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The CatBurglarThe CatBurglar

The CatBurglar


Product SKU: The CatBurglar

DANGEROUS Woman in black latex, so hot She will melt your mind...

Session: 53 minutes
Category: Mind Control-Erotic Fantasy Hypnosis
Sample: LINK

This is one of the most outstanding and powerful sessions you will listen to.....THE deepest's the perfect combination of sensual, WICKED and WILDLY erotic... So SEXY, it WILL have a permanent effect on your mind.  This is seduction at its very best!  Guaranteed to leave you MINDLESS and AROUSED...Completely in My control!

Experience the feeling of capture, bondage and entrancement all wrapped up in this Incredible HYPNOTIC THRILLER!

DANGEROUS Woman in black latex, so hot She will melt your mind...Come feel the heat!

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Tuesday, 03 November 2020
Another file where i find myself being taken by the powerful woman. i love these types of files. Domina is an amazing wordsmith and creates some great stories. She certainly out did herself with this one. Just a great file to listen to. You need to listen and be enslaved too.
Wednesday, 17 July 2019
So sexy! If i were a hero then Catburglar would be my weakness. i would not be able to resist Her. i would become Her slave. Loved the twis in the end!
Sunday, 14 July 2019
One word really sums this file up, OUTSTANDING! This file or i should say programme, is so sexy and alluring. it will sink you in and you wont want to stop it. it really comes to life and is so intense you will be wet in your pants and unable to control it. Domina Shelle's erotic programmes bring fantasy to life, i adore them, thank You Domina Shelle!
Saturday, 16 July 2016
Easily my favorite file my Princess Shelle. The trance is deep, and as a previous review said, it is a story of a hero and a villainess, which is my exact fetish for as long as I can remember. This is a must have, and I don't want to spoil anything further of it
Sunday, 14 April 2013
This was a great file! As I've said before, Princess is an accomplished storyteller, and SHE makes the listener feel as if they are actually living the story. I never feel as helpless as I do when SHE tells me I am helpless, or powerless. And although that is a scary feeling, it's also very arousing, when it is Princess Shelle who has rendered me helpless. Without giving away specific details, I felt this was one of HER most arousing and seductive files. I am deeper and deeper under HER spell with each file I listen to.
Monday, 10 December 2012
Such an AMAZING file Domina. so SEXY. You take me to places i have never been Princess. Envokes such strong emotion with such vivid details. i will listen again and again.
Tuesday, 20 November 2012
Absolutely fabulous. The story, the telling, the details, the descriptions, so entrancing and vivid. Princess Shelle has taken erotic hypnosis to a new level with this session. Sexy beyond dreams. my new mission is to be the CatBurglar's victim, enslaved helpless and obedient, thinking only of pleasing Her.
Saturday, 10 November 2012
i love this file. Well, what i remember of it. Not sure what to say that isn't already covered by Her description or the other reviews, but this is one of Princess Shelle's sexiest files. Submitting to Her has never been more fun.
Saturday, 10 November 2012
One of Princess's sexiest files to be sure! Not to be missed!! A very deep trance, a gripping plot, such an immersive story. I may not have heard all of Princess's sessions yet, but this one is probably the sexiest so far in my opinion. I wouldn't want to spoil a thing but I will say that this was perhaps my favorite induction ever! A must have!!
Saturday, 10 November 2012
An incredible story about a hero and a vilainess. You're the hero, and guess who are the vilainess. There is something more sexy, more seductive, and more dangerous than a woman in a cat suit in black latex. This story caught me off guard. I was at the time completely entranced unable to move to the sound of Shelle's voice, but also captivated by each word of this story. And a little disturbed by a okeasurable feeling between my leg. Princess Shelle is not only a great hypnotist, a dangerous seductress but also a great story teller. She bring you to a place where she make you dance like a puppet tie to her tny finger. Wonderful creation. I want more.
Saturday, 10 November 2012
The opening to this file was very interesting. Lately i have little opportunity to wonder just how Domina Shelle will put me into trance, but i did have a little time to do that this time. Of course by the time i found out it was FAR too late. Domina is incredibly sexy in this session with only Her presence, and the mental images She creates of Herself. I will not describe any of the story here, but it is an extremely sexy story and you will want to lose yourself to it again and again.
Friday, 09 November 2012
the Princess description is Perfect, but after experiencing the file you will understand the meaning of the word EROTIC, a new definition you will find it here, about my i am sure that my deepest trance was listening to Princess Shelle, and this maybe my deepest ever, at a point everything She says will be so real, then you will fall deeper that you will start to feel that your mind is not there, my Princess can teach hypnosis using this file and i also Loved the creative story, everything is more than Perfect, and the pleasure can't be described, should only be experienced, so you should get this file
Friday, 09 November 2012
The thoughts in my mind before experiencing Princess Shelle's Catburgler were a mixture of curiosity, wondering how She would present this character, and secondly that it could be fun. I mean who get at least a little tinge of erotic fantasy thinking about "DANGEROUS woman in black latex" in the role of a cat? Actually experiencing the file, well that was something completely else, in true Princess Shelle style She took me completely by surprise. How did She happen to know just the perfect way to press my most intensely erotic fantasy buttons? And then just when i'm there in the most intensely aroused state, experiencing the pinnacle of erotic fantasy, She's not finished with me yet. It's Princess Shelle, the trance is ultra deep and the pleasure is superb!
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