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Sexy Halloween



Last year for Halloween I brought you into the magical world of Crystal Balls, curses and the Black Magic Woman. But I’m feeling very sexy this Halloween. So with this Halloween tale, Princess Vampire, I will slip you into a state of deep pleasure and submission, opening your mind and prepare it to become even more susceptible and suggestible to My storytelling. you are trusting every detail of this remarkable Halloween story. Follow Me deep into this erotic world and hear about this beautiful cursed Princess fighting for Her survival. Only through Her powers of seduction and enslavement, with the help of Her devoted protector and others, She survives and flourishes.

Put on your earphones and find a comfortable place as the story reaches dramatic climaxes. Consider this a Training session. I have a hidden message here, My pet. As your assignment, I want you to REVIEW this file. And in your review, tell Me what you think the message is I am sending to you. Then next week, W/we can talk all about it and I will reveal it to you. So, let Me see what you think.


I am leaving for the Farm early next week to look supervise some renovations that We are doing for My daddy. Some of you may know that he will be moving back to Tennessee and I have to make sure the house is accessible for him. At a later date, My plan is to eventually return to the Farm where I grew up and relocate to nursing at the local Hospital. I’ll keep you updated. So be thinking of Me.

The Farm Assignment, was posted late, so in case you missed it last week, here is your chance to pick up on it. These contributions will help with expenses for My fight here and some Farm expenses that I will be taking care of. I mentioned last week eventually putting out 2 sessions a month, and the rush, last week, to try to get everything out in time, including the AUDIO BOOKS, just confirms I really need to do that.

Challenge To PLEASE contributors over $50 should have received your FREE Audio Book. Make sure to contact Me if you haven’t and I can personally thank you.

THANKS FOR HELENAS BIRTHDAY. I had dinner with Lady Helena earlier this week and She was thrilled with the presents and tributes that you sent. She wanted to thank you!!!~~~ and to say She knows exactly who you are and and will be taking care of you next time you visit with Her. I wasn’t sure from Her tone, if that’s good or bad. Or if either way it’s good for you. ~giggles~

NEXT WEEK--- A surprise or two...and I know how much you love surprise....Maybe a TRICK OR TREAT.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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