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Total Slave


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Feel yourself fall DEEP for Me as I LOCK into your mind this feeling of submission...

Session: 42 minutes
Level: Moderate
Sample: LINK

My Hypnotized obedient slave---Feel yourself fall DEEP for Me as I LOCK into your mind this feeling of submission---Obey Me---and MY Triggers---

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Thursday, 24 May 2018
This is by far the sweetest, most romantic recording I ever listened to. A collaring ceremony at a tropical beach - only sweet young Princess and me, playful like two lovebirds. And when I listen closely – unsure if my mind plays a trick on me or not – I hear birds in the background. Yes, it is sugary but it is still dominance: the sweet young Princess prepares me and opens me up for the wicked Mistress and strict Domina to come. She owns me in so many ways and my collar is the reminder of that strong bond. I am her total slave. This recording is an early treasure, a mind's holiday. A must-have if you are on the way to select your personal collar.
Wednesday, 17 October 2012
i feel that this file crowns the journey files, something any slave will love and enjoy, it's like a reward, i loved every minute in it, each and every detail turned to be one of my favorites, wish i had it months ago
Thursday, 12 January 2012
A deep, relaxing trance that leads to further submission and obedience to Princess Shelle. Actions to be carried out while not (necessarily) in trance reinforce the training conducted here. I loved it.
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