for more!
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