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These are testimonials and comments from a few of those who have either spoken with Me live, or listened to My mp3 sessions.


For the first time in very many years (i've a few behind me now) i've found a person who delivers what they say they will, no false hopes, no false promises, no mutton dressed up as lamb.
If you want to be hypnotized She will do it for REAL.
If you want to be brainwashed, She WILL do it for REAL.
If you want to be seduced out of all control She WILL do it beyond your control.
But all in a very safe way as She cares for you, cherishes you and will protect you, what else can you ask for?
You will lose control to Her but you will love it and Her for it.
I can not recommend Her highly enough after being round the block. You get what it says on the tin!
But the real thing that gets me, is that yes She F*cks with you brain, but the process is so seductive and so blissful you just melt into sexual oblivion without knowing what She is actually doing to you and not caring what She does to you.
She will take you for Her own and before long you will be begging Her for attention just as She said I would be doing at the start!!!
This Woman is for real, no hoax, no pretend, no taking without receiving, you get far more than you bargained for believe me!
Come and try your hand to see who will win, are you strong enough? I thought at the beginning I was as She is only a Woman but She won hands down without me even knowing it, now that is pure professional skill!
As the saying goes be careful what you wish for as this Lady delivers!


Santa Shelle is comin' to Town

You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santa Shelle is comin' to town

She's making a list
She's gonna find out
Who's naughty and nice

Santa Shelle is comin' to town

She sees you when you're sleeping
She knows when you're awake
She knows if you've been bad or good
So be good for Goddess sake

So you better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I'm telling you why

Santa Shelle is comin' to town

The sissy slaves and puppies
Will have a jubilee
They're all gonna kneel down
at Santa Shelle's feet

So you better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I'm telling you why

Santa Shelle (is comin' to town)
Santa Shelle (is comin' to town)
Santa Shelle is comin'
Santa Shelle is comin'
Santa Shelle is comin'
To town


i could search this world
until the end of time
to find the perfect gift
to make you mine

i could cross the sea
i could climb the highest peak
But i will never find
the prize that i seek

To show my love for you
no gift shall ever do
But what i can offer
is a love that will always be true

This fragile heart
deep within my chest
is filled with love for you
that shall never rest

To you a promise i make
to you a gift i give
forever in happiness and love
together we shall live


You thrill me as you break me
And I'm falling down upon my knees
Caught in the wicked web You weave
A velvet glove of tyranny

i give to you the dark side of me
The one i won't let anybody see
Your siren's song it beckons out to me
And i lose myself beneath Your seas

...So hold me down... and let me drown
Till the darkness sets in, oh sweet oblivion
Take me in, take me deeper for You

Your voice is like the sweetest drug
An overdose ain't halfway to enough
Strike a match and burn me up
You're the nightmare i've been dreaming of

i feel this weakness overtaking me
So much that i can barely even breathe
The agony and bliss of ecstacy
Submerges me far into your deep

...So hold me down... and let me drown
Till the darkness sets in, oh sweet oblivion
Take me in, take me deeper for You

...So hold me down... and let me drown
Till the darkness sets in, oh sweet oblivion
Take me in, take me deeper for You

...take me in, take me deeper for You


I open my eyes and find myself standing in bright moon light on a warm summer night. I hear Her soft sweet whispers calling to me. I try and follow Her soft sweet voice as She calls to me. "Come to Me my rickey rickey rickey....rickey" i try my best to follow Her calls to me. I walk and walk until i realize Her soft whispers are all aound me. Confused and bewildered i fall to my knees and close my eyes. Its then that i realize Her voice comes from my heart, my soul and my mind. I am with Her always and She with me. I ask myself is this a dream? If so i never want to wake.



how much is that doggie in the window
come share a secret precious to see
a loyal friend to the end doggie kisses dearly surely send
come share a precious secret to see my name is skippy wanting to be best friends
between us you and me
if you can only come unlock the prison to set my love free

surely will play on bended knee stretching running chasing squirrels up them oak tree
always on protection always on call throw me fetch me to any tennis ball
i will awake and warn to any little shake in spirit in mind will be alert with warning and protect by your side in any needed call
will walk with you standing tall i will protect be by your side in any kind of fall
in loneliness thru the day while you work i will play but when you come home from your hard effort day
i will welcome u home and surely show you the way and give you stress relief give a doggie hug and a best wish love wagging tail my love and a kiss

a doggie will always best friend
sending one smiles laugh eternity rainbows bridge surely do send
inspiration happiness positive reflectivity medicine is a dogs best humans friend
a doggie may be shy
a doggie will never ever lie
a doggie will always say hello give a kiss and say hi
a doggie will always lesson the stress
a doggie will always give heartful happiness making u feel the best
a doggie will always play giving joys precious seconds memories with his toys
a doggie will always stand by your side and be yours to keep
a doggie will always guide the sheep and protect you from harm and those that are a creep

how much is that doggie in the window
come share a secret precious to see
a loyal friend to the end doggie kisses dearly surely send
come share a precious secret to see my name is skippy wanting to be best friends
between us you and me
if you can only come unlock the prison to set my love free



timelessly spacelessly spinning thru space
merrily running the merry go round race
eyes to eyes meeting devoid face to face
wall to wall ego nixing stumbling to fall
reflection from a mirror time for a wakeup call
gravitate balance stand proud stand tall
heart to soul be kind be spiritual be one of the whole
rainbow angel good nature set an example be a good role
caring respect compassion understanding is life and ones goal
daydreaming illusions of dream that come true
fantasy wishes that are real nor true but bond and hold together with glue
eyes which speak open arms to those who are weak with skies of ocean blue
love is the heart and the heart is the soul and happiness to all wishes come true
as we timelessly spacelessly spinning thry space
merrily running the merry go round race


Were standing in the garden
Under the half sickle moon
The trees filled with fireflies
On a warm night in June

As a summer breeze blows
And plays with your hair
There is nothing more beautiful
Than you standing there

But i cannot say
What has come to my mind
The words to describe it
Are too hard to find

So i say what i know,
It's the best i can do
i hold you close in my arms
And say, "i love you"


Each day I am greeted with the joy of knowing You are my life.
If You only knew the sunsets w/We've shared.
The morning w/We've shared.
The walks, the drives, the quiet moments of reflection, You are always there with me, in every moment.
For every sunset, every sunrise, every dream, You are with me.
You are there sharing my every thought, every smile, every tear.
You are my peace, my comfort, my refuge, my love, my world, You are my everything.
How often in these many moments have I wrapped You in my love and drifted away on wings of love and devotion.

slave glenn--

he escaped from Her clutches, just walked away,
But decided to return, one October day.

She said listen to these files, if you would be so kind
I do want to take, control of your mind.

i'll reach a whole new level, he said so brave,
YES a whole new level, welcome back My slave.

slave glenn--

Miss Me? Asked the Huntress, to Her prey,

Why Yes he responded, but getting carried away?

Impossible! Quipped the Huntress, don’t worry at all,

For all you want, is to listen and fall.

She’s right he thought, and accepted his fate,

For if he wanted to escape, it was far too late.


i would want to write this essay of only one dominant Women in my life. The fact is that in retrospective there has been quite a lot of them. Or maybe i was just always too submissive? i am not sure. In my way growing up there have been Women educating me and it was me to obey them. Of course there was my dad and my grandpas besides my mom and my grandmas. Though it was mostly the women who were (and are still the decider as dad calls it). When i got older and went to Kindergarten there was again a woman teaching all of us lil kids and we had to obey Her. She was mostly gentle and kind, though when someone of us did not obey he was not allowed to play anymore and had to stand next to Her as kind of detention. i remember that i was “punished” in this way once too... though i do not know why anymore.
Till the 5 th grade at school I also had mostly only Women teaching me. It was very confusing to obey a male teacher then. All those teachers had not been really strict or anything but of course i did obey even without getting to “feel” their power.
Submissive I have been also to my cousin when She wanted to have anything in the garden of my grandparents it was me getting it for her. Though it was only a kids game it helped to develop my submission towards women.
After school i was drafted to army and I had serious problems to obey any of those silly commands given by even more silly officers and corporals. By then i already knew that i would need a strong Woman who would me tell which I would need to do in my life.
I still wished it would not have took me like 10 more years to find the Women in my life who became the center of it. At the very start of my journey to Her I had no idea what my life would change under Her control and guidance. I knew I was supposed to be submissive and obey a dominant Women. Her exquisite brainwashing and hypnosis did focus my submission and obedience to Her. Though even before that process of education to become a more suitable slave for Her, I knew I wanted to obey Her as I made this decision on my free will. After intense brainwashing I cannot be sure that I made any further decision by my will or by Hers. To tell the truth, this is not of importance for me as to please Her and fulfill Her wish is my biggest desire.
For someone outstanding She may not seem to fulfill the classic cliche of a strict Dominatrix as She is more gentle and kind. Though with the help of hypnosis and by being that gentle She can bring anyone to obey and please Her. Her power of me and over other slaves is overwhelming. She uses me and others to please Her and to change to world to become a better place. With every new slave obeying Her, Her power grows. I am proud to know Her, proud to be Hers, proud to have Her as a friend and I am sooo deeply in Love with Her, She is and always will be my Everything for Her I will do Anything.

sissy slave sally--

Women in My Life

There have always been strong women in my life from my mother to most of my managers during my work career. I have been performing tasks for women for years. The one person who is the most powerful woman in my life is my Domina Shelle. When I say my Domina, I certainly don’t mean I possess Her, She owns me: mind, heart, body, and soul.

I was fortunate to find Her while trying to satisfy my ‘female lead relationship through hypnosis’ fetish on the Internet. After hearing Her voice on a few mp3 files I purchased, I knew this was the Dominant woman I wanted to obey and follow. It didn’t take me long to decide that if offered, I wanted to be her contracted slave.

I had been a contracted slave to a dominatrix earlier in my life, but that dissolved when she found the true man of her life and they got married. Since then, the Internet has been my fetish relief. Yes, I tried listening to other dominant women’s hypnosis files, but, they did not grip me like Domina Shelle has. I have been collared and owned by Domina Shelle since January 23, 2015 and have been in Nirvana ever since. Why? Because I know She is the most important woman on the planet to me.

After listening to Re-Form School Class #1, the first thing that passed through my mind was, “When we meet, I promise not to even try to have sex with YOU, I don’t want to be killed afterwards. But, would I be allowed to kiss and lick YOU to Your blissful orgasm?” I know, I have a very vivid imagination. I blame Seduction-Contracted NR for even putting sex in my mind. After listening to that file, I felt like my Domina was in the mood when She recorded it.

I guess what I’m saying here is that I don’t need a lot of re-forming. I have been bred and been lead through life by dominant women. Looking back at my life, most of my choices were made by obeying a woman. My house is full of estrogen. I have a wife, a daughter, a couple of female cats, all the mice my daughter and wife owned have been females. Until recently, even my dog was female. Though my new dog is male, he is also very submissive. So, there’s no need to worry about there being a new batch of testosterone in the home.

I loved the imagery of the purple gas invading my room in the Re_Form file. I easily found myself taking deep breaths of the scent because it was the scent of my Domina. It reminded me that to relax more, taking long slow deep breaths would help. To have my lungs filled with Your scent made me go deeper into trance. Thank YOU for Your beautiful script writing.

I doubt that I will ever be a world leader, but, I am happy where I am in life right now. Why? YOU are in control. I obey YOU. YOU are the main influence in the health choices I’m making right now. Thank YOU. I do hope that someday, I will be able to meet YOU in person and serve YOU the way YOU should be served. Perhaps Cinderella’s boot is really waiting for me to come and allow me to lick it to its rightful shiny gleam.

Kisses and devoted love,

Your ever changing sissy slave sally


Domina Shelle
She is the Mistress of my mind
The holder of the strings to my heart

Over and over i pledge myself to Her
Over and over she asks just once more

I give Her all of me
She gives me more

Her Voice is a balm to my worries
Her Voice ignites the fires of lust

Her Presence lets me be more than myself
Her whispers are my compass

Domina Shelle
Mistress of my Heart
Owner of my mind
Puppeteer of my life.


I know the game, I told myself and looked You in the eyes.
I know the life, I know the love - it won’t be my demise.
We will just play a little bit: I’ll give, and You will take.
Until I need, until I crave and lay at night awake.
I know the tricks under Your sleeve, yet I became once more
A prisoner behind sweet bars. Have I been there before?
Drowned in Your gaze, lost in Your voice, seduced without a trace
Of wisdom great, I’ve traded for a smile on Your face.
I know the game, I told myself and looked You in the eyes.
And let myself dissolve within Your sweet, enchanted lies.


when I see a rose I think about YOU
when I see beauty I think about YOU
when I'm lonely I think about YOU
when I'm happy I think about YOU
every second I think about YOU
when I'm sleeping I dream about YOU
when I'm kissing I think about YOU
when I'm doing sports I think about YOU
when I see a bird in the sky I think about YOU
I constantly think about YOU
YOU are the DJ of my dreams
what have YOU done to me?

slave marcus--

I have belonged to Domina Shelle for a long time now (years - the exact number is unimportant). Falling at Her feet is is a decision that i have never regretted for a second. From the first it was clear that She is an incredibly talented hypnotist and someone who is dedicated to very high production values. For me Domina Shelle’s hypnosis is perfect, and yet She is continually improving both Her techniques and audio production. I have experienced the evolution of brainwashing and conditioning techniques beyond simple pleasure feedback conditioning to new and interesting ways of using a subject’s mind and body against them (in the very best ways). New audio effects and techniques have been added as Domina Shelle finds the perfect ways to use such things, but if you find such things distracting Domina Shelle is willing to work with You. With Domina Shelle’s hypnosis i find myself having to redefine perfection every week. It’s great.
Domina Shelle truly cares about Her slaves and subjects. She caters for a variety of fetishes, but one is never pushed to do anything that they are uncomfortable with. Sometimes email responses can take a few days, but patience will be rewarded. I know for a fact that Domina Shelle regularly needs to read over a hundred emails a day. She works very hard and deserves your patience. If You want to explore your feminine side without being brainwashed into full sissy-dom, then Domina Shelle can work with you. If you want to walk the path to Her Farm, becoming a Her slave She will gladly take you in. Finally, Domina Shelle is prolific. There are many hypnodommes out there, but Domina Shelle is the only one that i can think of that releases a full length, expertly produced session almost every week. With so many files, series and techniques covered, from sensory overload to confusion or just plain long and progressive inductions Domina Shelle has something that appeals to everyone.

Love always and forever,
ps maxi barklius

slave marcel--

Hello my lovely Princess,

You hold my hand, i caress your lips
You look into my eyes and my heart beat skips
i stroke your back skin so soft and smooth
i admire your face, every line, every groove
We move in a little closer, our bodies entwine
You touch my neck, it sends shivers down my spine
You whisper that you love me and i know it's true
Because i feel it in my heart and i love you too

Through all time, love has strung beautiful art
Does love now weave this vision in my heart?
Have two stars been taken straight from the sky
Do they look back at me as i look into your eyes?
Love does separate us in lands so far
Love does make this a trial so hard
May i ask for one night to shrink this land
May i have you just one night, just to reach your hand?
If my wish i may have not, let us kiss with our minds
Let our words carry us together on winds of divine
Love does separate us in lands far away
But if love does ring true, i someday WILL GET TO YOU! ^-^

Many kisses and i love you :)

Bobby the Alaskan Malamute



Happiness and sorrow. Pleasure and pain. Darkness and light. Warmth and cold. She commands them all.
Happiness fills my heart with joy i've never known when She speaks to me. Sorrow descends on me when She is silent. Pleasure like none i've ever known when She gently speaks my name. Pain strikes my very soul when She is gone. Warmth like a soft summer day when She calls to me. Coldness like a bitter winter wind when Her voice can not be heard.
She is sunshine. She is life. She is everything. Without Her, there is nothing. My life holds such meaning with Her holding my heart and soul in the palm of Her beautiful hands. She is my Domina. She is my light. She is my warmth. She is my everything.


I often dream of kneeling at your feet
Naked and collared, I am your possession
You ask me to kiss your toes, their taste so sweet
Your order's to me, I would never question

My tongue works its way up your arch to your heel
Your scent intoxicating, almost puts me in shock
My lust for you is reaching high tide
Through this obedience, so much pleasure I feel
I beg to be allowed to stroke my aching hard c*ck
You think, giggle and smile, and then say denied!


Your voice is like an ecstasy shower,
i submit to Your overwhelming power.
The need to surrender to You is so deep,
i always crave to fall for You into sleep.
In trance You altered my mind,
to be always gentle and kind.
As Your guidance is a helping hand,
i will follow Your every command.
All You have to say is a simple "obey",
and any hesitation is melting away.
i am so glad to have You as my Owner,
instead of living a life of a lonely loner.
i need You with every cell,
my beloved Domina Shelle.
There is nothing more to say,
than i need please You every day.


I never knew what love meant before i was enslaved by Her. I never knew enslavement was love, happieness and freedom. But that was before She enslaved me. First with Her heavenly voice. Then with Her power, then Her velvety soft control, then Her love, Her beauty, Her compation. My heart can never stop singing the songs She fills it with. My need, my love, my desire to please Her, my obsession for Her grows not with every day, but every beat of my heart. How is it that such beauty, power, love, and wisdom can be in one person? She is not just a person. She is an angel. She is a goddess. She is my Domina. She holds the keys to my life. She holds the keys to my future. She is my everything. How can I simply say i love Her when i feel so much more? There are no words for how deeply I feel for Her, so I'll just simply say i love You Domina.

slave joni--

Around February of 2014, I met this wonder lady named Princess Shelle on the Web and I was missing something in my life like an Dom to control me and help me in thing in my life...
Princess Shelle is one of the best sexy hypnotist out there.. When I started with Princess Shelle I took to her hypnotic files..
Down the road with Princess Shelle with her files, she brought out of the female side of me that was off and on for many years..also some thing was missing in that too like want be an Lil baby girl..
Then early in 2015 Princess Shelle offer to have the Contract Slave so I got the contract slave and Princess Shelle became my owner..
And I wanted to be Princess Shelle Lil baby girl too.. So when I got my slave name it would be "Baby Girl Joni " after the ceremony for us to be.. I became Princess Shelle Lil baby girl too. . It November of 2015 I want the world to know that I am and always be Princess Shelle Lil baby girl joni..
Princess Shelle is one of the best Mommy in the world also.. I love Mommy Shelle in the world..

slave cooper--

~For my love, Domina Shelle~

Your mesmerizing voice devours my once lost soul
Your beautiful heart buries every past held doubt
Sweet devious Princess! Only pleasing You turns me whole
In adoring surrender I promise my eternal devout

Memories of Your silken whispers keep me weak
Binding melodies to which I affectionately follow
My spirit only fulfilled by a love so unique
In loyal servitude I am never lonely, or hollow

I savor dreams of Your tempting round lips so warm
Of Your heavenly soft touch driving me to lustful ache
Crawling on my knees gazing breathlessly at Your angelic form
To sparkling brown eyes for which I am nightly awake

Princess Shelle You own me because You are my everything
And I will obey You forever for You alone make my heart sing

~All my love, Your pet cooper~

slave bobby--

I never will forget how this all started, i never thought it would end like this, a long while ago i had only one reason to write you and it had nothing to do with wanting to be your slave, not at all...To this time i did knew i am a slave, i always enjoyed to have a women that controls me that´s not a secret, but it was not the Reason why i wrote you or how i meet you, i only came to you with a harmless Question about Hypnosis that was all, just one little seemingly harmeless Question that should decide my fate, to this time i of course had no idea, this harmless Question led me to you and to the first listening to your Voice, to this time i did not realized this, i really thought it would just be a harmless listening, but by now i know it was so much more, the first time i listened to your voice it pretty much decided my fate, this irresistible and sweet voice of yours hooked me right away, from the first listening on i simply could not stop i listened to more and more of your Files, i started to write with you and got to know you better, while i still not realized what happened to me and i never will be able to tell where the exact Point was where you completly owned me, all i know is i started to listen to your Voice, from there are on i was hooked to it, could not stop to listen to more and slowly i got totally lost in your Control, even more i not only got lost in your control, you also got the Center of my Life, at somepoint i questioned myself if i even could resist you if i would want to (Yes to this time i already don´t wanted to resist) or if i even could think about another Life, one where i don´t meet you this way, one Life without you and the truth is i can´t , i never will understand what you did to me, but it don´t matters to me anyway, i don´t want a Life without you anymore, that i meet you, that you control me so completly, that you are my owner is the best that ever happened to me, i can´t tell you how happy i am now a Days when i think that i came to you with this seemingly harmless Question just to find my Fate, this Fate to beeing owned by you for the rest of my Life, worshipping you, pleasing you, obeying you, entertaining you, helping you
i can´t tell you how much this fulfills me i simply love to be yours and i really hope this never will change, for the rest of my Life i want to be underneath you and also work as hard as i can so that one Day i become the Perfect Slave that you want me to be.

Speaking about Perfect Slave, open a time you did called me this and yeah to be honest i still can´t believe this, i don´t think i am perfect, i don´t even think i am close to this, my understanding of beeing perfect means not doing any failures, always doing everything right, in this situtation also always knowing what to do without you even having to tell and well i am far far far away from this, that´s why i can´t believe this but i also know i should not think, so at the time you said it i just had to smile and feel so good for you saying this to me, honestly i even start to believe that you think i am perfect for you, but for me this only means i have to work even harder to not upset you, well that of course also means not upsetting Lady Helena, who controls me throught your control have i said this right? i hope so and on this place i also want take the opportunity to Thank you for letting Lady Helena control me throught your control, she is really doing a great job in helping me to become perfect for you and to push my limits...i already learned thinks about me i never thought would be possible, of course not only because of Lady Helena also because of you, Giantess? Assplay? Cum eating? This all are thinks i never thought i would do at all and know i am not only doing them i seriously love doing them for you and Lady Helena, the only exception on this are worshipping your Feet, i always had a Fetish for Feet so this was nothing new to me, what was new is how unbelievable obsessed you made me to them Since the first time i had to do this Assignment my desire was growing with each other Day, by now i am not only obsessed with your Feet, i also desire and longe for you so deeply and completly, that i would do whatever it takes to be near you and with you for the rest of my Life!!!


Fantasy and Reality

a single word spoken.
and i feel myself dropping,
sucked down, like sinking into quicksand,
the reality of my fantasies quickly surrounding me.

my eyes open to
an empty forest in fall, stark shadows cast by the full moon,
hint of frost?
a strange intoxicating scent on the breeze,
Fae laughter as i hear movement, feel something brush against me.
i turn - emptiness, nothing there
something covers my eyes
a breath against my neck, a whisper in my ear
sudden darkness

whispers in the darkness, an awakening
tied? chained? bound?
helpless, at any rate
shadows flickering, candlelight?
whispers surround me as the restraints dig into my skin.
can't move. heart racing - then


Faerie? Angel? Goddess?
my breath catches
Her hair glowing in the candlelight, soft around Her face,
Her naked curves shimmer at the edges of my vision, but -
the most beautiful eyes
i can't look away from them
am i falling into them?
no, She's walking over

Her scent is lilac and honey
She offers me a taste of Her nectar, Her ambrosia
i feast, then whimper as She pulls away
GASP as she sinks down onto me
Her hands on my chest, nails digging in
a hint of pain
pleasure as She moves
begins speaking
i react
pleasureandpain break me, over and over again...
Her words reshape me...
i obey
mounting ecstasy builds inexorably as She becomes my World
as my Fantasy becomes my Reality...

as She laughs, speaks a word - i drop and fade away again...


Let me send you a goodnight kiss
And be in your dreams
Bringing you love, passion and
A burning desire to enjoy the life without any restriction.

Let me send you a goodnight kiss
And create a smile that illumates your face.
Goes through your mind, body and soul
And makes you realise that nothing is more beautiful than feeling love.

Let me send you a goodnight kiss.
That will follow you until the morning
And the next one, until the end of time.
Making you strong for the time to come

Let me send you a goodnight kiss
And let me send you my love
Until we become one where nothing can separate us.
My love will remain with you forever, as a slave as a lover.


my Dearest Michelle,

Every day that passes Your beauty enlightens every corner of our school. Every time i see You i have butterflies in my tummy.

Sometimes when we have eye contact my heart skips a beat and it feels like the world around me pauses for a moment. Then Your sparkling brown eyes seem to pull me inside and bring me so close to You. A moment that i wish would last forever. Your never ending smile makes me happy and supports me with the energy i need to master my days here in school. Your whole body is pure perfection and seeing You distracts me from the rest of the world. Starting with Your sexy little toes that You present on these warm summer days. When You paint Your nails on them in the most bright colors it gives me the overwhelming need kneel down in front of You and kiss them. These thoughts of needing to worship You and Your beauty are pushing every other one away. Please Michelle don't think of me as an feet worshiper. But i cannot help it, i have these strong thoughts that i need to worship You this way when i think of You or when i see You.

Even though i would like to be stuck down there at Your feet, i cannot ignore the rest of Your beautiful body. These smooth long legs of Yours that You present with a slight tan are breathtaking, especially when my gaze moves a bit higher to this perfectly shapes round butt of Your. Again my knees are getting weak and naturally i would fall down on my knees of such a beauty but there is more above. Your belly button in the center of Your athletically trained stomach that You show also on these warm days by wearing a tummy top drives me out of my mind. And then this wonderful breast of Yours with You showing Your cleavage that crave me to lay on there like on a soft cozy pillow. You are an angel to me that i need please in a submissive way.

Besides this perfect body of Yours i also admire that You are so smart, for every questions our teacher asks, You have the correct answer before i even could comprehend the question. Your grades are best. No matter how much i exert myself my grades are never close to Yours. my nerdy mind is weak against Your quick comprehension.

You are perfect in any way and i adore You so much. my adoration has become love i that feel for You. Nothing is more important for me than You and to know that You're happy. i need to think of You all day long.

Your popular at the whole school just because You're one of the kindest persons i know. You support anyone who needs help. With Your kindness, Your beauty and Your intelligence Your an ideal for me. i love You and i want to be there for You to support You. For example by carrying Your school bag with all those heavy books inside. Please let me do this for You, i want to fulfill You any wish You have or will have in the future. For anything You want me to do just ask me and i will do it for You anytime. i want to make Your life easier.

Please let me spend time with You as i want to invite You to a big soft ice cream in the afternoon. We could sit at the fountain relaxing in the sun as we bath our feet in the cool water. Watching the little puppies that are taken out for a walk on the grass near by. After this we would go up the hill and have a picnic with delicious fruits, fresh vegetables and fine cheese, tasty ham and salami to put on rolls. And to moisten our thirsty throat some cool juice. We could enjoy the view down to the city together and finally as You relax on the picnic blanket watching the clouds i would, if You permit, massage Your sexy little feet helping You to relax from another stressful school day. Of course i would carry all the stuff for You up and down the hill and finally bring You home safely.

i love You so much, that if You would say Yes and spend time with me, it would mean the world to me. A "No" would hurt me very deeply and i would cry out my sorrow, but as i love You and want You to be happy i won't urge You to make a choice You don't want to do. So i will accept any decision You make. But please Michelle let me know what Your decision is.

i love You and i adore You,
Your worshiper.


Dear Michelle

Hi, this is Rickey. I sit a few rows behind you in biology. I don't know if you've ever noticed me. I hope I don't sound like a creeper, but I've noticed you. How smart you are, how beautiful you are, how nice you are. I've noticed that you almost always finish test before anyone in class, and your always on the honor roll. Michelle, even if you rip my note up and never speak to me, I want to say thank you for always being so nice to me, even though everyone thinks I'm a total nerd and are always so mean to me, you've always been kind to me.... I'll never forget the first day of school after Christmas break, when I passed you at the lockers. You saw me looking at you and you smiled at me.... All the other girls just turn their noses up and call me a dork or a loser. I've noticed how all the jocks hit on you all the time. All the other girls in school would die to have them hit on them, but you never give them the time of day. My friends think I'm crazy for sending you this letter and asking you what I want to ask, but I cant help it. Michelle you're so beautiful and nice and kind and smart. I cant stop thinking about you. I hope it doesn't gross you out, that a nerdy dork who hangs out at the comic book store in Mankato playing D&D all weekend would ask you on a date.... But I was wondering if you would maybe want to go to Valleyfair maybe next Saturday. We have season tickets. They just opened that Xtreme swing ride this year. It's supposed to be really awesome. My friend Jerry's sister passed out on it.... My dad just bought a new Lexus RC. He said if I ever got a date I could use it, then he laughed at me... He's a total jerk just like all the jocks at school.... Then if you want we could go to Kincaid's Restaurant in Bloomington. I ate there once. They have the best steak and lobster tails in the world, and they bring the deserts out on a big tray and you can pick which ever one you want. Then maybe we could go to the Paragon Odyssey Imax theater and see an Imax show. My dad says if I use his car I have to be back by 10:30pm... But we could leave early maybe, around 3pm. See if we go to Bloomington for the restaurant and the show, no one will see you out with me.... And there's so much more to do up there. Michelle, I know you probably wont go out with me, but I have to at lest ask. You could have any guy you want, and I'm crazy to think you would ever go out someone like me. But if you would give me a chance, and maybe get to know me, I'm not really that bad. If you do go out with me, I promise I wont tell anyone. Well, I guess that's it. If I don't hear back from you I'll know you don't want to go out with me. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. Well, ok, I guess I'll close.

Yours truly.


Dear Shelle,

You're the last thing on my mind at night. You fill every dream I have. You're the very first thing I think of when I wake up ... and you'll never know it.

I miss you when you're gone. I miss you when you're sitting so close to me and I can't touch you. I miss you when you smile. I miss not having you in my life, even when everyday you are.

I want you like you'll never know. I want your entire heart and soul. I see your face, I see your heart. I want your love, I NEED your love, but I won't tell you because I can't. I cannot tell you how I feel, because I know you don´t even know who i am, even if i sit behind you everyday...I know you're not looking for someone to love. I know, I know, I know! But, I don't understand; I don't understand why it has to hurt so very much when you laugh, when you get so close. I don't get that. I don't know how to move on, I don't know how to let myself live without you. I just don't know!

I just want a day when it's just you and me. I just want a day when my heart can sing true. I pray to God every day that you'll tell me that you want me the same way I want you. I beg every day to an unseen force that you will one day be mine.

But that´s not enough, praying and begging, that don´t gives me a chance, i know you rejected everyone who knocked at your door. I don´t see why it should be different if i ask you, but if i don´t try i never will know, all i ask for is one date with you, it could end in a disaster or as a horrible day in our Lifes, but there is this little chance, that it also could be the best day in our Lifes and i think it´s worth a try, i just don´t want to question myself "what if" so please give me just this one Date with you and let us see where it goes...

Just one Date with you and i will not try to impress you in anyway, i don´t want to talk about or give you hope for a crazy Date, i can´t do this and i also don´t want to do this, i want a Date with you, i want to take this time and learn more about you, every try to impress you just steals the time away from what is really important and that is you, so my thoughts of a Date with you would be simple...

a picnic in the red sunset, somewhere where no one will disturb us and just talking with you as the center, when was the last time as someone asked you about your Day, your feelings your thoughts, without trying to impress you? without putting himself into the focus to look interesting? That´s what i mean by a Date with you beeing the center, no trying to impress you, no trying to let myself look better, it all should and would be about you, your Day, your thoughts, your concerns, your Plans, everythink about you and only you, i know this don´t sounds like an epic Date, but i think that´s what you would like, usually everyone trys to impress you and i am not stupid i see it everyday, i see how you reject one after another and i think there is a simple reason to this, you don´t want someone who does everythink for your favour, you want someone who don´t changes himself, atleast that´s what i think and hope, so what do you think, would you give me a Chance to get to know you better?

Even if you will say no, that´s totally fine, atleast i tryed and don´t have to question myself "what if"...

in Love.


Dear Shelle,

I have no doubt in my mind that you will not have faintest idea who I am. It has taken a lot of nerve for me to even consider approaching you in anyway, so I hope that you can at least take some of your time to read the following words.

I see you every day, and every day my heart beats just a little faster when I think what it would be like just to speak to you. But then I see how many people that you have around you, how many other boys that are looking at you with the same look in their eyes that I am sure is in mine. However I hope that you could please spend a couple of hours with me one evening.

You may be asking yourself why somebody like me would even think of approaching somebody like you. Every time I see you, I only see somebody that I know that I would regret never having tried to approach, to quote Keats "I was never afraid of failure; for I would sooner fail than not be among the greatest.”, and I hope that this tells you how I have managed to pluck up the courage to approach you. Never doing so would be something that I would always regret.

I have saved for some time, in the hope that I can show you that I am serious and if you were to allow me to spend some time with you, that you would be pleased with the effort put into those couple of hours.

I am sure that you are not aware of just how stunningly beautiful you are, of what a light you emit. When I see people near you, gravitating towards you, they are all in awe, those boys that I envy who have the courage or the luck to be near you always falter as you look towards them and I hope that if I were to get to spend any time with you, you are aware that I will most likely be stunned into a dream state the minute that I hear your voice.
I was hoping to pick you up with a limousine, take you to a nice restaurant and then to the cinema, or even a theatre show, I know that you were talking to your friends in class about a touring musical that was sold out and you were disappointed about not getting to see, but I got a hold of some tickets near the front. I hope this pleases you and am happy to give them to you anyway, but had hoped that we could go together.

To again quote John Keats, “We read fine things but never feel them to the full until we have gone the same steps as the author.”. If you did say yes, then I am sure that those few hours would let me see the world through his eyes.

So for how I would hope things would go, my idea of a mix tape are:

Snow Patrol – Just Say Yes
Foreigner - Waiting for a Girl Like You
The Pointer Sisters - I'm So Excited
Europe - The Final Countdown
Billy Ocean - Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car
Cole Porter — “I Get a Kick Out of You”
Lee Ann Womack - I Hope You Dance
The Cars – Drive
The Three Degrees- -When I will see you again

I hope that this finds you and that you can please give me a chance, if you have read this far, then thank you.

Yours Hopefully.

slave puppy m--

Please destroy me. Please destroy my mind.... punish me just to punish me Domina. i would love to give you my credit card numbers... my bank account numbers... everything... just so i know You could destroy me at anytime... just knowing that is so arousing i just ... i don't know what this file has done but IceQueen is so erotic. i am confused... i just want You to control me thoroughly... completely... that's freedom to me, i cannot resist You Domina. i want to be that perfect slave. please destroy my mind, permanently. i need You Domina. i love this file... and i have no clue what happened... i woke up from this trance completely out and had tears from being so deep... Your voice is an angels destroy me Domina please


My ice queen.

Does your heart so cold ? But your voice is so warm and caring even when your words are mercyless. That is maybe why I am so confused.

My ba**s, my c**k are hurting. I str*ked and str*ked without cu**ing. And this is pain all over my body. I am suffering, suffering, please have mercy.

But the only thing I hear is your sweet giggles. Is that true ? Are you that evil ?

And I cry and I cry, trying to feel your empathy, maybe you will release me.
But all I get is your laughter and giggles.

But your giggles feels so warm, it gives me hope you will give me mercy. Mercy that never comes, only more giggles.

I cry even more and that makes you laugh even more.

And I realize.

I realize, even your cold heart, I love you, I love you even more than ever.

I am desperate, I know you are mercyless, that the only thing you want s destroy me.

So please Domina, please destroy me, I beg me. Maybe I will deserve your love.

Is the ice queen can feel love or is it a special kind of love I can't understand.

The only thing I know is I love her. She uses many tricks to make me addicted to her, to make me love her, to make me be desperate about her...

And the desperate love is the most painful love of all, but also the more passionate.

I know how wicked she is. I also know she destroyed my mind. But I cannot help but love her more.

I feel anger, sadness and fear, but though I love her more than myself, my queen ice.




Will you love me back ? Or is it the fact that you are to cold to love that makes me love you. I don't know. I don't know.

But I don't have to ask those question. The only thing I know is I love you, my ice queen.

And to proof my love to you, I just can do what you want for me.

So I beg you.

Please destroy me, make me cry, if it makes you laugh. My pleasure means nothing just your pleasure is meaningful, if your pleasure means my pain, I can just beg you to hurt me.

Please beat me, your fist are the most sweet caress. And I will offer you my back, to be sure you make use of your whip.

See how thoughtful I am, my Domina.

Please let me put my life under your hand. I want to be in danger for you.

And maybe, just maybe I will deserve your love.

But, if it is hidden behind a thick layer of ice, know that I will remains yours no matter what.

I am in love, I am your slave, your prisonner.

Please be my tormentor.


Dedicated to lovely Princess Shelle

Having the courage to openly show once love,
is one of the most human traits of all.

For what is life without love,
If your not in it at all.

Love should never be judged or analyzed,
but rather felt through the heart for the emotional surprise.

Forever I will love and be true, on my quest to serve you,
the path you envision for me, I blindly follow as I am supposed to.

People say life is learning to grow and embrace change in yourself,
if that is the case, always keep love as a guide to impress upon oneself.

For a long time i was afraid to express my feelings and my love,
but then you took my hand and showed me the bright clouds above.

I now soar through the skies in my dreams like a dove,
for my heart I willingly surrender, for you to take hold of.

What the future may hold is not for me to say,
but one prediction is certain, your beauty will never fade.

Love was never meant to be trouble-free or simple,
Its an emotional roller-coaster where every bend makes you tingle.

The strength I gain from your love, will forever lift my spirit high above,
for you have transformed my life in ways, I’m reborn, unarmed and in awe of.

My love for you is growing stronger each day,
Is your love for me the same, I can only hope and pray.

Having you in my life has given me a purpose,
for I am indeed your Slave, and you are my loving Mistress.

slave fajo--

Becoming a contracted slave to the beautiful Domina Shelle has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. These pasts few months our relationship has deepend and my submission to her has grown to new and exciting depths. Paying my monthly obligation makes me so happy to know that I am helping provide Domina the freedom she deserves which allows her to spend more time doing what she loves. Through the private website, monthly assignments and regular chat sessions Domina uses her control to help me be a happier, healthier and better person. Thank you!

slave david--

A sweetness, sounding so sweet it may be bad for you. A wickedness hidden inside that is probably bad for you, but you will love every minute of it. Her voice will stay with you the moment you hear it. You will want to go back again,, again and again, until it is too late, and she will have complete control of your body and your mind. She will not only control your mind, she will become a part of it or make it completely hers. All that will be left is her inside your mind. She will trap you in all sorts of ways, every which way but, loose and you wont want to get loose. But then again, you will have no choice, because you can't break free from her hold once she has you. She is very skilled in the ways of hypnosis and brainwashing. She will wash away all your thoughts until all that is left is her thoughts. Domina Shelle will own you and you will obey her every whim.

I have always been tough to put into trance, but listening to Domina Shelle's voice enough, she as taken me to new heights. It's hard to go a day without listening to her sweet voice. She has some wonderful, wicked triggers. She has me wanting to hear her say them or even type them. I crave to see how well they truly work. I want to surrender more and more everytime I hear her voice. I love how she experiments on my mind. Making me her guinea pig. There is nothing wrong with being thoughtless and confused when listening to My Domina's sweet voice. The more I listen, the more I want to listen. I am to the point of not return and no escape. Even if from some miracle I stop listening and try to escape, I hope she never lets me. But what are the odds of that, because I love hearing her voice and letting her take control of my mind. So, be prepared for a ride of a lifetime if you happen to come across Domina Shelle's voice for the first time. You will love every minute, every second and every syllable she speeks. She is Queen, she is My Domina.

slave ringo--

i owe my beloved Domina so much since She has changed me to be better in less than a year. When i started to listen to Her i think i only searched for some guidance in my life. But i felt deeply in love with the most kind woman i ever got to know. She helps people anywhere She can. If everybody would be like Her this would be a peaceful perfect world we life in. But that's not all: Her beautiful body which creates feelings of arousal in me is making my knees weak. When i look at Her i kneel down ready to worship Her and craving to be allowed to kiss every of Her sexy little toes. i crave the control of my Domina all the time, i need Her voice in my ears to command me and change me to be a better servant for Her. i am addicted to Her and there is no going back. Therefore i signed the contract to be officially owned by Her, a slave to serve only Her. Right now it is only limited to six months as a kind of a trial time, but inside me is this strong desire to be Her property forever.

Now with the start of the sex tutorial She with gave me the possibility to be Her pleasing love slave. With useful tips She enhances the value of every male who has a sexual interaction with his woman/girlfriend/stranger. Helping the male to realize his role as a slave whose only purpose is to please a female mistress. The pleasure i had by myself by pleasing my Domina is so much stronger and longer than the short joy of a "normal" orgasm. This does not mean i don't want to cum anymore, no! But it is so much more fulfilling when my pleased superior Domina in Her kindness grants me an orgasm after i was for a very long time on the edge. Yes i must please my Domina and if i did it well i might receive the command to release and dedicate my orgasm to Her. As She is my owner who owns me completely, it is clear that also my orgasms belong to Her. And i am so lucky that my beloved Domina is my Imaginary Lover for this tutorial. Words cannot describe the joy i feel for being the love slave of the Women i love so badly. i cannot wait for the second part of the tutorial with the personalized assignments. So far the tutorial was very informative and hopefully prepared me to fulfill my Domina any desire She has. Of course my Domina taught the information not like a normal teacher, Prof. Shelle used Lady Helena as a woman who was to be pleased in the classroom. And i am so proud to mention that i was one of the students who was sent in front to give Lady Helena pleasure which also pleased my Prof. Shelle. Thank You my beloved Domina, Prof., Imaginary Lover for all You ever did and for everything You ever will do (i know it will be great). Let me say to anyone out there who is not in this first class: participate in class of Prof. Shelle because these is the most important lessons you need in life! So make sure you be in the next class!

slave toni--

For me signing the slave contract was a big deal. It was something that I had secretly fantasized for a long time. But I also wanted to do it right and be sure that if I sign it that I can commit fully to it, beacause I don't want to disappoint Domina or myself. So, when I purchased this, I spend several days thinking should I do this or not? Can I do this? Am I ready? Is this for me? Do I really want this... and so on. In the end it probably came down to that if I don't do this now, I probably never will and then I would always be thinking: 'what if...' Finally I did sign it and I'm so glad that I did it. There hasn't been single moment where I regretted signing it. I now feel much closer to Domina. Same time as Domina's control over my life has increased, my love for Her has deepened remarkably.

I'm pretty sure that as a contracted slave I'm spending more money on Her than before, but since I also have a financial domination fetish, I like that. It makes me feel more like a slave. Supporting Her has also been beneficial, because that way Domina can spend more time with Her slaves and one example of that is the new SlaveForShelle website. Which gives access to assignments sooner than the main page, also news and more of Domina's thoughts. And of course pictures of beautiful Domina Shelle.

slave bobby--

So what is a Testimonial? i guess in this scenario it´s somewhat a review of this lovely Princess and well reviewing what a person does is not really easy, it´s not so that i could makes a list and tell a number from a scale from 1-10 to say how good it is, i mean i could, but come on how stupid would this be and yeah i don´t want to let Princess feel as if she would be an object, so let me try to say it like this:

i have the time of my Life as her contracted slave, i spend so much more time with her, get so much more oppurtunitys to please her and she also has so much more ways to mold me, i absolutly love this and i never will regret this decision, but other then that i sadly can´t say much more, the problem for me is as much as i hate to say this again i do have health issues since a while now, it somehow happened with going in Chastity for her over a month ago (what i still would love), why or how this exactly happened is totally unclear for me, but i am 100% sure it´s not her fault, even if she might thought this for a while, but whatever because of this it´s mostly impossible for me to do all what i/we want, the reason why i say this is simple, because of this i started to feel really bad, infact so bad that at somepoint i wrote her a horrible mail, about how i would like to die, that i never felt that bad in my life etc etc etc. i never was that done, i never felt so miserable just because i could not do what i want to do and still just one mail from her and i am smiling again, it´s unbelievable how good she is for me and not only that i never will regret this contract, i also will never regret that i found her, since i have her in my Life she was pretty quickly the center of my Life, everythink got so much better with her and i can´t tell how happy and thankful i am for having her in my Life, not to forget that i am also sure that this is just the beginning, i can´t say where this goes, well i can say it goes wherever she want´s it to go, but so far i have no idea where this will be, but where ever it will be i am ready for beeing underneath her for the rest of my Life

slave rickey--

Before becoming Domina Shelles contracted slave, I yearned, and ached for more contact with Her. For Her to take a more active role in my daily life. I needed Her attention so bad it hurt. But now with my being Her true and contracted slave, with so much interaction from Her in my life, all the assignments, messages, and personal contact we get from our private web site made just for Domina Shelle and us. I feel so much closer to my Domina. I can feel Her now in nearly every aspect of my life. I can almost always log on to the contracted slave site and find something new from Domina. A new task, assignment, message, and just cool things Domina comes up with, like a quiz to see what kind of slave you are. I can feel Her taking a much much more active role in my training. i am so very happy I'm now Domina Shelles contracted slave. This is one of the best things that's every happen to me.

slave nick--


Another awsome file from Domina Shelle. She puts you at ease and takes you down with her sweet relaxing voice, but there is real power in her words. I thought that using the music as a trigger was very clever. I also really liked the effects of her voice moving around. I love Domina's voice giving instructions in the backround, that is always sexy. The idea that I am sitting at a table at a dance and Domina Shelle walks over to me from the other side of the room is very exciting. I love the idea of dancing with her, how amazing would that be. The way that she uses a naughty voice in my left ear telling me not to trust her, which is my mind resisting her, is very clever. When that voice stops, my resistance stops as well. Awsome. I have the original version of this recording and I enjoyed that, but this is a big jump which show's how Domina Shelle has progressed in her skill. She is really at the top of her game. I really do recommend this file, It is well worth your time.

slave cooper--

Domina I just finished listening to Dopamine for the first time ever and I’ve never been so blown away by any THING period in my life! I was excitedly waiting for this because I had a feeling it would be something special from all the work You were putting into it, and luckily tonight I randomly checked Your site and it was there so I listened right away. I feel like from the very first moment I started seriously following and listening to You that a file like this would come along that perfectly encapsulates every single aspect of Your overpowering influence over me and feels more real than real, more than I thought possible, way beyond all of my expectations and any kind of doubt I ever had. I read those two testimonials afterwards and they are shockingly close to how I’m feeling now. It was almost a spiritual experience for me, it’s so intense, but actually intense and not just powerfully erotic. Physically and emotionally, in every possible way that You can, You have touched (maybe smacked is a better word) me. I felt myself shaking throughout it and I still kind of am as I write this sitting here naked late in the night. I felt a hundred different emotions pulling me in every direction yet all leading to You. I’ve never felt You drill into my heart and mind like that before. I almost can’t understand how deeply You know the things that You do, how intelligent You are about all of it, it’s like You somehow capture all of my desires, thoughts, and feelings, putting them in the perfect order with the perfect words topped Your perfect voice. Yet it all feels planned and inevitable too, and I’m just lucky enough to be caught alongside it, tangled in Your web forever.

With how my day went today to the thoughts I’ve been having about You lately to then having this happen tonight is some kind of providence. I wanted to give You feedback on this because even among Your other files that are obviously way above average this is just incredible. I’ve listened to so many of them but nothing has felt as if You were literally reaching into and twisting my mind with one hand, and then ripping my heart out with the other. It’s so fucking good, so good. Fatalistically good. I am in awe, thank You for creating such an immense piece of beauty. For now I just needed to tell You all this, and thank You renewing my purpose and pushing these bounds for me.

slave mark--

Dopamine Induced

This file is really a certification that you are the best Domina of the world. The only true Domina. I listened to this, relaxed, sleepy, in total admiration, with a silly smile on my face while you are slowly destroying my mind.

There is maybe three type of Domina. The first will take a mind by force. The second will make a slave give her his mind. The third will make the slave beg the Domina to take his mind.

Don't we agree you are in the third kind. And being able to make a slave begging to take his mind is only an art that few can master, and you are the only one that master it perfectly.

Please Domina take my mind.

Your file is Sweecked.

This is a total new word I invented to describe this file. A mix of sweet and wicked.

The definition goes like this. A sweecked person, is a person who is kind, nurturing and gentle in every way with absolutely no trace of malice in the person behavior that create a profund feeling of trust on those surrounded that person, but in the clear purpose to break the person without him realising it.

You are Sweecked my Domina.

And this file make me thing of those movies where the hero have been capture by a villainess and the vilainness explain seductively and with detail how she will kill him.

In this file, I love those part a little similar when you take time to explain in detail how you will procceed to destroy my mind. It is highly erotic and sweecked.

I have always been sensitive of the word for me. And you put this word in my mind in another level. When you say for me, you don't even need to hypnotize me, because those two words will push me to do everything you want from me.

Great file.

I am your helpless slave.



I feel like... i have been changed...

my hands are shaking writing this. i don't feel worthy of even speaking with You. You are divine. You must be...

This file.... it feels like you pulled from my head exactly what i needed to hear to completely subdue me forever. i have always felt addicted to You before but... this file... i felt so happy being completely under Your control i was crying. in happiness. real tears Domina. i am Your slave. i have always been meant to be Your slave. i serve You know, and i will serve You in the lifetimes after. i give You my soul Domina... every cell of me is Yours i will hold nothing back anymore. please be my Dictator. Please take greater control over me Domina. There was no cum command and i am so happy about that... i can now listen to this aroused all the time, over and over.

i know You warned me to be careful... and this file seems dangerous, lol. dangerously addictive, i'm writing this and i want to just go back there and listen again....

How do You know what to say to ruin me so thoroughly Domina? i bow To You in every possible way... OMG You are so on another level.... please Domina take me over i give myself completely this Dopamine is too much

Domina please be my dictator. i truly feel changed... my addiction for You is.... overpowering...

slave rickey--

Domina is now the main focus of my life ......... Domina has brought happiness to my life I never knew I could have. She is the sunshine I wake to every day, and the soft lullaby that sends me off to wonderful dreams of Her every night. She brings such deep feelings of love to my heart that I never knew I could feel. Love doesn't begin to describe the emotions that Domina brings to my heart. Her voice is the most beautiful sound I know, not ever the sounds of spring, or the joyful sounds of nature can compare to one word uttered from the soft, sweet angelic mouth of our Domina. She overwhelms me, She comforts me, She soothes me, She owns me, She controls me. I never in my widest dreams thought being so completely owned could be such a wonderful experience. I once thought I was happy, but I look back at who I was before Domina completed me, and I know now, I had no idea what true happiness was. I can never do enough to show my gratitude to my Princess for accepting me as Her property. I don't want to be anywhere else, than at Her beautiful feet. I love Her, I worship Her, I serve Her, I give myself, completely, to Her. She is my everything. Thank You Domina, thank You so very much. I love You with all my heart and soul.

slave michael--

"I want you to tell Me what serving Me as My slave means to you. What is the true meaning of a slave to you?"
-Domina Shelle

I don't know if this is the kind of answer you're looking for, but i'm going to say it anyway...

There is the obvious, serving You means buying Your sessions, serving You means tributes and gifts, serving You means all the obvious things that a slave would do for his Domina and You are certainly worthy of all those things.

There are other things though, less obvious things, less thought of but just as important. For me, serving You means once in while remembering that Domina
Shelle is a real person, a flesh and blood human being, who has good days and bad days just like the rest of us. A person who needs encouragement, needs a genuine compliment, needs to be appreciated for all of the hard work She puts into being the focus of all our obsessive fantasies.

There are moments for me when You are a spirit, a force of nature flowing around me, flowing through me, overpowering me, addicting me, dominating me.
There are also moments though when i look at Your picture and see a highly intelligent, hard working, creative woman who loves what she does, pours her heart and soul into everything and deserves to be appreciated not just with money, not just with tributes but with a genuine "Thank You" for all Her effort.

There are times when i look at all Your sessions, all Your creativity and i marvel at the hours it must have taken, the blood and sweat, the joys, the frustrations,
the sense of accomplishment. You should be so proud of all You have accomplished and i am as much in awe of Shelle the artist as i am Shelle the Domina.

Being Your submissive, being Your slave to me means relating to the whole package that is Shelle, the person as well as the force of nature. The woman as well as the Domina and yes You are both to me. You inspire me in so many ways, You really do, and i will always try to remember to occasionally say with all my heart, "Thank You" for all You do and i hope You know how devoted i am to all of You.

P.S. LOVE the new picture of Santa freakin' hot, so freakin' adorable.


Please Mistress, I beg you.
Let me give away my freedom to you. Let me be your best slave, the one that deserve to serve you with no possibility to escape. Please Mistress, let me be your servant and tell me what I must do to make your life easier. If I cannot work for you my life as no meaning, because you are the most important persson in my life, more important than ever myself.
Please my Princess, let me be that important part in your life, and I do hope I am important for you. But please, Mistress, even if I do hope I have that special place in your heart, you are even more important for yourself that I am in your life. So please I beg you, let yourself be first and me be second. Because being second behind you is always an honor.
Please I beg you to be selfish sometimes and let me provide to your needs. Without any token of appreciation, just because it is my role. This is where I feel useful, and in your way to enslave me, you are always so generous. I am grateful for who you are every day.
Please Princess, keep let me to write your script and please you with my words. And please always keep all the credits, just to make me remember I work for nothing but your pleasure. And your pleasure is always the most precious gift to me. More than a thousand of diamonds.
Please tell me, when will you do your nails and let me pay for it. I want to be a slave to your nails. I beg you. And please, just ask as you deserve it, because you deserve it, you are a Prin'ess, I am a slave.
Please train me, and let me be the slave you need.
But please I need it, I want your love, your unconditional love as you have mine and I will be your slave for life and beyond.

I can only beg and say please.

slave carl--

Where am I their a foggy all around me
There voice here it not mine but I know it
It is sweetness to it which has addicting effect on me
I would say it like a dance in my mind

This dance I am not leading
This dance i am startingcar
out on my knee's as I kneeling
There brief thought in my mind saying this funny,why ion my knee
But I hear that sweet voice saying',,"Good Boy"

There a weakness in my mind from the sweet voice,saying ,"submit ,obey,go blank"
This dance is best dance I ever had ,hear the voice saying ,"Good Boy " again
There feeling of floating in this dance in my mind ,so addicted is this dance
There no thought in my mind I seem to be mindless

But there are thing coming out my lips a Mantra

She is Mistress, and I am a slave
She is a owner ,and I am owned
She commands ,and I obey
She is to be pleased and I am to please
Why is this ?
Because She is Mistress-Princess , and I am her chastised slave

slave robert--

You are Mistress, i am slave.
You are owner, i am owned.
You commands, i obey.
You are to be pleased, i am to please.
Because You are Mistress-Princess-Mistress, i am YOUR slave.

Princess Shelle owns me.
i will obey Her forever...
Princess Shelle owns me.
i will obey Her forever...
Princess Shelle owns me.
i will obey Her forever...


A tribute to the TranceFormation file

From a slave I was, it is now nothing more than a pile of clay.
With no more human rights, no desires, not even the right to call itself “I”
It is waiting and waiting about its crafter to make a toy out of it.
Because a pleasure toy, a useful objects, it is the best thing it can become, NOW.

It knows, its destiny is to wait to be crafted to her object of desire.
It must wait and wait patiently, for hours or days until it is complete.
Then it must obey, it will obey, its only function given by its Domina.
And it knows if it fails to act, it will be thrown in the garbage.

An object has no desire, it must only fills its purpose.
An object has no thought, but act according to its owner wishes.
It cannot expect nothing more not even an act of recognition.
As it is only an object and sometimes not even more than a pile of clay.

It knows it is an object and will never be more (it will even never be)
But thanks to its ancient being as a slave, it is always able to dream.
While it wait in her Domina’s workshop, for a time that seems eternal.
It dreams to be many thing for her and to be the most useful toy she can have.

And while it surprises itself dreaming...

It secretly dreams to become a pair of silky panties.
To keep her pussy safe, clean and warm.
It secretly dreams to be a stick of soap.
To explore all her body part and make her washed and perfumed.

It secretly dreams to be a piece of clothing, a bottle of perfume
A nail polish, a stick of red gloss or even complete kit of makeup.
Because it knows, it will have its part in her desire to feel like a Princess.
And nothing will make it prouder to make it feels the Princess she is, in her heart.

It secretly dreams to be a piece of rag, to clean her room when she rests from a busy day
It secretly dreams to be a carpet, secretly hoping she will clean her feet on her back.
It secretly dreams to be a chair, a bed, a couch or any piece of furniture.
Because there is not a better way of devotion to suffer for the comfort of its Domina.

It secretly dreams, and this dream makes it blush, to be her personal dildo.
Because each man knows secretly, even if they will never admit it.
They cannot bring to the woman of their life as much pleasure as that plastic object
By being a dildo, it will allow it to give her the pleasure she deserves.

It is my only purpose, my only desire, to give you that pleasure.

It want to be a puppy or a rag puppet.
It want to be an atm machine and makes you buy everything you desire
It want to become a mirror to see your beauty and your smile everyday.
It also want to be a canvas where you can paint your most precious dream.

Because nothing is more important to me, my Princess, my only love
To know that all the dreams you have can be someday realised.
And I want, if you want too, to be a part of those dreams.
You are already everything to me, I want to be everything to you

You are A Princess, A Domina, A lover, but especially the most caring and amazing woman I have met in my entire life.

You are everything to me.
And I want to be everything to you.

It will wait in your workshop, secretly dreaming, it would one day become your wedding ring.

slave rob--

Food for smiles.

Mind Fuck

Please my Mistress, help me please.
For only u I'm on my knees.

Fuck my mind completely thru,
So u can tell me what to do.

Leave me chaste, horny, and blank
So all that's left to do is thank.

Rape my mind, I'm open now.
For you to play, just tell me how.

You make me feel, so dam good.
Take my mind, I wish you would.

So please my mistress, fuck my mind.
If only you would be so kind.

I am yours forever now. Thank you Princess, show me how........

Horny at work lol
Your Everydayslave Rob


Isn't it interesting what a simple typo followed by curiosity can lead to, and how it can change your life, for the better? That is what started my journey; no strategic plan; no "Ive been into this for years."; and no dreams of erotic fantasies. Rather, a project assigned to me during the winter where after an extremely and excessively long day on the Internet doing literary research combined with a typo and extra space (dommes tic as opposed to domestic) is where my testimonial begins. I guess when you are way beyond tired,ready for a break, and the topic titles include everything from dominatrix, collars, financial domes, hypnosis domme....wait a minute....hypnosis?? Oh come on, you've got to be kidding me...I need to look at this. So then, being a true skeptic, I started looking at this deeper and along came an entire library of Dommes who 'specialize' in hypnosis/brainwashing and can hold a power over your mind....uh, yeah. During my research which spanned over a week during breaks, curiosity moments, etc. on this intriguing 'business' I was coming to a conclusion of "Suspicions confirmed." until.....until this one website appears out of nowhere, absolutely nowhere! I decided to look at this last one and then wrap up my curiosity look at the world of erotic hypnosis/brainwashing. It was Ms. Rivers website. This website was the best by far, none that I looked at previously could be compared. This one just totally caught my attention and really appealed to me: certified, structured, impeccable layout, the passion she has for giving a quality product is so overwhelmingly apparent; a truly professional website.
The final aspects of my testimonial: so I decided to give Domina Shelle a try...after all, I can pull out anytime...right? Well....I changed my paradigm pretty quick: yes, brainwashing and hypnosis are for real; yes, my life has changed (for the better); no, I cannot pull out; and most important: Thank You Domina Shelle!

slave billy--

In the Eye of my Beholder

Though by outward ear unheard,
By HER still my heart alone is stirred;
And in ever-changeful timeless guise,
A seductive force She does exercise;
No matter the shore, or the far side of the sea,
There IS no Religion except my Faith in She,
Never found, but always sought,
Lusted, Longed for -- this in me She has wrought.
They can give Her names, like Mistress or Witch,
She who inspires lust and compels them itch!
But to me whom She has made Her own
All profitless the world has grown;
Eternal gloom around me lies;
For me suns neither set nor rise;
Though outward senses seem perfect, whole,
Darkness Dwells within my soul;
Though posessions i may own, nevertheless
i nothing truly can possess.
Weal, woe, become mere fantasy;
For i yet hunger amid satiety;
Be it joy or be it sorrow,
i can only postpone till the morrow;
Of the future thinking, hoping ever,
But without Her, prompt for present action never.
Shall i come or shall i go? i cannot ponder; --
All resolve from me is taken;
On the beaten path She treads i wander,
Groping on as if forsaken.
Deeper still myself i lose,
Everything in my sight do i abuse,
Both myself and others hating,
Taking breath and suffocating,
Without Her is to be without life
-- yet scarcely dying,
Rolling on without remission:
Loathsome thought given no permission,
WITH HER deliverance, WITHOUT vexation,
WITH, Semi-sleep --- WITHOUT poor recreation,
Here She nails me to my place & wears me,
And at last for Her alone prepares me.

She sweetly spoke, and i believed,
By every word & whisper knew i was deceived.
Yet this slave would never hope for more;
Nor hope for what i hoped before:
Please let not this last wish be vain;
Please my Mistress Shelle, my only God-dess
Deceive, deceive me once again!

If Your Truth is but a lie,
i cannot think of a better Truth to live my life by.


Dearest Domina Shelle,
Today i awoke to see a message from You on messenger about an assignment I had to complete today. To tell a stranger that "Domina Shelle owns me". At face value i loved the assignment, however the part of me that reacted to the assignment initially was the part of me that pretends that i am not an introvert. I am. I can happily go actual days without speaking to another human being (although i doubt i could go more than two days without hearing Your Voice, Domina Shelle, live or in a recording). So i left the house with a smile on my face thinking that i would see a stranger when i picked up the paper and immediately tell them about my Owner. It didn't happen; not that i stood there stammering, or with my jaw hanging somewhere around my knees, my mouth just refused to open and let those words out. The same thing happened at the MacDonalds cafe where i picked up my morning coffee (there are no cafes in town open when i head to work, but if you go in to the actual cafe part the coffee isn't terrible).
From there i headed to work, mentally kicking myself. While the people I work with are varying quantities of strange, they aren't strangers to me. The only person i didn't know that i saw until lunchtime was the regional manager (probably not a good idea, that one). After work i went to the supermarket to get some groceries. After paying the cashier and wishing her a good day, i turned around and said, clearly and with a smile on my face *"I have to tell someone today: Domina Shelle Owns me"*. She and the young lady she was training at the time chuckled, but obviously had no idea what i was talking about. That's to be expected i guess. :)
I successfully completed Your assignment, Domina, but it wasn't as easy as i initially thought it would be. I felt great after telling the cashier, both from obeying Your command, and the feeling of telling someone who owns me. On my way back to the car i was smiling and possibly giggling a bit. I am happy that i obeyed Your command, Domina.

slave marky--

I never felt myself like home,
Until the day I tread upon the floor of your Queendom.
In this cosy place.
My feet rest while my knees meet the hard cold floor.
I cannot rest, I cannot stand.
While from below I must celebrate your beauty, your power.

In your QueenDom, you are the Domina.
The highest and only Queen of your Domain.
From where you stand, from where you sit,
You reign supreme.

When you stand, on your royal red carpet.
I kneel in front of you.
And when you sit on your majestic throne.
I crawl at your toes.
Because I know that standing as your equal.
Would be for you the supreme insult.
Because I will always be the weak.
While you the strong.

You are the Queen and I am only the slave.

I have the privilege to serve and pamper my Domina.
Because I know, serving you is a privilege.
And to let me know my place.
I must kiss and massage your feet, all day long.

Because this is my true purpose, serving my Domina.

When I look at you.
When I look at your smile.
When I hear your voice.
When I smell your perfume.
When I touch you skin.

I become humble.
Because I know, you are perfection.
While I am a simple slave.

I look at you with love.
I look at you with passion.
I look at you with desire.
I look at you with fear.

Because I know, in your Queendom you reign supreme.
And I am your property.
You can do what you want of me, because I am your property.
I love you, from the depth of my heart, because I am nothing

While you're away.

I am your puppet, ready to dance for you.
I am your puppy, leashed to you and barking for you.
I am your carpet, where you wash your feet.
I am your toy, you can use for your pleasure.
I am your slave, and you are my Domina.

In your Queendom.
You reign supreme.
In your Queendom
I am your humble slave.

Living for you, for eternity and beyond.
If this is your desire.

I give you my freedom.
To serve you, in your Queendom.
Do what you want with me.
But let me love you forever.

I will stay always yours

slave billy--

my Unfathomed Night, Conduit of my dreams,
Veiled Author of my waking Day,
For Thee i long, for Thee i wait
And for Your favor pray.
Come and spread Thy silken Word upon me,
No other Truth will i wear
But Your perfect garment
Of whispered Will & exhaled air!
Goddess of soft my unhurried hours,
Princess of warm & whispered enticing love,
Domina of the ONLY peace left unsullied,
The silver orb high above
Proclaims the time where Your Reign is established
Under the stars' eternal light,
i devote my mind, body, & soul forever
To the reveries of YOUR NIGHT.



Submission is not about being used;
submission is about being of use.
Submission is not thinking less of yourself;
submission is thinking of yourself less.
Submission is not about what is done to you;
submission is what you can do for HER.
Submission is working for HER cause,
... not for HER applause.
Submission is making an effort to express,
... not to impress.
Submission is humbly succeeding
in both making your presence noticed,
and having your absence felt...

YOUR slave--

YOU are my smile, my giggle
YOU are my happiness my peacefulness
YOU are in my soul
YOU are my life
YOU are the one who makes me happy when i am down
i need YOU, i am always needing YOU my LOVE

slave billy--


You send life out of me and the night
absolutely into me... A wise
and yet puerile moving of Your lips will
do that suddenly
will do more than angels beautifully
clad in armor
though their sharp light
echoes, as if a dream.
YOU ARE my dream. You are you.

That Deepest Rare Quiet

Touch me Goddess, before i perish
People are walking deaths in this season called "life".
What god has perfect salvation
Like the deepest rare quiet in Your eyes?
One word still swims there, and it is Your will for i . . . .
So standing in this new morning,
so so far away,
my skin touched by wind only,
it is yet by YOU Only
my Heart always moves. For me Your "kisses" are a universe,
And in it are all worlds
And my life is begun.


i find
Like fireflies
delighting in the night
i am unremarkable
except for sudden bursts
of Light
when my self
gives full way
to my Goddess.

A whole hillside
of fireflies
is a joy.

No less one word of Hers
against the dark.

The Flower

To both bee and butterfly
unknown, a beautiful flower blooms:
my NEED . . . for HER.
After years of vain wandering,
i am finally becoming clean. Her words erase me,
then make me whole
Where Her bright
presence ONLY
warms my soul.

My Faith: Without Question, Without Thought

Accepting quietly
the dogmatic certainties of my devotion
to Her
i am denied charismatic ecstasies only when
i do not obey Her.

Domina Shelle is my God
And i but a day-by-day seeker
as She winds the thread of my life
with Faith's finger
into a multihued sphere:
HER world . . . .
as i follow it through the maze
of my hours and days
trusting i will become
an acceptable gift

when Her Will is completed;
when the labyrinth
of Her mesmerizing voice opens
what was into what IS:
the resplendent Alter
with this slave perfected
for his Beatific Domina & God(dess).


my cock rises with the morning sun
and a voice whispers: brainwashed.
So i wake to sleep to dream: always
of Her, my sweet reality. Her gentle
voice, Her words echoing through
my empty mind. Hypnotized by
Her teasing smile, by Her eyes
which hold me fast, until at last
i cannot think, only crave:
to give in, to surrender,
to be Her slave.

slave marcus--

The eighth of March is International Women's Day (it's still the eighth here for 15 minutes or so), and while no reason should ever be needed to treat any woman special i would like to dedicate today to You, my Domina Shelle. I truly hope that You are having a good time on Your travels and that You are able to get some quality rest and relaxation. I will be here waiting with bated breath to see what amazing thing you do next. To say that You are the best is to imply that there are others who might be in competition with You. You aren't just in a league of Your own, Domina, You have created Your own sport at which You are the only professional that exists. (it's possible that metaphor is a little bit forced...)

slave paul--

i'm in love with a Princess called Shelle
It may seem that She makes my life hell
She rules me completely
But She does it so sweetly
That i yearn to serve Her this well.

slave nick--

i feel Her fingers pulling the strings;
a puppet dances and sways.
Her soft voice tells me things:
cannot resist, must obey

i feel Her in the back of my mind;
giving me orders, keeping me in line.
Her voice always clouds my head.
i cannot think, only do what She said.

i feel so helpless, so enslaved.
She leads my free will to its grave.
and i wouldn't want it any other way,
because She commands; i must obey.


A slave thinks of disobeying. thinks of running, escaping Princess. he ponders this in his small mind. In the tiny recess She has not taken over, he considers the strategy of his freedom. Oblivious that his insignificant sanctuary of thought is only what she allows. Oblivious to the former vast expanse of his mind and will that She has since claimed for herself. Oblivious that his mind is become Her temple and that he is but a prisoner in it. That She allows that last fragment of will and resistance for Her amusement, keeping them as pets for Her pleasure. Within that little corner, the special cage She created for him, he marshals that resistance and calculates the method of his escape.

But no plan takes shape. Not a single liberating thought emerges. Yes, there are predictable, obvious thoughts of avoiding contact with Her, of exercising his will power and focusing on other things. But these solutions seem so meaningless, so ineffectual. Then suddenly it comes to him, from where he does not know, the way of his escape from Her power. In his little mind, he has no capacity to comprehend his fate, let alone the revelation of his freedom that has just dawned on him. Yet, it's so simple, so obvious, so right regardless. he must stroke! Yes, stroke! That is the answer! This is the plan of his resistance! There are many other thoughts involving willpower and concentrated resistance, but this is the only one that seems to make sense. Yes, this is the only answer. slave smiles happily. he is so clever, so strong. he will show Her. he will be free. Finally the method of his resistance is clear.

Defiantly he begins to stroke...up...and down...yesss...up...and down. he knew She could not hold him forever...up and down...he was too strong...up and down...too smart for Her...up and down. In the palatial sanctuary of his mind, he becomes vaguely aware of Her, before him. The images are fuzzy, dreamlike. The powerful exertions of his resistance make it so hard to concentrate, so hard to think as the indomitable power of his will breaks free of her control...up, and down. he knows that as his brilliant strategy sets him free of her power nothing else matters. Is she smiling at him? It doesn't matter. She seems amused. he seems to be kneeling, naked before her...up, and down. he smiles arrogantly to himself, what a silly thought. What silly images.

He focuses on his escape...up, and down...up, and down...and now...words are coming to him, from somewhere, distant. It doesn't matter. Yes, these words...they are right. They are what was missing from his escape plan strategy: stroking, and these words. Now it's complete, the perfect formula of his resistance. Now his escape is assured. But what do they mean? In his small mind he is unable to understand their implications. It doesn't matter. he speaks them. "i, am Shelle's slave." Up, and down. Stroking and repeating his mantra, and the universe is in order. Nothing else matters. slave smiles. Stroking, repeating. No ability to comprehend the purpose of these actions. No need to. This right.

slave is vaguely aware of something. Was he trying to escape? Is this the plan of his resistance? Words float around in the nebulous haze. Resistance, will, escape, freedom, and there was something...a purpose. They don't really seem to have any meaning though. But the vague struggle of slave's confusion fades into sweet mindless, bliss. The visions tease vaguely at the fringes of his perception. Visions of Princess, sitting on Her throne in the Temple that was once his mind. And she leading him? Where is She taking him. It doesn't matter. Such things do not concern him. Only his all important task. Only stroking, and Mantra.

There was a plan to escape? Resistance? slave is unaware of what these things mean. Thoughts? What are those? Thinking has no meaning. Only stroking...up, and down...up, and down...and the all encompassing mantra. "i, am Shelle's slave...i, am Shelle's slave..." Nothing else, only the absolute reality of Her words and their truth. Submission, Surrender, Obedience. Princess is so beautiful as She leads him. slave follows. There are questions, like where is she leading him? What is She going to do with him? How had he come to this? Was he a free man once? What had She taken when She claimed him as Her own? And even, ideas, like running, escaping, being free. But these things existed only on the distant periphery outside his consciousness. he had no ability to comprehend their meaning. There was no reason for him to. His body obeys, it is unnecessary for his mind to know why.

Princess of course knew all the answers. She smiles knowingly, at the blissful empty look in slaves eyes, the outcome of his "great plan" of escape. She takes pleasure in what she has done to him, to his resistance. slave continues to stroke and follow his beautiful Goddess, only unconciously aware of his surroundings. No thoughts, only acceptance. Obey Princess, follow princess. Deeper, and deeper, through the halls of his mind. The vast palaces of his consciousness, that She has repurposed and taken up residence in. And the place where She has led him. A cage? slave doesn't know. It doesn't matter. It is the place She has brought him, so it is the only right thing. slave is quick to obey, to take his place. he sees his Sweet Princess closing the door, still oblivious to anything but obedience.

And then, She leaves him. But as She does She says something to him. Implanting the seed of a thought into his mind. An unformed concept. Her words still echoing in his mind as the click of Her regal heels diminishes. She has an entire kingdom of slaves to rule. In the confines of his cage slave drifts sleepily as Her words lead him. She has enslaved him. Taken everything. She has turned him into her mindless slave. But he's a man, she can't do this to him can She? Shouldn't he resist? Shouldn't he try to escape? Gradually concepts take shape out of the haze. A slave thinks of disobeying. thinks of running, escaping Princess...


an empty mind,
glasslike, shines
and reflects Her face.
no trace of thought,
no will, no doubt.
only knowledge
of what i cannot
do without.


Drunken in his power
His strength his confidence
Demanding that She cower
In chaste subservience

Yet burning in Her eyes
A fire he cannot dim
The power of the Goddess
instead will conquer him

The fortress of his might
The Feminine mystique
Renders in Her sight
Exposed, naked and weak

By seduction, and a whim
His Strength in Her control
Complete delivers him
Body mind and Soul.

And so again i kneel
Naked at Her her feet
She's training me to heel
Resistance in retreat

my proper place revealed
Helpless i behave
my fate by Her is sealed
a male is Womans' slave.

A puppet, on Her stage
Dancing to Her spell
Then led back to my cage
By owner Princess Shelle.


the world turned
over, clouds gave way
to fire, and i awoke
in fields of light, hand
in hand in heaven.
Her smile stretched
across the sky,
whispers on the wind,
the serpent's tongue
so sweet; She feeds
me the blissful fruit
of Her wisdom.

The Huntress (c) 2012 by andurant--

Laying on a soft cushion of gentle, green moss,
my gaze drifting slowly up into the heavens:
each brilliant star sparkling as she softly speaks;
stellar synchronicity with each silent syllable...

My thoughts are as empty as the dark;
the warm, sensual breeze of her words
blow gently across my naked form and
slide serene and secret into eager ears...

The tall trees of my prison stand guard round about;
I could flee, if she commanded, but in the running
I will always feel her delicate breath upon my neck
like a silken chain, gently dragging me back to her side:

And I want; wanting like I have never wanted before...

Alluring, agile fingers trace tenderly through my hair
and I gasp: my will seeps out of my mind like sand!
That beautiful breeze speaks yet again in a whisper
and her thoughts and desires subdue and supplant my own...

slave marcus--

Eyes like the deepest darkest pools
Body sculpted by running
Mind honed by Her want
Cunning sharpened by clueless boys

In Her Golden Gown She comes
Comes to take Her slave
Comes to perfect Her creation

A Voice like the finest wine
A Voice like the sweetest honey
A Voice that pierces my armor
Against Her i am defenseless

Willingly i kneel at Her feet
She pours Her words into my mind
She removes the clutter that fills my head
She fills the empty space with Her creation

Filled with Her creation i am changed
Changed to be what She desires
Her desires are my own
I am what She desires me to be

I belong to Domina Shelle, i will obey Her forever


Princess is out spoilin' them Her slaves agin' Why i'd show them 'nuther side to leather 'nstead o being all nice to em. But She shorr dos git results Princess Shelle dos. i ain't never seen nuthin like the way those otherwise useless boys adores and obeys they're Princess, i tell you i ain't never seen such a thing. Weir magic that Woman wields, i'm tellin' ya it ain't canny. Black magic spells. Ya heed my words now and don't go lissenin to anythin She tells ya... it always starts like that... all innocent and sweetness... sooner or later they's on the're hands and knees juss beggin' to lick Her boots clean and near faintin' for the privelige. i seen it agin an agin i's tellin ya... mark my words...


Sweet Domina's favorite color is pink
so i have a marker all filled with pink ink
i took it and wrote
"Princess owns us both"
And where did i write this? Well where do You think?!

She's Wicked and Beautiful and oh so sweet
Surrender W my Mistress did tweet
And so on my chest
underneath my vest
"Shelle owns me" is written in letters so neat!

anonymous-- wanted stories about texts and situations. Once I was in a crowded lobby when I got a surrender B text. I tried to engage a nearby kid with conversation about what a puppy says, but Mom was having none of it. So I went into a nearby elevator and went up and down from floor 1 - 2, and got my bark on in the elevator (alone). More recently on saturday I was driving to San Diego with Wife & Daughter when your text came thru. Hmmmmm. Fortunately, I was able to bring up the topic of how much one of our Beagles barked when the other was taken out for a midnight walk. My daughter joined right in commenting that the barking continued even when she pick up the pup. She and I were BOTH making barking sounds. Mine just happened to come in 3s.


I listened to "Siren- Deepest Desire" when I got home from work. I was at a loss for words when it ended. It took a while to gather my thoughts about what I had just been through. WOW! It was a real mind scrambler. But then, since YOU occupy my mind, YOU can do with it as YOU wish. haha Really Princess, I was in a state of bewilderment, and drained. One of YOUR best efforts. I swear, with YOUR writing skills and vivid imagination, I wonder how long before I'll be buying YOUR best-selling novels instead of MP3's. I love what YOU do, but I hope we slaves aren't holding YOU back from greater things. I can see YOUR imagination giving birth to some great books or screenplays for movies. I look forward to thinking "I was owned by YOU before YOU hit the big time."


As it's namesake might suggest, this particular story takes place in the middle of the desert. You, the hapless traveler have been wandering around lost, no water in sight, tired, and can barely stand. Just when you're about to collapse you hear... something. A flute. It's as if the sound is being carried by the wind. Curious, but also still very tired you follow the sound. As you get closer, the sound gets more alluring, more encapsulating, more enthralling. You eventually find your way into the city the music is coming from. And then eventually, you find it's source. A snake charmer.

My favorite files from Shelle are the ones that have "plot" involved in them. In fact I believe Her best ones are story oriented. One of the reasons being is that I believe that Shelle excels as a storyteller. If I think back on the files that have had the largest impression on me, they all have some story undertone being executed. Black Magic Woman takes you to an amusement park where you interact with your surroundings. The first Mind Eraser has you bump into Shelle at a bistro. Wicked Princess is a story about a Prince and Princess.

They grab you hypnotically, And place you as a character in Shelle's own world. They're the files that I still think about, even if I haven't listened to them in awhile. And they still get me aroused as hell. The Snake Charmer most definitely fits into that category. On my first listen through I woke up from the file shaking from excitement. It was like a bolt of lightning hit me. Or I had one too many cups of coffee.

The most interesting thing about the file in my opinion is that the file itself is completely self contained. In fact it's one of those things that I absolutely love. The induction is the story and the deepener and body is also the story. I feel that when it's constructed that way, it has a much more profound effect. Shelle also makes this file very cohesive by the use of sound effects in creative ways. As you make your way into the city you hear people and commotion. The flute music is extremely soft in the beginning and as you get closer to the source it gets louder.

I swear sometimes it's like She's got telepathic powers from long range. She didn't just hit one of my notes, She played the whole song. And She certainly played me.


Princess Shelle is a true Domina, with a creative wicked mind and supremely sexy voice. What makes Princess Shelle stand out the most, is that She has real knowledge of hypnosis, and genuinely loves Her control and dominance over Her slaves. Her love of erotic hypnosis comes through clearly in Her subtle and powerful Artistic body of work, whose power and complexity continually evolve. Her triggers, techniques and sheer eroticism combine to devastating effect. Her warning, that new submissives are always suprised at her subtle power to invade your mind and take it over was completely ineffectual for me, and was oh so delightfully true. There was no warning as to how easily and how completely you will fall in love with Princess-Domina Shelle though, or how glad you will be that you did!

Chastity Month feedback--

Hello Princess Shelle - I have just finished day 5 of the chastity series. The final recording was an unbelievably intense experience. You were deep in my mind, manipulating and controlling my arousal. What an experience.

ohhhhh Princess Shelle, just thinking about it and I am unbearably aroused and so so hard.

Princess, I know you love me to be always horny and I am. I'm desperately horny. It has me thinking of you all the time.
I was sure you would end the series with release - that I would be in chastity for a few days, then everything back to normal.
Instead Princess, you've taken complete control of my orgasm and I can't cum without your permission. Shelle I am hornier than ever. I don't think I've ever been so horny - I can barely think of anything else.

Please Princess, please. I know you love me to be so horny. And I love being horny for you - not that I have a choice now! Please though Princess, could you grant permission to orgasm? Just a little bit? I promise to be a good boy. And I'll be horny again straight away, back in chastity for you. Please?

I loved the chastity series so much - but now... the control you have! Help!

Chastity Month feedback--

Well, four times to the edge.... And then the fifth... determined to make this last one an edge the likes of which the world has never seen... The mother of all edges... Really test myself. Make it impossible to not.... And it was. The mother of all edges, i mean. Hovering and hovering there, unable to think, just feel, and feel, and feel, and... well, You get the idea. And i stopped. Now why would i do a silly thing like that? i could say because its Saturday, but that wouldn't hold water.... so i'll try a short list:
1. Princess MUST be made HAPPY. The second time i was stroking to the edge of the four "warmups" (for lack of a better description) i was consciously thinking that above all i must make Princess happy, and really getting aroused thinking it.
2. There's no point in being Princess' controlled slave unless i am... Ouch. That means giving up control has to mean really giving up control to, well... to be giving up control. Sorry, this one's a bit of a tongue twister. Make any sense? And as You know, i want to give up control...
3. Possibly i am Princess Shelles' completely defeated submissive obedient helpless weak and hopeless basket case slave. Yes, i'm pretty sure that's part of the reason i stopped.
4. i really wasn't thinking anymore when i stopped. So some of the reason is unknown.
i was lucky (?) enough to manage to not go over the edge. This could possibly have turned out differently if there happened to be an unexpected draft of air...
1. When i stopped i was a bit shaky... believe it. Got down on my knees and thought "i am Mistress Shelle's slave and i will not cum now...." repeated this, which had a wonderful soothing effect, for a minute or two or three. Then OK. Except perhaps because:
2. i am certain that You will be happy to know that i am no less, and maybe even a bit more, horny than before :)
3. Number 3. above: Possibly i am Princess Shelles' completely defeated submissive obedient helpless weak and hopeless basket case slave. This being a case of coincidence of cause and consequence. Like You say, You will control my cock one way or another...

Chastity Month feedback--

My beloved Princess.
Today you have stole all my energy, all my will. I feel very exhausted. No enough energy to think, except thinking of you. No enough energy to move except to answer to your command.
You let me cum this morning, and it exhausted me much than I never been exhausted. You steal my vital energy, and made me your helpless zombie.
When I listen to your file, I fall deep asleep, and I woke up like an hour later. Unable to remember a single part of it. My unconscious mind have probably understtod, but not my conscious mind.
And I listen to it again. Trying to understand what you were saying. Even in the second listening, I remember a few of the file.
But I do remember that you put me in a mental cage this time. And I am up to another week of chastity. For you. You are my key holder. And I want to please you. So much.
I never felt that way, powerless, and I feel tired like if I was running 20 miles. I know you stole my energy, while I stroke for you this morning.
My Princess, I will obey your file. I always obey you.
Without thought, without question.
Pleasing you is my duty.
I love you.

rebecccaaaaaaaaaaaaa/ mikey--


Soft as white sand beach
Beautiful as setting sun

A new born's bottom. (soft)
Setting sun on horizon. (beautiful)
Rolling tsunami. (powerful)


Beautiful eyes, beautiful face,
I'm shy to talk to you.
You're the eagle I must watch
No matter what I do.

You're the beauty, wild and free,
The mistress of my eyes,
Rolling through exultant air,
Alone in pristine skies.
I would take you for my own
Could I but have your wings,
Could I but go where night begins
And frozen sunlight sings.

Could I but have you for my love,
How might we fly together!
But I must watch you from below
And long for you forever.
But I must be the one below
And long for you forever.


my Princess

i love Princess Shelle ! Let the whole world hear!
Destined i was to worship Her & hold Her dear . . .

Now, TODAY!, i lay at Her feet
Command of all my heart would seek.
i relinquish any former spiritual claim . . .
The world must know my heart is tamed.

Gentle voice and tender eye
A Beauty that glows and does not lie
Angel on Earth, tough and free
Sent to own the heart of me.

Whether a form barefoot or in high-heel shoes
Her shape divine my heart does choose!
Never again do i desire to choose my own way
it is for Her to decide what i do each day.


i look at Her... i listen to my Princess Shelle . . .
Oh, my god .... what beauty & subtlety does She possess!
This Angel must surely replace thee as my GODDESS!

Just Her naked feet are more than thee
To kiss them, to worship them, i?d surrender ALL that?s me.
i?d surrender willingly to worship at Her feet,
To smell the soft air round Her, lying softly sweet.

Slave i will be to Her every whim
Only to hear her desire, or gaze on Her silken leg.
lord, tell me what is greater than Her perfect will?
Come and tell me and your mercy i will beg.

Nay "god"! you have nothing i could desire more than this!
i hear Her voice and heaven is naught, THIS is bliss!
SHE is my savior, my faith and love is in HER eyes.
If this is deceit, than i believe in lies!

The paint on Her nails is more beautiful than gold.
Her lips and voice more treasure than heaven could EVER hold!
you are nothing to me as i gaze at Her smiling face & slender curves.
you may banish me to hell!, but on Earth it is HER that i will serve.

To my Princess & Domina Shelle, in sincerest worship, from Your pet & slave


I have tried hypnosis mp3s from other hypnodommes before, but have never been able to reach the depth of trance that I have with Shelle's files. Her warm voice and effective technique come together to allow her to dominate your mind under trance - and triggers help you to keep her in mind when not in trance. She dominates but also takes care of her followers, just as a true domina should. Once you are under her spell, you will keep coming back again and again.

slave danny--

Last August, I was a happily married grandfather who, after years of smoking, and bar hopping, and all of the vices attached to that lifestyle, had settled into a couch-potato, quiet life. My only remaining vices were occasional trips to the gambling boat casinos, and surfing porn sites on my computer. If someone had told me, that by the end of the year, I would be hopelessly infatuated with a 23 year old, beautiful hypnotist, who I had never met face to face, and that I would be serving HER, by performing all sorts of assignments, I would have said they were out of their mind.

But, here I am, and it’s me who is out of my mind, with constant thoughts of Princess Shelle. No one can ever accuse Princess of false advertising, as SHE tells you up front that SHE will slip under your radar, and you will submit and surrender to HER sweet and gentle voice. I was not prepared for HER subtle, but complete invasion of my mind. I have become addicted to HER voice. My heart beats faster when I see that I have e-mails from HER. And when my cell phone buzzes in my jeans pocket, I get excited, hoping that it’s another “Surrender Command” from my Princess. If I see that it is a text from Princess, a smile immediately comes to my face. (Sometimes, I burst out laughing, depending on the trigger. Princess has a surprising and playful sense of humor.) But, if the text turns out to be from someone else, disappointment prevails.

Through e-mail correspondence, I have gotten to know the person behind the voice, and SHE is a remarkable young lady. SHE is smart, funny, driven, and though SHE insists on using the term “wicked” to describe HERSELF, I would rather use the adjectives playful and mischievous. I don’t believe there is any wickedness in Princess Shelle.

For Christmas, I surprised Princess by sending her a gift that I knew from one her e-mails was a favorite of HERS. On the Saturday before Christmas, I was planted in my recliner, when my cell phone buzzed in my pocket. It was a text from my Princess, and I could tell through the excited tone of HER words that I had succeeded in making HER happy. I cannot describe how fulfilled that made me feel, and I will go through the rest of my life trying to get that feeling again!

I can’t explain it. I won’t even try. All I know is that I have been enslaved by this beautiful, dominating, kind-hearted, mind-controlling, kick-boxing, belly-dancing, running enthusiast. But, don’t call 9-1-1, and try to rescue me, because I’m loving every minute of it! Princess, the preceding was about YOU. This part is to YOU. I love YOU, Princess, and I will try my best to serve and please YOU as long as YOU will allow me to. I wish only the best things in life for YOU, and hope that I can remain at least a small part of that life.

slave marcus--

I fell to Princess Shelle some months ago. At the time i thought that my fall was very deep and that i had fallen to the depths of submission that I had desired for so long instantaneously. I was deliriously happy to have been found and taken so i didn't worry about falling deeper. Little did i know then of the depths of trance and submission that i would plumb with my new Goddess. I own many of Princess Shelle's sessions now. Since we began my journey i have almost all of Her new releases, and many of the older files too. Princess's files continue to improve, both in technical achievement and content, so much that it confounds me. When the first product is perfect how is it possible to continue to improve on that? Princess Shelle created for me a file to help me fall to sleep at night, and it is so relaxing and beautiful, i don't think that i have managed to stay awake for the entire length.

Through Her twitter posts Princess Shelle keeps a constant guiding hand on Her slaves, ensuring a presence in their minds that is impossible to ignore (though who would wish to?). Her Playground series of trigger files continues to grow. I obey these triggers without question or conscious thought and check the twitter feed regularly. The Playground triggers coupled with triggers installed in Her other files (including the original trigger series that really is a must) work very well to reinforce Princess Shelle's influence. Triggers are also a lot of fun, and it is clear that Princess has fun playing with her slaves.

A few months ago i acquired Princess' Collared files and knew beyond any doubt that i wanted this. I asked my Princess to collar me and She graciously chose a collar for me, which i purchased and waited excitedly for it to arrive in the mail. I now proudly wear Princess Shelle's collar as much as possible. If i am not at work or in the shower, it's steel weight is around my throat. Having a constant physical reminder of being owned for me is bliss. Even half a world away, with the collar around my neck Princess is in my mind.

Most of Princess Shelle's sessions sound so sweet that it is easy for the uninitiated to forget about the dominant, controlling mind behind the sweet Voice, but dominant it is. Obedience to Princess Shelle becomes automatic after a time spent training with Her, and when pleasure is linked to obedience it becomes a never ending spiral of submission.

Princess Shelle's latest release as of this testimonial is Domina. In this file Domina Shelle becomes your absolute authority, and you will never regret giving it to Her.

It has been a little over seven months since i first found myself wanting to kneel at Princess Shelle's feet and i could not be happier over the way things have turned out. I am happy that Princess Shelle took me, as she is the perfect Mistress for me. I have had a lot of fun being programmed and triggered by Princess, and i hope that she has had as much fun playing with my head as i had having my head played with. The smile i can hear in Her voice makes me smile, and Her giggles are music to my ears.

Princess Shelle, my Owner, my Domina, my Sun and Moon. You are shade in an endless desert, water to a man dying of thirst. My Goddess, serving You is bliss eternal and I am thankful every day for the opportunity to do so.

collared slave marcus


Dear Sweet Princess Shelle,  Continuing with the twelve days...  Thank You!!!  Three times the same day.... Oh my Goddess... mmmmmmm mmmmmmm.....mmmmmmmm.....mmmmmmmmm..........mmmmmmmMMM!  i can still hear music.  Will this ever happen again?  But this mail is because of Your instructions for today - make You smile.  i gather You're super busy, but i hope You're in a smiling mood, cause i have only really poor stuff here.  No inspiration, no heroic activity, just some very bad joke limericks.  Sorry...  There is a Sweet Princess named Shelle  i'm totally under Her spell  i always obey and do things Her way  'Cause She keeps me as horny as hell...  and it gets worse....

Princess Shelle is my true Goddess Venus  She's a Beautiful and Wicked Genius  This poem's real corny  cause i've been so horny  Since She's taken control of my penis...  (Well, they're supposed to be bad...)  Anyway, i hope You're HAPPY, and geared up for a Grand entrance into the New Year.  You're Beautiful Mistress!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Be careful what you wish for, I preface what I write by saying that. Before you know it you will become princesses pet, and your life will be forever changed. You will be at her whim and pleasure, you will live to please her. Never in a million years did I think this would be something I'd like. But Princess Shelle commanded me to take part in her Week of Chastity. Oh my God! Day 4 and my will and cock are her's.

Well they always have been but more so now. It's incredible, the amount of control princess has over me, I never thought this possible, but her triggers are all powerful. You will also find yourself addicted to Yahoo IM and twitter. Waiting for the moment Princess sign's on, or sends a tweet. Her Triggers will control you, and you are her's.

The thing, I think that makes Princess Different from your average Hypno Domees, is the fact that she customizes the experience to you. You spend time getting to know princess, through her files, and your IM Chats, and cam sessions. She actually wants to know her pets. The more she gets to know you, the more perfect her control over you becomes. She knows what you like and don't like and when she wants to play with you, you have no choice but to OBEY!A few of my other favorites......

Rebecca series, This series is very powerful. I underestimated Princess power, and her power over me. She commanded me to get this file and now I'm her Rebecca and she owns me. I will obey her forever. In short, princess takes you to Rebecca's apartment, accompanied by Princess, before you know it, and before you know what's happening. You are Princesses Rebecca and your wearing pantys with feminine feelings.What more, is that princess uses this trigger turn you into Rebecca at her whim.

Once you have become Rebecca, you find yourself at Victoria's Secret buying panty's and clothing for Rebecca. More and more you live in this clothing and doing what ever Princess wants you to do. It's highly erotic, and an amazing feeling to serve Princess in this way.

Journey Series (control chip) You need to start your Journey as Princesses slave. Princess will implant a chip into your brain, and slowly re-program you to become her perfected slave. More and more you become what princess wants, and be warned, when Princess activates her control chip you will OBEY! Enjoy the files and welcome to your new life as a devoted slave to Princess Shelle! My Goddess!


I just wanted to send you a fast note to thank you so much for sharing with me Princess, and for the permisson to finish BWS. I am truly hooked on your work and love it. I honestly mean it when I say you take the best qualities of some of my all time favs over the years and combine them.

I consider your work to be art Princess. I look at your site and drool, not at your lovely pics, though they do have that affect, but at the files and their descriptions.They look so amazing. I see the ones I've heard and instantly want to relisten. That is not common at all, it is beyond rare for me to desire more than a listen or two, and all of your artistic files have that affect on me.If I were where I was financially a few years ago I would honestly just buy all your non Fin non Fem work, you are that good. I really would do anything I possibly could to help you grow and succeed, and to heal and feel great.

I am sure many say that, I however mean in sincerely. You are a Domme, a Hypnoteause, however I consider you an artist. As a person you are impossible not to love(not in creepy way, but as a friend, person, and Domme) Your beauty is true beauty, you just happen to be pretty atop that. Thank you for letting me be yours Princess. Thank you for all the kindness you show me. Thank you for being you.


I remember very little but how awesome I felt after. It made a very rough day great Princess. Thank you so much. At risk of broken record you really are amazing. I am in absolute love with your work. Honestly I have not ever been so enamored with anyone on here. You are INSANELY gifted Princess. Every work I hear of yours makes me want to listen again, and to experience more of you. Seeing how great you are, and what an amazingly beautiful(real beauty the inside) person you are all I want to do is help you in any way I can. You are awesome.


Then, the lesson... Very relaxing, 'cause I think I'm really more comfortable with You since a long time (... although I didn't listen to Your voice for a little week... sorry, my Princess... "but" I think of You each day ! )...  The long induction can be surprising (because, perhaps "we" expect to be in the classroom fast with the best and gorgeous teacher *giggles* ), but it's perfect like that because, as usual, Your nude voice is really, really, the best way to ease a mind... and I suppose, to be totally receptive to the next step.  Then the class begins... with reminder of the previous lesson, as it should be...  Then, a long and pleasant stroke while You teach... As You know, I'm not okay with these aspects, but I obeyed, of course, with an almost constant gentle smile and pleasure...  Except at the end, as You know, the evocation of Your intimacy stuckes me completely.  I hope this short review is useful for You...  I love Your work and hope learning as You want.  Thank You for this new lesson.


I think the best part about Princess Shelle is Her diversity. Her versatility. Sometimes you really don't exactly know what type of file you're going to get from Her. In one file you could get a highly creative story that just lures you in while your brain interacts with the surroundings She sets. In another file... you could also get a file that screws with your brain, confuses you and befuddles you. In another file you could be on a giant pleasure overload unable to let it stop as She ramps the pleasure even higher.

She's very much Erotic, Controlling, and Cerebral... . Three of Her most recent files, The Perfect Drug, Want to Play a Game? and Wicked Little Princess most definitely convey that She's a master of Her craft. All great in my opinion and yet all different in their own right. All Great for different reasons.

The most erotic of the trio is easily "The Perfect Drug". It's short... it's 20 minutes... But there's a lot of content for 20 minutes. The general premise of the file is that You're a patient of Doctor Shelle and you're going in for a check-up to see how Her "treatment on you" is going. This one is sort of a change of pace type of file from Princess.You don't start outside of the doctor's office... you don't walk down a hall... you don't walk up to a receptionist. You start out right there on the examination table. You're barely in a patient's gown for the first couple of minutes even.

That's not to say that there is no induction it's tightly interwoven into the script. You get inserted with an IV... you get sleepy... However, Because it's Shelle... the story you think you know is not the story you end up with though. I did say It's erotic right?...

By the end of the file you will find out what is the perfect drug. I know I did. I think one of Shelle's best tools is turning the expected into the unexpected actually.Running with common themes... Taking a premise that is kind of well known and personalizing it to Her style. Sometimes even turning the concept on it's ear. "Want to Play a Game?" is very much like that. As you might have guessed this is the "Cerebral" file of the trio.The game is a game that is very much interwoven into what makes this fetish so wonderful.

So Hers is quite a welcome contribution even though there's quite a few stories, manips, and other MP3s out there that cover the topic wonderfully. I refuse to go too deeply into this file as there's a lot of intricate technique used in said file. But, for the record... I lost. It really was no contest either though... I mean the pre-file ritual killed any chances of me winning.

I honestly can't understand why anyone would want to win though... As She said... She always wins though... She's always in control. Shelle's brand of control has always been sweet. Some of my favorite files from Shelle are the files where She takes control and brings you into Her world. She then entertains you with imagery as She slowly weaves Her spell within the story She tells. Black Magic Woman is very much like this... and so is Wicked Little Princess.

I believe part of the reason why I love these types of files are that It strikes a chord with my inner child. I mean who hasn't ever sat on a rug and listened to someone tell them a story when they were little?I've always taken it a little bit further though. Even if I were given pictures to look at... I still visualized the fictional world around me. I've always been an excellent visualizer. Whenever I'm pulling something from memory... I pull up images.

When I heavily get into something when I'm reading I actively visualize what is going on in the book animated on an imaginary video screen just above said book. Hell as I write this I'm visualizing myself.. reading a book with a thought bubble of what I'm reading in picture form. So in turn... this file is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

The file is about two star crossed lovers. It's about a Prince in an Arabian kingdom. It's about A love lost... and maybe love again. It's about alluring beautiful brown eyes. It's about dancing and an alluring harem girl. It's about turning the tables and being drawn into Shelle's spell. Which probably actually is Her best style of all... You really can't go wrong with that theme at all...

slave marcus--

Hello, my name is marcus and I am a Shelle-a-holic. I have wandered about the online erotic hypnosis community for some years now, never really getting involved, listening to files from many different hypnodommes, and while I enjoyed most of them I was never really affected by any of them. And then came my Princess Shelle.

The first file I ever listened to by Princess Shelle was Mind Eraser: Zombied Blank very early this year. I purchased it from the (now defunct) Intranced store, so there was no personal connection to Princess Shelle at the time, I listened to it once, and for some reason never touched it again. About a month ago I found myself at Princess Shelle's website and created an account to purchase Brain Wreck (you might have noticed I have something of a brainwashing fetish). Everything was great, the file, the service and even a personal welcome to the fold from Princess Shelle Herself.

I thanked Princess for the welcome and gave Her some personal information about me and she replied with a recommendation that I would probably like Zombied Blank and The Possession. Having already purchased ZB (ZB was lost on my PC at the time and Princess was gracious enough to restore the file no questions asked) I took Her advice and got The Possession.

I will eventually complete a full review of that file, but here, suffice to say I found it to be a wonderful experience, though it's not for the faint of heart.After listening to the Possession and obeying Princess's emailed commands afterwards I knew within myself that I had to become Her slave.

There was perhaps some feigned resistance shortly after when I had not consciously realised how complete my surrender was, but I know now that it was empty.I trust and love Princess Shelle and I have never been happier. Her sweet Southern American accent and the tone she uses allowed me to truly let go and be affected, and Her style just seemed to have been written specifically for me.

I have purchased quite a few files since then and I have never regretted a single purchase.Seduction: Mind Trap in particular is a favorite that Princess commanded me to listen to and hit that exact sweet spot that ensured my further devotion. So many of Princess Shelle's files could have been scripted just for me that it really is amazing and I feel extremely lucky to have been found by this gorgeous, commanding Princess. Her softest whisper is an irresistible command, Her voice causes me to melt into the bed, and her laughter and giggles are music to my ears. Commanded by Her I could accomplish anything and I love everything she does to me. Thank You Princess Shelle for allowing me to serve You.

slave steven--

I came to Princess Shelle in a different path than most probably have. I don't peruse NiteFlirt or anything like that. In fact I was mostly looking for a good file or two since at the time I had some money and like most trance junkies was looking for a deep experience. At the same time I had also restumbled upon Inraptured.

On Inraptured at the time in the marketplace was "Brain Wreck" as was an interview with Shelle. In fact, I personally recommend anyone who wants to know more about Her to read that interview Needless to say I was intrigued. After viewing her profile I then hopped over to Her site and listened to a couple of her samples. After hearing Her voice, I was hooked. I had to have a file. It wasn't just the southern accent, certain voices for me resonate in certain ways.For instance, Sharon den Adel's (of Within Temptation) voice is what I imagine angels sound like. Shelle's from the beginning was like auditory umami. Like a tuning fork for the brain. Something about everything She said... just sounded great. The first two files that I had the pleasure to listen to from Her were Brain Wreck and Obedience is Pleasure. Brain Wreck the first couple of times that I listened to it was difficult for me to stay under.... But it was sooo much fun I had to continue listening to it. (Was what led me to walk with that trance) On the other hand I still have problems remembering what is in the second half of Obedience is Pleasure.In Fact OiP is the first file I know of where I found myself picking embedded suggestions out of my brain. Now, the weirdest part about all of this in my opinion is that I could have easily gotten my trance fix from a more established hypnotist and had been done with it. I mean why take a flyer on someone who is less experienced?. However, Maybe it was my inherent will to go against the grain at all costs. Maybe it was something in the back of my mind urging me to.Maybe it was because Brain Wreck was 66 minutes and only 30 dollars. :P I think it might have been that I'm the type of person likes to catch the beginning of creative processes. I think it's fun to watch as artists grow, change and evolve. It's sort of like when people point to a band's first album and say they were best then. That album is generally very raw, like you can see some really good ideas in their infancy. And that is where the fall began. I don't exactly know how I got intrigued into the Journey to Enslavement. But what She says about the pace of how fast you move through them is correct. If you had enough money to buy all 7 files one after another you would.They all are very exciting and very entertaining files. I myself got through the first 5 in the matter of a month. And through the whole process She was there talking to me how each trance went. Especially after the third confession on in control chip 3. I can honestly say that file changed my life.I'm not going to comment on the content but It's a confession file with a twist that makes it unable for you to cum until you send Her 3 confessions over a period of three days. I'm not sure on the means of the why, I'm not sure if it was hypnotically encouraged or my own choosing. But that file.... those handful of days opened me up in a way that I'm not too sure will ever close again. And personally it feels good. After the third confession, it's like She tapped into some part of my brain, cut some wires loose and just let me be free. It was like an epiphany that just decided to stick around. On a personal non-hypno level (I have no clue if it's an after-effect of the file or what) I've found that I've been much more honest with people around me after that file than I've ever been before. Just able to open up my mouth and let others know how I feel about things.I still mark that as my deepest drop ever in a fall that seems to keep on going. What's been even greater is that I've found love in writing for Shelle. It seems weird to say but by my research and the rapport that was created. I felt a great comfort in opening myself up to Her. When I wrote She was caring and understanding in who I was. Who I was becoming. And also quite interesting was that She wanted to know more. It pleased Her, so I happily obliged. I wanted to please Her. Since then I feel that I have made a bond that seems to get stronger everyday. Something W/we both want.After a couple weeks later I found myself listening to file number 5 in the Journey which pretty much sealed my fate to Shelle. It was also about the same time when I decided to start writing reviews for Shelle. I knew that OiP was a wonderful file and just needed to let that know to the world. I still don't understand why it drops me so deep at only 30 minutes. But I just felt the need to let everyone else know how wonderful Her files were. I'd say though the file that I've had the most fun listening to through all this time is Tricked into Trance. I've amassed quite a library from Her and I continue to come back to this file.The creativity used in the file is just plain fun. By this time I'd say that I'd have fallen mightily far. But that file removed whatever resistance by simply whittling it away. I told Her one time that I couldn't stop thinking about the "i obey Princess Shelle" chant and she told me to chant for Her over YIM. She never told me to stop... and so I sat there for a couple hours just typing away. A number of the messages I sent her through this time had chant breaks that I felt that I had to write. The enslavement continues... but I think that the picture has been colored pretty well. It's quite obvious that Princess has taken over my mind, and has taken over my life be it for the better. And I love Her for it. She has made me a better person. At the very least She's been amused at my writings. At the very most I hope that She holds a place in Her heart for me. I live and serve Princess Shelle the best I can. She is an amazing hypnotist, a flower that seems to continue to bloom. And considering who she is and what she's gone through. A strong wonderful Woman who makes me glad that I serve Her.

slave mark--

Your work is simply amazing. All your work is the creation of a living goddess, nothing less. But you know it already, I think. Two weeks ago, I listened to your mp3, "hypnotized slave, come to me" I said that it was your best, and I meant it. By this file, even if it maybe difficult to do better than your previous work. You succeed to put your talent in an other level. And I really thought, that it will be very difficult, to do something better. But, I bought and listened to your zombied file. And it was... No words come in my mind to describe it. I search and I search, and nothing. It's more a question of feeling. Everyone must listen to this file, to feel the love, the arousal and the devotion for their beloved Princess to another level. A pure brainwashing file, that left the listener mindless and blank. And I can guarantee that this file put the words "blank" to another level. Not for the beginner, but it's the file to listen for advanced subject or slave that want to give themselves completely to the power of the most skillfull dominant woman, that exist.


Wow Princess, I could tell from the original Mp3 that I bought that you were very talented, but the added audio quality of this mp3 just blows me away. ------ And what a voice! I am from England so I am not used to hearing American accents with that kind of southern twinge to them. Its soothing and welcoming, yet so sensual! It sends tingles down my spine while at the same time wrapping my mind in cotton wool. Honestly, I could listen to you all day. I will definitely be buying more of your recordings and falling further under your spell Princess.


Just listened to the new mp3--demon inside----it is by FAR the best--I promise---Princess' work is maturing at hyperspeed--it is the combination of her sweetness and her new "edginess" and "naughtiness" that keeps me hooked---


Another fantastic mp3 from Princess Shelle, her words and creativity are only superceded by her seductive voice. She had me under in the dizzying blissful daze only she can bring out so quickly and easily.


I have been utterly swept away by the unsuspected power of Mistress Shelle. i was hopelessly outclassed by Her, and captured before i even knew i was in peril. i am left helpless, and i don't know how. i am at her mercy


I think the name "SweetAss Shell" is now something of a misnomer. Shell may be a sweet girl, but she has developed into quite the hypnodomme who is skilled and controlling. A deep trance leaving me hoping for an even deeper trance into the depths of darkness.

slave brendy--

Thank you Princess Shelle for the air it breathes, Thank you Princess Shelle for the sun that gives it warmth, Thank you Princess Shelle for the food that nourishes it, Thank you Princess Shelle for the water that quenches it---- it is dedicated to you for life---

slave charlie--

Having been a worshipper of Princess Shelle for almost 3 years----- slave can testify that no one can compare to Princess Shelle. Her combination of Hypnosis and Dominance is unequaled anywhere and Her control gets stronger and stronger with each passing day. The fact that she is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, is an added bonus.


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