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Meet Shelle Live

I offer live Yahoo phone sessions.  Contact Me for an appointment. I am a “soft domme”, and My style is personal and playful, but underneath the sweet voice is a woman who commands and demands your respect.  I LOVE what I do, and want U/us both to enjoy the experience.

BUT, do not forget the word “domme” in that phrase, as I do this for MY pleasure first.

Once W/we connect you will find that My sweet, gentle voice will quickly seduce you, putting your mind at ease while I slip deeper and deeper inside your mind.  You will open up to Me as I put your conscious mind to sleep and take over your subconscious thoughts.  You will feel so good, so comfortable, that you will need to keep coming back.  This addiction---obsession, will keep growing, as My voice haunts your mind throughout your day.  You will never be the same.



I do not have a set schedule for being "available" for calls, but these are the best times to look for Me.

I am USUALLY available on Sunday-Thursday from 1pm-6pm.

I will CONSIDER requests for Friday 1pm-6pm, if they are made by 6pm on Thursday.
I will CONSIDER requests for evening sessions, with advance notice, and when I feel in the mood.



1. If you have an idea for the session please let Me know immediately and precisely—(it's your dime). Once W/we have connected the first time, I may let you contact Me with session ideas through my yahoo account.

2. If you do not have an idea, don’t worry---I will happily lead you down a path of MY choosing.

3. If you have hard limits, make sure I am aware of them up front.

4. I have some hard limits which I will not detail but come under the term “extreme play”---if I say no, do NOT persist.

5. If I consider you are being rude or inappropriate, I will simply hang up and block you from future calls.

Be prepared for Me—My hypnosis sessions last a minimum of 20-30 minutes and I don't want U/us to be interrupted. The length of My sessions allow U/us time to briefly discuss a general theme for your erotic session, time for Me to put you into a trance state, and time for Me to play with you and your desires until W/we are both “satisfied”.


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