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Neuro-Lab Rat - Phase 2

Calling all Lab Rats for Beta TESTING....

Every week you experience My expertise on Mind Control and brain functioning. This week I will be experimenting on your neurotransmitters with Behavior Modification-LAB RAT Phase 2, and making some adjustments to the your neuron switches programming to get a tighter grip your responses to My Control. I know you love to be My guinea pig as I turn your behavioral control switches on and off. This is part of your ongoing training to improve your reactions and behavior to ALL My suggestions.

I am perfecting you as My slave, so everything you do is to please ME. My voice puts you in a most suggestible, pleasurable state. you feel weak and suggestible and naturally you want to surrender power and control to your Domina. But I see sometimes you are being casual and not strictly obedient to My suggestions. So, this neuro reprogramming and testing is required. The proof of your suggestibility and obedience to My control of your neural switches are in the results that can be measured.

I have given you two primary suggestions to follow. I want tell you now...your hypnotized mind always obeys Me.

Soon it will all make sense...It will all connect. So, My contracted slaves, re-read “Shelle’s New Shoes” slave story and next week I will have this very sexy story for everyone...and it will include a sexy picture pack.


I have added a new slave story to FSF that has a lot of meaning for Me from a loving slave. It’s very personal and touching.

NOTE: I have had so much trouble getting over this cold and cough, and thought I was finally getting better, but I got even sicker. Barely managing now. So, I have had to postpone posting a new Picture pack of sexy surprises, including My shoes, legs and toes till next week.
Thank you, My sweet, for your concerns...Don’t worry, can’t keep your Domina down for long. I don’t have time for sick nonsense. The meds are making Me rest, but working their magic. I already feel a bit better tonight.


RE-FORM SCHOOL CLASS #7 CONTROL will be an in depth look at this subject of Control and your relationship to My Control and Domination. See you in the front row.

In addition, I will have something special for My sissy slave a Butt Plug trigger. Always a welcomed insertion. ~giggles~

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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