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These last few weeks have been special, My sweet. As the outside world is more dangerous and less inviting with Covid, W/we have been able to retreat into My Erotic Hypnosis World to spend more, what should I call it? “Quality time”, together. ~giggles~ I feel you are closer to Me, thinking of Me, wanting and needing Me more. And I am there for you. W/we have been discussing Pleasure lately, the sexual pleasure of arousal and obedience. And this week HYPNO LOOPED...Compulsive Conditioning, brings you that and so much more. My sweet, I am PLAYING for keeps. My conditioning is irresistable to you.

So, as you get comfortable and start to listen to My voice today, you will realize that there is no place in the whole world you would rather be, than right where you are, in O/our intimate world, listening to My voice. Think of that. All you need is to be with Me. A sweet piece of heaven on earth. you are compelled to listen to My voice over and over. Repetition brings pleasure. I give you pleasure. I am conditioning you to be able to absorb and feel more pleasure. My voice causes you pleasure. Obedience to Me is pleasure. Making Me happy is pleasure. Pleasure with an added dimension.

This is the pleasure of sheer joy, happiness, satisfaction, security and comfort... To know you will come back again and again to this special place to listen to this session whenever you need to. Everything in life becomes better. you love everyone around you more because you can spend this intimate time with your Domina. you are eager to succeed with everything you do because I am your motivation. I am your anchor, a special HYPNOTIC key to a happy life.
Feel your submission and My power...OBEY and listen Now! you’ll thank Me over and over again.


My gurls, if you purchased White Noise and don’t already have your Sissy White Noise version contact Me and I will send it to you.


Thanksgiving is the time to reflect on the good things in O/our lives. Because of Covid this is not going to be a traditional Thanksgiving with lots of family and friends coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. But W/we have so much to be thankful for. I’m thankful for the love and devotion you give Me everyday. I am so happy to have you close to Me. And you, of course, are most happy to have Me in your life making everything better. Be safe and listen again to your Looped COMPULSIVE session this Thanksgiving. My gift to you, My sweetheart.

I’ll be in Tennessee in early December to visit family before Christmas. Because there is more need and shifts at the hospital, I’ve had to postpone My beach getaway until January.


Next week's file will be a POWERFUL and MIND blowing Femdom Hypnosis session, the Superior Woman...guess who? It is dripping HOT!

Contracted, you have a session ready and coming to you this weekend. Watch your email...It's COMPLETE!

Check My special deals:

Magical Lips --
I have something Magical, you will NOT be able to resist...this is a very sensual and MOST erotic experience for you...

Obedience is Pleasure --
I draw you DEEPER into your most submissive place. A place of complete OBEDIENCE to ME!

Now that your future is predestined and secured, bound to Me forever, this week starts the beginning of your life as My SLEEPER AGENT with White Noise. With Repetition as the law of Hypnosis.... and My exper-tease to psychologically control and brainwash others, I am taking you, My slave, especially deep into trance to program you to become My Manchurian sleeper agent. I am using a “controversial” international technique that I have learned to master, you love just letting go for Me and being part of My Experiments...feeling yourself so pliable, weak and receptive to My programming.

I know you have fantasized that one day you would simply get a phone call, maybe a text message or even an email from Me. That would be such an exciting surprise, wouldn’t it? And now it will happen. you will receive, as part of My message, maybe a single written word or a sound from My voice that would trigger something sleeping very deep inside of you. And you discover yourself becoming dazed and falling instantly blank and obedient, under My control, ready to obey.

Have you ever heard of the Manchurian sleeper? They made a movie called the Manchurian Candidate. Remember? It’s about a sleeper agent who considers his life normal until one day he receives a trigger word that causes him to blindly obey instructions. Unlike the movie, I will program you to become my Manchurian sleeper, but only for good. Giggles... you Trust Me, Absolutely! I'm so excited to use this technique on you. you will be My sleeper agent. My sleeper agent, when I trigger you, I will be able to observe and measure the effectiveness of your conditioning. After all, I want you to be perfect for Me.

I know this is something that you have always wanted and you know that I love to make you happy. Giggles... Listening to this session will be the beginning of a new phase in your HYPNOTIC submission to Me.

Listen NOW. Feel My seductive power grow ever stronger over your mind and body. There are two endings, so I allow you to choose your fate.
For My sexy sissy gurls, your special edition will be available very soon. So be looking for it in New Releases. Kisses.

Pleasure Experiment (summary)

I think I’ve teased you enough.
Remember the choices:
(Part 1) I Teased and toyed to stay hard and horny in Hypno Toy’d.
(Part 2) I kept you in Chastity for a full week, obedient, pleasing your Domina.
(Part 3) I guided your release in the RIVER OF LUST...asking permission for your release and offering tribute.

PLEASURE, PLEASURE, PLEASURE. The results were almost too close to call...but W/we have a winner.

(Part 1) I Teased and toyed with you in Hypno Toy’d.

Sissy Contest... I love the girly pictures you sent. I’m saving them all for Myself so pleased to see you looking so delicious. I’ve emailed My responses. So congratulations to My sissy winners!


Thank you, once again, My loving VOLUNTEER. Every month you cum through for Me. you may use today’s session as your release session for the 15th.
Contracted, your surprise is getting closer... My work shifts are getting busier and busier.


Thank you for all the support for our adopted families this year through My WISH LIST. The toys are almost all W/we are in the process of giving Eyesight and a NEW smile to Ms Lynn. This has really felt amazing for your Domina. Despite all the craziness, W/we have taken the time to do good. LOVE never fails. This is what keeps you and Me together. LOVE and DEVOTION.


It appears that the worst is yet to come this winter. Don’t let your guard down. Be extra careful for loved ones. Remember all the rules. Stay safe. You have a very long future with your Domina and I am holding you to it.


What I will do to you, My pet. See what happens when I kidnap you and make you My prisoner. Another fantasy fulfilled. I am just too good to you. ~giggles~

My special deals this week:

Law Of Hypnosis --
I have you Mind Fucked in so many ways're not even sure what is happening...

Snake Charmer --
Experience the feeling of being lulled by a POWERFUL and IRRESISTIBLE Woman...

NOTE: This session -- Fait Accompli is a MASTERPIECE! It's perfect for EVERYONE. I'm playing for keeps. This is an experience that you will not soon forget. Please be aware, listening may change you and your behaviors.

I know that you are crazy for Me. I made you this way. ***GIGGLES*** you LOVE what I do to you and how I make you feel know. This is who you truly are and who you want to be, simply captivated by your Domina, your Princess. you know the bliss of surrendering to Me. I satisfy all your needs, because your only need is to please Me and OBEY. My baby, what would you do without Me? Well, I bring you very good news with this week’s Fait Accompli : Fait Accompli is a predetermined fate where you are powerless to change your destiny and, you may well ask, what is your destiny? Well, since you're reading this description it means you already want/ARE to be MINE, enslaved to My will forever! There is no escaping My Absolute Authority, I am a divine force that dominates and indoctrinates your mind, omnipresent in time and space. In this MP3 session, you'll discover just how pervasive My power is and how weak you are to resist My most seductive, hypnotic charms.

Prepare to settle in. Find a private place and fall deep for Me, after all this is your predestined future. you may feel as if you are in a movie, directed by Shelle Rivers. My sweet, I have manipulated you in the past and in the present. See what I do with your Future. I will empower you to achieve the FUTURE you have been craving... subjugating your will into TOTAL enslavement, submissive, obedient and aroused, serving your Domina.

My slave, Obey and listen now, as I guide your arousal. Cum follow My instructions and embrace your Future, reinforced by My Post hypnotic suggestions.... creating the self-fulfilling prophecy I want you to live for Me.


I am changing the rules for this Contest. In consideration of privacy needs, I will NOT make this a public contest. I have decided to keep the sissy pictures for Myself. After some discussions, I understand It's very hard to put ourselves on display. I would never want to cause any stress for My gurls. Plus, I want to keep these pics for ME. My favorite pics will be REWARDED in private. Sissy gurls watch your email box. With this understanding you may still participate in the SISSY Costume Contest.

My PLEASURE Experiment was set up to identify what brings you the most or W/we can say, your favorite type of Pleasure. Remember the choices:

(Part 1) I Teased and toyed with you in Hypno Toy’d,
(Part 2) I kept you in Chastity for a full week,
(Part 3) I guided your release in the RIVER OF LUST.

PLEASURE through your submission and obedience to Me... Teased to stay hard and horny for Me in Chastity, serving and pleasing your Domina. And asking permission for your release and offering tribute.

And the results are: Calculating and RECOUNTING***Sound Familar***Guess the winner? Updates to be determined. I love making you wait. I'm playing with you...This may be too close to call.

NEXT WEEK I will trigger My Manchurian sleeper deep in your mind. It’s sooo sexy. I can NOT tell you how MUCH I love WHITE NOISE.

See My special deals:

Sleep Manipulation --
I implant a permanent TRIGGER...making your resistance impossible!

Midnight Whispers --
I whisper hypnotic, mind fucking words into your ear...

Turn down the lights....Welcome to HALLOWEEN. Will I offer you a TRICK or a TREAT?....Listen to Zombie Trance-formation. Feel My voice seeping into your mind. Oh, what I’m going to do to you. There are all sorts of creatures roaming around outside. you'll want a candle and a cozy blanket....I am the only safe place for you. Ummm, so sexy…I will program you so deeply. you will be My BRAINWASHED ZOMBIE: “a will-less and speechless human, supernaturally re-animated”… by your Wicked Domina.

1-2 I'm coming for you---3-4 you better lock your doors--5-6....well, I'll see you in this HYPNO CONDITIONING session soon enough. Brainwashing and CONDITIONING has never given such perilous pleasure. I am a predator dressed in a sexy black lingerie and I have made you My prey, blank, so weak and mindless. Soon you will look into your own blank EMPTY eyes and mind with a new hunger. A craving that builds within you. It will overtake you until you give in. That need to feed off of My control. My words. My will. your body needs My words to feed your feed your addiction to be programmed to obey Me. Conditioned to always need My voice and feed that hunger for My words. I want you, always, as My Zombie. I control your pleasure. I control your arousal. There is no going back.
NOTE...This is a BRAINWASHING session PERFECT for you.


It’s not too late to SIGN UP to send in your picture to compete in the Halloween DRESS-UP Contest for either the SEXIEST, MOST OUTRAGEOUS OR FUNNIEST Halloween costume. I will be making the pictures you send available and everyone will have a chance to vote for winners in each category…. Cross Dressers are welcome. ~giggles~

With this COVID-19 PANDEMIC into a new wave and spike in cases I’m giving you Month 8 Wellness Challenge. I can see the increase here at the local Hospital. It’s very important to be protecting yourself and all those around you.


I have been working so many extra hours at the hospital, that I haven’t had time to tabulate all the results of the Pleasure EXPERIMENT. It will be available soon.


It’s Trick or Treat time. Happy Halloween. As you know, I grew up with Halloween as a FUN time of the year. Dressing up and getting spooked, that was fun. I want to share a few scary and dangerous sessions from My HYPNOTIC dark cellar on Special for you. Each session is SEDUCTIVE and DARING in a most alluring way...super SEXY to lose all control and maybe even get BITTEN or sucked DRY.

Special THANKS-Together we made it happen. We have raised the money for our Xmas gifts of SIGHT and a SMILE. This has really moved Me. Not only are we giving sight to Lynn, but a smile too. It's all been paid/or planned for and all the appointments are made for Nov and Dec. Not ONLY have we changed someones life but together we prove that we can make the world a better place with LOVE.
Oh and I looked today and the GIFTS for our adopted family have been purchased.
you all are amazing!!!! Thank you so much for your LOVE! If you missed out on a small donation, it's not too late. We still have a little clothing shopping and GROCERY shopping to do. Contact Me for more info.


your Wicked Domina, always there, but next week, front and center, Corrupting your future. It makes you more useful to Me. ~giggles~

I am so looking forward to all those sexy sissy pictures and the results of everybody’s votes in the Halloween Costume Contest.

you can look forward to Lady Helena. Soon, She has a SURPRISE or two for you. So listen to the Queen of Vampires as soon as it’s available. Watch out for Her BITE!

Check My special deals... included vampire and other dark erotic hypno fantasies…

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