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Can you believe that W/we are only about a week away from My birthday? This is a day that you hold dear to your heart. This is a day that W/we shall celebrate in many special ways. Don't worry, I have plans all set for O/our celebration. They will begin this weekend and continue until My Birthday. Watch your emails for more details.

Here W/we are 7 months into what has been a difficult year for the rest of the world. But here in My Erotic Queendom, all My subjects have thrived and grown into the best you can be for your Domina Shelle. My baby, I’m so proud of the progress you have made this year. you have been so open and pliable. you accept all of My training and slave conditioning. Of course, you do. Desperate for Me and addicted to the sound of My voice, you are now subjugated and bound only to Me. No one satisfies you and gives you pleasure the way I do. you need Me in your life everyday, at its very center.

you have surrendered your free will to Me and accept that I know what is best for you. I am now controlling your thoughts and desires, in and out of trance. you no longer have a choice. you trust Me to decide what is best for you. No need to think. you simply Obey. you have no ego. I define who you are, My slave...who is submissive and obedient, loyal and devoted only to your Domina Shelle. I am the source of all your pleasure. Only My words are your truth. And when there is pleasure and arousal, giving in to your Domina feels so good. Everything you do, you do to please and serve your Domina.

When you are obsessed with constant thoughts of Me and crave My attention and instructions, I am there for you. All My sessions are part of your training. Listen to My voice and obey My instructions. Find a new session in My special deals. Communicate with Me. Call Me. Email Me. And I will be in touch with you. I always want to feel just how much you Love Me, Honor Me and Obey Me...I love knowing that you crave My absolute control. My puppy, I especially love to hear you beg for more instructions to show your obedience.


you want to Obey My every command and live for your Domina. This coming week, your Domina will have a new set of My very sexy pictures to further your obsession with Me...I love it when you are completly focused on the Domina you Love Honor and Obey. Watch for details.


Are you a Chastity slave? Can you imagine a hands free orgasm? Curious about this little chastity slave’s misadventure? Have I got The Key to Serving Domina for your listening pleasure? you tell Me with a review. Chastity Key, anyone? you know where to find Me. Available for My birthday celebration later this week.


Here is one instruction. My BIRTHDAY Gift. ~giggles~ Oysters for lunch and dinner on My two or three day escape from home. I LOVE being spoiled for My Birthday and I know that you LOVE spoiling Me too. Don't you?

CONTRACTED, I am sending you a video gift for your August training and bring everything together. Watch your email late this weekend. PLUS, I have a surprise just for you...Watch your email for more details.

Findom slave ---Big surprises coming...but for now Surrender BLT. I know that your need to financially take care of Me is all that you can think about.

Come see My special deals...there should be something there you don't have!


There will be another opportunity to Honor Me on My birthday and spoil Me. you will finally be able to Listen to Part 2 of the Trilogy of Submission.

NOTE: I told you that the celebrations shall begin...Watch your email and TWEETS. I'll keep you posted with all the sexy Birthday EVENTS!

PS...I will be driving to Tennessee with My sister on Friday (yippee got the weekend worked out finally). We will stay ay the farm with My dad and other family and friends. We will celebrate the life of a young mother (my sisters 28 year old daughter-n-law) gone way too soon...she passed away after complications from a tubal ligation only hours after giving birth to a healthy li'l baby.

Don't worry, I'll keep you busy as a li'l beta bee...and W/we will still be together HERE as W/we always are.

Castle Of Control

At the first sound of My voice, My sweet, you are so weak, already giving in. you just can’t help yourself, returning to Me, again and again for yet more of your training. And you are going to love obeying the sound of My voice in this week’s Castle of Control -- My personal Dungeon. As you focus on My words, you will drop deeper and deeper. you could never resist the sound of My seductive voice. Admit it. There is nothing HOTTER than being completely mindfucked with every new session. I am training and conditioning you to be totally dedicated and devoted to your Domina and Owner.

My slave, this week’s journey into the deepest recesses of your unconscious mind, takes you to My dungeon, the one that I have created within you at the lowest cells of your brain...Bound and collared, you HELPLESSLY obey all My instructions, unconditionally. This is your life, the life of a slave, totally dedicated and devoted to Me, where there is going to be no more free will, no independence, just complete surrender and submission to My Domination.

Under My control I am training you to use your arousal to take the initiative. Take concrete action to serve and please Me in every way you can.

I wonder, if you want to spoil Me, think of sending a $25 BIRTHDAY gift. you can't help it. I am the trigger. Just the thought of your Domina in your mind’s eye and you are instantly so horny. So use that arousal to serve and please and feed Me yummy Oysters on My beach-escape from home.

I am preparing a video gift for you, My baby, for My birthday.


For My Clinical Trial lab-rats, you should have recieved CLINICAL Trials results for your review. It was pretty unanimous. In brief, you are addicted to Me and obsessed with My control. With your strong emotional connection to Me, I was easily able to release the brain chemicals that infuse you with euphoria and pleasure, forever binding you to My ownership. When obedience feels so good, don’t fight it. ~giggles~

My money-slave, I am giving you the opportunity to serve and please Me with BOTH a stroke tribute AND a BIRTHDAY gift. A new session is cumming soon with some new instructions.


Next week is My contracted week. I am also working on new photos, some of which you may have admired....and an audio book SURPRISE.

Check My special deals:

slave Weaver --
Her spell weakens you, Her voice seduces you...

Are you brave enough to listen and overcome your fear?

The Unethical Therapist - Addiction --
It's time to visit your Unethical Therapist...Take a seat on My white leather couch...

White Room

My submissive Love slave, My soft, sweet voice is calling to you every moment of every day, always slipping you deeper and deeper into your Domina Shelle. you are addicted and can’t get enough of My mesmerizing voice. This week, I have a very special place to take you, The White Room, a place of infinite possibilities, where you will vividly experience everything I have in store for you. Here I can make you see, hear and feel whatever I desire. I can play however I want to and all you can do is simply submit to My increasing control of all aspects of your life as My true submissive.

My words penetrate your mind and brain and put you into a deep state of submission. Sink into My White Noise and re-enter the Mesmerizing Abyss of mindless bliss. you need Me in your life. Each week, you return to Me, mindless and blank, craving more of My conditioning and training. you become more and more pliable and susceptible needing My constant attention, begging to turn you into the very best servant, the most useful submissive that you could possibly be for Me. Embrace your destiny to be My obedient owned slave who lives to please and serve, making you MINE forever.


And the very best way to please and serve is by making My Birthday your #1 priority. You know how important it is to Me on My Birthday to receive all the Love you have to give. Three weeks to go. Put just a little aside every week for your BIRTHDAY Gift to send Me to the beach for a quick 3 day getaway for sun, sand, surf, oysters and bikini pictures for you, My love slave.


Contracted, look for a new SFS slave story coming later this month, of one loyal slave’s wet dream. ~giggles~


Next week, enter My Castle of Control where your dreams become real when you obey without thought, without question.

My special deals have changed:

State Of Submission --
Be your true submissive self for your Domina...

Hypno Toy'd --
Playing with My Hypno Toys is so wickedly fun...

Hypno Toy'd Sissy --
Come, My Sissy Hypno slave toy...

Twisted Cinderella --
The TWISTED Cinderella will give you nightmares of pure pleasure...

Trilogy of Submission - Love

My puppy, these next several weeks are going to be quite an exciting learning experience. I am going to be teaching you why W/we are made for each other. And how lucky you are that I found you and made you MINE. Do you ever think about what makes for a deep and lasting relationship between the Dom and Her slave? What makes U/us work together so well, besides all those sexual submissive desires? ~giggles~ This week W/we start with the Trilogy of Submission - Love.

When you listen to My sessions or just think about Me, all these emotions, needs and desires, fantasies, addictions and pleasures swirl around in your mind and body. you can’t get enough of My voice and conditioning. you love Me so much, you’ll do anything for Me. How is everything so interconnected? This Trilogy Of Submission will be your guide and make it possible for you to Always please Me and make Me happy with your devotion and servitude to keep you close to your Domina. What makes it so natural to Love Me, to surrender not only your mind, but your heart to Me? I make you feel so submissive, powerless, helpless, mindless. you are so weak for Me.

My love slave, I can feel you Truly love ME for everything I mean to you. That’s because there are so many ways to show your Love. No one else can take control of you the way I do. you do love Me. And I love to control you. The less you resist Me, the more you love Me. Then, as your love for Me deepens, you find a greater need to surrender to My control and love Me more. When you love Me you just find so many ways to show it... when you Obey, when you serve, when I am at the center of your orgasms...or offering your denial.... And you Love Me as My undercover lover.


How much do you love Me? How deep is your love for Me? Can you guess what My very favorite way you can show you love Me?...with the BIRTHDAY Gift to send Me to the beach. Yippee! So, why not set some funds aside every week until August 5th and give Me the Birthday getaway present I deserve. Now, never ask a Woman Her age, but I’ll tell you. I’m 29. In fact, I’m going to be 29 for My next five birthdays. ~giggles~


Contracted, you should be listening to that July gift from Me... again and again.

Plus the RESULTS on the Clinical Trials are being delivered. you made Me proud.

Next Week I am taking you to a special place I created just for you, someplace White, BLANK and EMPTY.

Here are this week’s special deals:

Hard To Resist --
you're lost in your erotic desires...lost in NEED and Addiction.

slave Cage --
Imagine yourself WEAK, dazed, and so HORNY. All because I command it!

Sweet Torture --
Wicked and Oh so SEXY...

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