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Absolute/Unadulterated Control



Coming HOME is always so amazing. I took a LONG walk around the farm yesterday a little wet, but...So many amazing memories. Things are really coming along, the renovations are almost done. Oh and the farm assignment fund is just in time for a few things that I am doing. A few new window coverings and MAID SERVICE...I have maids coming on Saturday. Can’t wait to have everything in order. My future awaits! Thank you My hard working slave hands, you have PLEASED ME!

I’ll be here for a few days, what a wet time on the should have seen the days leading up to the rain….every farmer across the area, every combine, hard at work...saving the cotton. The fields look like snow, it’s really breathtaking. Only a few of the many reasons that I always want to come home again.

The smell of cotton in the air and memories of playful days, Dad waking us at 5 am, farm kids missing school...whatever it took to bring in the you think about all that hard work when you slide into your soft cotton cozy clothes, as you slip into TRANCE with Me this week.

I’m taking a few cotton stalks home with Me...I want to have them framed. I never want to forget the happiness that life here brings to ME! I am GRATEFUL! I’m a farm girl at heart...forever! This farm MADE your POWERFUL DOMINA!

Thank you for all the support of your Domina...and for bringing Me home again. One day, this farm will be TRANCE_FORMED into My very own QUEENDOM.


This is a very sexual experience for will want to slip into SOFT sexy COTTON…~~~GIGGLES~~~and prepare to SissyGASM for your Domina.

Helena’s NEW SESSION---Masturbator---What can I say...if you love to stroke, prepare yourself for a hot naughty session...and POST HYPNOTIC TRIGGER to be C*M Deposits will be pleasurable...Giggles!

Lessons from HALLOWEEN STORY...

I hope you found the story sexy and fun...There is an Interdependence between the Princess and Her slaves. They each provide for the other. The Princess satisfies a craving, the needs of Her slave and provides benefits and rewards. The slave comes back for what sustains him. In appreciation and devotion, the slave provides for his Princess as best he can. Those who go to work, those who give their life blood (which also provides a bonus orgasm). A part for everyone. Play your part, My pet.

Continue to give Me your body and mind. Spoil and pamper Me. Please Me and reap your reward. I work hard to provide for your needs, keeping you hard and horny and all those other things you LOVE about Me. Brainwashed into bliss, My voice makes you weak, submissive and obedient….. And all those fantasies...I am your pleasure. So I'll keep giving you opportunities to show Me your LOVE and DEVOTION.


I want to thank everyone accepting My Challenge to Please. As you know I am trying to contribute $5500 to start My retirement fund by April. Thanks to you I am 25% there. Yippeee!!! Keep up the good work.


Find yourself at My sexy feet....playing with your ....well let’s just say that. LAUGHING ~~~MORE later.

Plus a couple of additional surprises...I love making you wait...if you don’t believe that...just setup a talk or chat with Me...I’ll prove it! ~~~HUGE LAUGHS~~~

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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