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Sensual Submission

Have you been thinking about your sweet but WICKED Domina all week, My HORNY In-Cock-trinated slave? Isn’t it funny how I easily control your mind and your cock...simply with My words…No ball and chain, no whips or riding crops, no steel bars…haha, even though you would love that, too? Giggles!!! you are just so willing to surrender yourself and submit to whatever I want you to do. you never want to disappoint your Sexy, Powerful Domina.

My good boy, with this week’s Sensual Submission I’m going to fire up every neuron in your brain...(Neurons, also known as nerve cells, send and receive signals from your brain). you’ve naturally come to Love, Honor and Obey Me and look forward to all the different ways that I play inside your open and suggestible mind..... sometimes getting you excited, keeping you on the edge. Sometimes, I want you to associate your arousal with My calming, soothing voice, getting you relaxed and feeling safe, taking you away from all your troubles. Just ME and you, alone, intimate and personal.

Time now, My darling, to get naked, get comfortable, relax and open your legs, I do love to watch. Haha!!! I love you weak and helpless for Me, ready for another journey deep into that subconscious mind I own and control. I want you to experience every sexual sensation, every TINGLE, as My words travel throughout your vulnerable mind and body. So much to obsess over, as W/we fixate on My sexual hard and horny. I’ll fan the flames of LUST and Desire and indulge all your wicked desires...Desires implanted by Me. What’s your favorite part of your Owner, your Mistress, your Domina…The instigator and manipulator of your every fantasy, your every desire? Ummm, I know, it’s every inch... tight, curvy, sumptuous, seductive, SULTRY body and My WICKED MIND, My power over your submission.

If you haven’t already, this week you will focus on your POWERFUL HYPNOTIC Domina and fall deeper under My spell so that there isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for Me. I am your Everything. you need My control more than ever. When you are so weak and horny for Me, serving and pleasing Me is all you need. I am taking all control...No place to escape to...your HYPNOTIC Prison forever. So SEXY...irresistible.

Doesn’t this just work out so Perfectly, My sweet? I have every right to Mind F*ck you anyway I wish...I always get My way. Giggles!!!


Thank you, again, for all your support and good wishes. I’m back from leaves Monday...Time for some SERIOUS TRAINING.

Contracted slave, this is the best TIME of the month for you. The first of each month, I allow you to sit at My sexy feet and GIVE Me your LOVING GENEROUS gifts of love. (I’m working on something for you too)...a little reward for being My good boy/girl.

SISSY girls...I have new addictions to a series coming for you too...BEAUTIFUL and amazing experiences that you get ONLY from Me. Coming SOON!

NEXT WEEK: In the works...Surprise for you.

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Lifetime Slave --
you were destined to be a lifetime slave...

Automatic Obedience Sissy Training --
Obedience is pleasure My horny, faithful sissy slave...

Lobotomized --
Domina's experimental procedure...I'm going to take you to new highs in your servitude...

The Eraser --
Mind sucking erotic brainwashing.


My lil pup, this week is going to be such fun. It’s back to school for you. I’m going to use this time to INDOCTRINATE you. Indoctrination is good for you...I want you to think back to when you were in grade school. A time when you were young and so eager to learn what the teacher had to tell you. Do you remember how much you wanted to please Teacher? Was she pretty? Did you fantasize about her? Were you excited when she needed you to do something just for her? Funny how that works.

First, do you know the reason why any stimulation of your sex (c*ck) brings you pleasure? Have you ever thought about that pleasure? What makes it so good?

I’m going to show you...I’m going to In-cock-trinate you. Giggles!!!

It’s time to listen now. There’s no reason to ask why, or how, or what...I have already INDOCTRINATED you to OBEY your Domina. It’s easy. It’s automatic. you have been programmed to be programmed.

LISTEN NOW! you always TRUST a POWERFUL Woman in charge. you will listen because you live in OBEDIENCE to your Domina, Her will is your will. Tell Me, what does it mean to be a devoted selfless SUBMISSIVE slave to your Mistress?

This is what to think about as I bring you to the edge, over and over again.

Download and follow My instructions. And have FUN thinking about how you are going to be useful to Me.


Challenge to Please...I’m on the road again. I travel back to Tennessee on Sunday as soon as I finish My shift. My cousin will drive with Me, so at least I’ll sleep. LONG TRIP! But last one til Sept I hope. So, you know what to do. I have programmed you to know. Follow what you are feeling. It feels good to be INDOCTRINATED to respond to Me.


Next week I’m thinking of some specialized sessions. Wait and see.

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Sexual Psychosis 2 --
Lust as I morph another hypno-fetish into a Sexual Psychosis...

Brainwashed Naked --
Open your NAKED mind to My authority and domination...

The Allure --
Find yourself CAPTURED and MESMERIZED. Unable to resist your SUBMISSION.

BIMBO - Sedation and Seduction --
you do NOT have to be a SISSY to LOVE this file...Stroke and ACCEPT MY CONTROL.

Sexually Dominated

My little puppy, have you been thinking about Me, wondering what I have planned for you this week? Isn’t it funny that you always get hard and HORNY everytime I play inside your mind? you know how much I like you aroused, blank and EMPTY for Me. It leaves you easy to dominate and desperate to be Used by your Domina. With this week’s seduction ENSLAVEMENT session, Sexually Dominated, I will allow you the pleasure of obedience and will have you begging for more of My SWEET EROTIC control.

Sexual pleasure is one of the central benefits of O/our Dom-slave relationship. your naturally submissive nature needs to be satisfied by submitting to My controlling Domination. Sometimes it’s wicked. Sometimes it’s loving. But having it personal and intimate is what makes it fulfilling and complete.

So, just relax and let My hypnotic voice and seductive body, My legs, My cleavage make you weak for Me and surrender all of yourself so that all you want to do is Obey My stroking instructions. This conditioning session will be using your arousal to reinforce MY priority of strict obedience to My instructions and desires above your desire for a sexual orgasm. All you want to do is obey to please Me. you will experience My voice, My touch and My domination over you and permanently understand that your pleasure comes from obedience to Me. When I tell you to stroke faster you will succumb to My will over your sex, which belongs to Me. you will not even want to cum unless I allow it with My permission. It is meaningless unless you are doing it for Me. That’s why you keep Me at the center of your universe.


The wedding was so beautiful…I have never even imagined that it would have been so perfect. The party was filled with party favors, latin dances and laughter.

Challenge to Please BEACH TIME has arrived. OYSTERS!!! Yummy!!! I will leave for the beach on Sunday and return home on Wednesday. Then two nights of work and back to Tennessee for a few days. I can’t wait to see My sisters. So much excitement.


Back to School—Shelle's Stroking INSTRUCTIONAL course.

Take a look at this week’s special deals:

Tranceformation - Sex Toy --
In the end you exist, utterly dependent on Me, a robotic sex toy...

Collar Me Hard --
What would you give to be TAKEN even further into submission to a point where our relation transcends time?

Obedience is Pleasure --
I draw you DEEPER into your most submissive place. A place of sexy surrender...A place of complete OBEDIENCE to ME!

Subliminized - Deep Trance

My sweet, I know that you daydream of Me throughout your day... hearing My voice... seeing My image, as you daydream of kneeling before Me. It feels so good to be with Me and that leads you to find your happiness in pleasing Me. Have you stopped to think about you and Me and what W/we mean to each other? I’m going to explore this with you in this week’s Subliminized--Deep Trance, another Mind F*cking session with your Domina.

Look back, now, take a walk with Me down memory lane...I want U/us to reminisce about how W/we met and when you first knew that I was the ONE that you had been searching for. Have you ever wondered if you found Me or if by some chance it was Me who found you?...Think about this. What if I looked for you. What if I implanted a TRIGGER and you stumbled upon it. Do you think that could happen? Do you think that it's a coincidence that you listen to My sessions over and over week after week? Is it possible that a TRIGGER brings you here to Me to listen to My sessions? And what compels you to come back over and over again and never think of ever leaving because it feels so good to be with Me, always happy and horny.

Yes, I do TRIGGER you all of the time. I add subliminal messages to My sessions that keep you coming back. My baby, I want you to think about My white leather couch. What was the last time that I helped you to relax here? Was it in My last session or the one before that? Do you remember? Giggles!!! Do you have any idea what words I am placing in this blog right NOW, that may cause you to want to listen to this week’s session? All that matters is that you come to Me for the time that I have set aside just for you because I want to be alone with you.

I have so much to share with you...I’ll begin by saying that some dreams do come true and in strange ways. Let Me tell you a story and it begins like this...Once upon a time, there was a man who worked as a male stripper. He was hired to come into My home for a bachelorette party. He thought he was in control...He strutted around like an ALPHA male...Silly boy! Two rooms filled with beautiful women of all ages. Perfume filled the air, making him dizzy....Well, I won't tell you the rest yet...I'll allow you to think about it. What if that STRIPPER were you? What would you DREAM about happening? Tell Me your story and maybe I'll share Mine.


Sissy Girls----To My sissy GIRLS—Do not miss out on this session,’s time to have some sexy GIRL fun. you will follow Me, through the mirror, into a world where you can be who you were meant to be. It's time to UNLEASH your most EROTIC desires...It's so easy to experience your every SULTRY fantasy with Me inside your mind. Listen NOW, you know that I am always in control.


This weekend I am with My family for the wedding of two wonderful young people. Then, with your contribution to Challenge to PLEASE, a welcomed getaway to the beach with Lady H, My sister and cousin, NEXT weekend. I'm so excited! OYSTERS!!!! Thank you so much for your continued devotion and support.


Here are this week’s special deals:

Steal your Mind --
Prepare to be seduced, enthralled and overpowered...

Sissy - River of Lust --
you'll be swept away in My River of Sissy Arousal and Gurly Lust...

Wonder Woman --

Sleep Manipulation --
I implant a permanent TRIGGER...making your resistance impossible!

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