Naughty Summer Days

NEW EROTIC enslavement mp3

This week I have released an especially erotic COMPULSION file, Erotic Control - Rest.  you are so lucky.  you will love My long hypnotic descent into trance.  It feeds your desire to express to ME your most intimate need for submission and obedience.  As W/we get so close, you are eager to follow whatever instructions I give you.  you are hypnotized, triggered into a longer, deeper trance leaving you obedient and suggestible, so in need of My control.  your Domina understands these longings, your cravings and needs to live in My world of complete erotic enslavement.

your mind, your will and body belong to Me.  you want to follow all My instructions as your training continues.  I bring your weakened mind and body more and more under My control...In this file I fuse together your mental bliss with physical pleasure.  you experience an exhilarating moment of Perfect submission and obedience to My total control.  you will understand the true meaning of being owned.  I own your c*ck.  I own your mind.  you are mine, completely....you will stroke until...............Well, you will have to listen, won’t you?

NEW Playground Trigger

Playground Trigger--MS ... testing your hard limits.  It is a different sense of Power and Control I can come to enjoy very much ~giggles~  See the file description.  I’ll let you try it just once, unless you find you can really get into this arousing fetish.  Then, contact Me and W/we can talk about serving your Domina.

I want to mention briefly new arrangements I am making to bring My files to you in a timely way, when I intend to have them available for you.  Recently, there have been delays, but I am resolving that.  I’ll bring you up to date at a later time.

Lady Helena Auction

So many thanks to everyone participating in this Auction to spend time with My Lady Helena.  We are both so pleased with your enthusiastic response.  you always pick Me up.  Of course, Lady Helena had a lot to do with it....you are in for one steamy, memorable rendezvous, when She puts Her brand squarely onto you.  This is a big boost to My efforts to launch Lady Helena and “expose” Her to the legions of submissive men yearning to be enslaved.

I am now reviewing all the bids and will be announcing the winning bids.  I will be sending out to everyone, making a qualifying bid, a very hot orgasmic file session that I prepared for Lady Helena.  If you indicated you are in Chastity for Me, then, you will be sent a file of arousing provocation getting you to the very edge.

Happy Birthday to ME!

Next week, August 5th, I expect you to celebrate My 28th Birthday with Me.  you know how excited I get anticipating My birthday.  So many wonderful ways you can find to make Me happy.  I’ll be counting the days....Ask, if you need guidance, My baby.

Special Deals ...

Slave Contract - Slavery --
Give yourself to ME as we continue this Journey together, you as slave, Me as your Owner, your Mistress.

A Week With Shelle--Trigger Files --
Seven Trigger files plus Induction.

MASTER Conditioning --
Conditioning your Helpless mind to serve ME better.

Magical Lips --
I have something Magical, you will NOT be able to resist...this is a very sensual and MOST erotic experience for you...


Come sample My titillating, hypnotic Videos.

Sweet Femdom Erotic Hypnosis--Brainwashing and Mind Control


Erotic Hypnosis

Welcome to Shelle Rivers Hypnotica, the place to submit to Me.  You will love surrendering to My Erotic Hypnosis.  I discovered My desire and ability to control those around Me in my early teens.  Erotic Hypnosis has allowed Me to take my Control to the next level.

You will be Mine, and I will guide you wherever I choose.

Femdom Hypnosis

Female Domination by a young Princess.  New submissives are always surprised by the power of My sweet and gentle Voice, and how quickly they become addicted to my MP3 recordings, live phone sessions and now even My personal communication exchanges.

I will slip in under your radar, softly and subtly replacing your thoughts with My words and My programming.

Hypnotic Shelle Rivers

I am a certified hypnotist.  I am sweet, sassy and sexy and sometimes firm and hard.

My area of erotic hypnosis expertise is known as "soft domme", which means that I want to enjoy the experience with you, not at your expense--well of course it is partly at your expense!  But I am expert with all forms of Erotic Hypnosis.

Submit to My Stimulating Domination

You will quickly find out how much I enjoy what I do---from my laughter (sometimes giggles), to my willingness to spend time getting to know you, your needs and desires.  Erotic hypnosis must be fun for Me, or I will simply go and do something else that is.

I hope you will join Me on this ride. I will hypnotically own you, your body and mind.  But, you can trust Me, W/we will both enjoy the experience and the journey together.

Shelle Rivers

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