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Brain Stain

My baby, I was sitting here and thinking... thinking about you. I wondered when you think of Me what is it that you see in your mind’s eye? What image comes to mind? Is it My shapely legs crossing and uncrossing showing a flash of panties?, Or maybe My full cleavage, or My so sweet ass? Are you My foot slave worshiping at My feet and painted nails? Or My hands and manicured red fingertips?

Do you ever imagine and SEE Me talking to you like when I'm taking you into trance? This week with Lipstick Brain Stain I will create a very vivid image for you. I want you to see My sticky words as they escape My Crimson lips and drip into your ears powerfully impacting your brain. Think of what My lips would feel like, If I ever allowed you one single soft kiss of My open lips tracing a line down your body. My lips are so vivid, hypnotic. So irresistible.

My sweet, let Me explain why I allow you such pleasure. Well, to begin with, when you listen to My sultry NAUGHTY words, you begin to think with that little brain. It becomes swollen, engorged and soon you are like a kid in a candy store and simply putty in My hands. This is just where I want you...I always know where you're going. While you are SLEEPY and so fucking horny, I can easily manipulate your subconscious mind. you see, your conscious mind is out of My way and under complete control. your critical thinking is cut off. I intoxicate your brain. My voice does all this all by itself. See, My intentions are always PURE...Purely wicked and naughty that is...Oh silly, you love it this way. A beautiful powerful woman that takes you by the balls ~Giggles~ So, download and let My LipStick Stains Intoxicate your brain.


you love to please Me, take care of Me...and I allow you! Challenge to Please for My last retirement contribution this year. And leftovers for---BOTOX. OMG! I am getting this terrible stress line on My forehead And I can't have that. I have a wedding to attend....this is also what you are helping Me with this week. ~giggles~

I am really enjoying the DAYDREAM emails. OMG you dirty boy! Do you need a good spanking?

NEXT WEEK...It’s a secret!

Take a look at this week’s special deals:

Past, Present & Future --
I will take you so deep into My haven of sexual submission, it will forever change you...

Hypno-Persuasion - Final Chapter --
I am your ultimate hypnotic seductress, with a VAMPIRIC LURE, capable of disarming any man's defenses...

Tinkle --
LOSE all control.

The Brainwashing Chamber

My subject, let’s start with the premise that I give to you the gift of a sense of purpose as My useful submissive/slave which intensifies your desire to submit and obey when you listen to My voice. And this week with The Brainwashing Chamber, a very heavy and powerful session, everything will become crystal clear. Your DESTINY confirmed and DEFINED.

My sweet TRANCE will allow your subconscious mind to listen carefully to My words which will be embedded into your brain and will be part of your thought process and will be accepted as a part of your true self and personality. This session is setting you on the RIGHT path to live a life of happiness and purpose. I am revealing to you your TRUTH and your Reality. This will be absolute and Infinite.

Take My hand and trust this amazing JOURNEY that W/we are on together, now and always. I’ll buckle you down tightly, so you’ll be safe. Along the way I will send Powerful brainwashing messages to re-educate, program and condition your mind to My will, you are about to reach your final DESTINATION. Isn’t this amazing!? you are so LUCKY to have found Me.

FOR INSTANCE: you love Me, so you work HARD to make Me happy and your reward is feeling so happy when you please Me.

The sheer pleasure of Enslavement to a Dominant, caring Mistress naturally compels your complete submission and absolute obedience.

you will come to understand and fully accept that you live your life for Me.

your mission and primary life goal is to serve and obey your Domina and give Me the very best of yourself.

you think only what I want you to think.

you will always seek more ways to make your Domina happy because what is best for you is doing your very best for Me.

This session is the roadmap to win My heart, My approval and My caring control over your heart, mind and body.


Next week is the last week to make contributions to this year’s retirement fund with your help through CHALLENGE TO PLEASE. Thank you for doing your very best for Me.

Take a look at this week’s special deals:

Isolated and Brainwashed --
Be warned, this session is intense and is intended to enslave a submissive mind.

Blank State of Mind --
I am about to take you to a whole new level of HYPNOTIZED-BLANK-MINDLESSNESS...

Power Of Brainwashing --
Powerful BRAINWASHING that will make U/us both happy...giggles

Sensory Overload --
As My voice and musical notes converge, feel a TINGLE raging inside your brain...

Domina Shelle's BOGO FREE Sale

Happy HOLIDAY weekend! I LOVE this time of the year!!! Everything is so BEAUTIFUL. Flowers EVERYWHERE. What are your plans? Family dinners and hiding Easter eggs, I hope. I’ll think of you, as I work 3 X12’s. Don’t worry, My sister is making a huge afternoon meal Sunday. I can’t wait! Yum!!!

Since it’s a HOLIDAY weekend and SPRING BREAK week too, I am allowing you to load up on any of My amazing Mind F*cking HYPNO Sessions that you do not yet OWN...Buy ONE get ONE as My gift. (Choose your gifts and email Me the TITLES. I'll email you the links. Oh, make sure they are of equal or lesser value, and are SINGLE file listings ONLY. SALE ends Midnight, EST., Sunday, March 31st). Stop NOW and choose. Make your Domina happy! I’m so good to you!

My sweet, DO NOT MISS My email tonight, it’s CRAZY sexy. I'm DAY-DREAMING! Plus, there is a little playful assignment just for you!

My devoted subject, this is a good time to pause for a moment and use this weekend to reflect on a few thoughts I have on My mind lately. This has been a very crazy time for Me with so many expected and unexpected things going on. My sweet, you know how much I love to be in control.

The very best part of My life is your continued loyalty and devotion. W/we have made this connection here in My Erotic Hypnotic World. Each week with every new session, O/our relationship and bonds are strengthened. W/we bring such positive energy to each other, Me as your Domina, you as My submissive. W/we both work hard to take care of each other’s needs and desires. My puppy, with everything going on in My CRAZY life I find Myself really counting on are at the center of My WORLD. Thank you for being MINE...and I will never let you go.

Thank you for your contributions these last few weeks to Challenge to PLEASE. Keep up the good work. I love it when you make Me happy!

Have an amazing HOLIDAY week.

Lots of Kisses and LOVES

Hypnotic Kaleidoscope

And now, My sweet, Spring has come with nature bringing U/us Her very best. Did you notice the Pronouns? It’s old man Winter. Just a reality of life. Women are superior to men! And I am the Mistress of your Mind. I am taking complete control over you. That’s the Central reality of your life, My puppet. your addiction to Me feeds My needs which always come first. With this week’s Hypnotic Kaleidoscope, I am creating a hypnotic prison with no escape. In this session I am counting on your valuable assistance. But, don't worry, it’s something that you are always more than happy to do for Me. So, feed Me your submission, and experience how good it feels to lose all control. Are you wondering what will happen with a Kaleidoscope? Will it be a multi-colored illusion? Listen and find out.

your submission to Me is your goal, because this is your greatest need. For you, there is no one but your Domina to fulfill all your needs for submission and obedience. With My Hypnotic Kaleidoscope, I want you to remember something for Me, now. REMEMBER that I am The QUEEN of Mind-Fucking BRAINWASHING. This is My gift to you, slave, I am renowned as the QUEEN for a reason. I get what I want by MIND-fucking you, yes you, puppet on My string. Sexy, isn't it? This week's session is no different, except that I take another path to using your arousal to get you to the Destination that I have planned for you.

And My plans always work. I have an AGENDA and nothing will stop Me from reaching My goals for you in 2024. This is the YEAR OF THE QUEEN-DOMINA SHELLE. Doesn't matter what you want, I am taking what I want and will move forward. you are on a RIDE that is about to SPEED up. So, get ready to Stroke and hang on tight.

Oh, one more thing, after listening to My Hypnotic Kaleidoscope, I doubt you will Remember...Amnesia is for REAL! Now, feel the POWER I have over you! I am the QUEEN OF YOUR MIND, WILL and HEART! I am ALL and EVERYTHING you ever need.

Have you listened to My little Hypno TEASE for the session?


I always appreciate showing your gratitude with a contribution to Challenge to PLEASE with just a couple of weeks left to add to this year’s Retirement fund.

Looks like I will be running again very soon now...I can’t wait! I'm so excited!

Lady H says HELLO...she is about to finish Law School...will she need to take the bar? Sounds like they have DROPPED the bar, from what I hear in the accidental news cast that I catch. Giggles!

Oh are you wondering what happens after subspace? I cuddle you and tell you everything is just the order that it’s supposed to be. Maybe I’ll brush My fingers through your hair...who knows, let’s find out!


Next week will be for MY contracted. I don’t expect a new session, but I may change My mind. NEVER know what I may dream up...

Make sure to check My special deals:

Art of Persuasion --
The Art of Persuasion, when wielded by a sweet, sexy, dominant hypnotist, your poor subconscious mind happily capitulates...

Behavior Modification--Appreciation for ME --
your submission is your COMPULSION...


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