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Price per Unit (piece): $30

Level: Strong--POWERFUL
Length: 65 minutes + Free loop file
Category: Brainwash-Mind Control-Enslavement
Sample: LINK

You will be instructed on how to prepare for a powerful descent into My world....After listening to this amazing and erotic file you will know beyond certainty that I am a true Domina....I am your Domina.

I will condition you to Obey Me without thought, without question.  You will respond to My commands by simply replying Yes Domina...you will Obey Me and be owned by Me.  This is a very powerful file, My authority is definite.  So come to ME, feel My power over you become STRONGER and STRONGER.  My slave and his Domina together forever, no turning back.

Read the included Instruction document before listening to DOMINA.

Customer Reviews:

hypnoslave4u  (Saturday, 18 April 2015)
Rating: 5
OMG! Or should that be OMD (oh my Domina). A very enjoyable files from Domina, what i can recall of it anyway. i looked back and though about whether
I though this file would have had such a profound effect back when i first discovered hypnotism. The answer is, it would have been a better path to
have gone down. If you are looking for GENUINE Hypno Domination and are not simply exploring a fantasy. With Domina Shelle you are in the hands of a
very capable and talented HypnoDomme. This file did not seem nearly as long as other significantly shorter ones. i will almost certainly be listening
again, soon. If you can accommodate the time then this file gives great replay value. For those who want to go down the path of giving yourself over
to Domina Shelle, this file will most definitely become a staple part of your collection and routine. With a danger of the review being overlong, i
also have to praise the supplemental loop file. If you have other things to do then this will be ideal, i am looking to use it when out running or in
the afternoon when i have some free time. If able to relax all the better, although short at 15mins, it actually felt longer than the main event.
Funny how these things bend perception at times:) So Domina, thank You once again for sharing Your incredible talents with us.

mark555  (Friday, 03 April 2015)
Rating: 5
Wonderful file, but only listen to it if you really mean to submit to Domina Shelle completely as Her slave. Her soothing words and Her silky voice
will wash away any resistence left and will leave only the certainty that you are Her slave and She is your Domina. i love it and can't get enough of
it, just want to listen to the file again and again.

jrmai  (Friday, 08 August 2014)
Rating: 5
With every file I listen to, I fall deeper into Princesses control. It's scary and exciting, they way she's moved into my mind and taken ownership.
Her control is real, She is my Domina and I am her slave. I love my Domina...

zariwari  (Sunday, 27 July 2014)
Rating: 5
After listening the truth becomes clear Princess Shelle is my Domina and i am Her slave. She has absolute power and authority over me. Domina Shelle
owns me and i have to obey Her every command without thought and without question. It's a pleasure to be one of Her slaves, i have to please Her in
every possible way.

DominaShelleOwnsme  (Wednesday, 16 April 2014)
Rating: 5
The first time i've listened to Domina Shelle voice, was in October 2013. I was just curious and i've bought some mp3 under her guidance. I must admit
i was scared from the influence those files had on me, especially the Black Widow mp3. So I've escaped, but after three months i've come back on her
site, just to take a look. I've red descripitons of her files and listened to some samples, but i've always won the urge to finish under her power
again. Until i couldn't resist anymore and i've bought this record, this great piece of hypnotic art. Probably this file will be my complete downfall
under the authority and absolute power of Domina Shelle. Her training, her guidance, her domination is what i need. Now I know it. Thank you Domina
Shelle. P.S. I'm sorry for my english, i'm not a native speaker of engish.


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