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Black Friday November


Well, My pet, the holidays are upon us again. As you know I love to treat My submissive and good pets to special deals so that you can complete even more of your training. No matter your financial budget, I take pride in offering My files at very affordable prices. And we know Thanksgiving is the season of giving and in 2021 we have a lot to be thankful for. The pandemic may not be over, but there are sprinkles of hope that the worst may be behind us. Maybe some of us will be seeing a loved one for the first time in years. I know that I am so grateful to have the devotion and admiration of a good submissive like yourself. Because I am so grateful, I have set up November to be My gift of gratitude to you.

Most of you are familiar with Black Friday being the day you look out for discounts of your favorite items. Well, as My gift to you, we are going to celebrate Black Friday for the rest of November. One day is not enough for all the savings that I want to give to My loyal customers and submissive subjects. So I will be showcasing special sessions that will be discounted all throughout the month for you to enjoy. Mmmmmm you can come back every day to find a different file that will be on sale during My Black Friday Month. Better be quick, because each day a new session is on sale and the older one disappears, so come back every day so you don’t miss out.

Let Me tell you, My pet. I know towards the very end of Loctober many of you were so desperate to C*M for Me after being in Chastity for 4 weeks. But some Chastity slaves were desperate to remain chaste for Me. So Let’s use November Black Friday month to satisfy both needs! I would love to see you prove to Me how much under My influence you really are. you want to show your Domina, don’t you? Did you enjoy yourself squirming and being teased all while in chastity??

For My Chastity slaves who are begging to stay in Chastity, this is your CHALLENGE: No orgasms for the remainder of this month. Around this time of year, there is a saying I like to call “Not In November”. I am sure you can guess the meaning of that. Now I’m going to have some very HOT sessions. But CHASTITY slaves will try NOT to cum. Giggles!

Everyone is encouraged to come back here day after day to binge on My Erotic Hypnosis For Sale. (Even if you have most of My sessions already, go back and listen to the session on sale that day.) Every day each session will be heavily discounted so you will be able to pick out a collection of new favorites to listen to whenever you want to. While you do, I dare you to resist cumming with any of My sessions you purchase this month. Yes, I want you to stroke. I want you to enjoy your arousal, only to give yourself blue balls for Me. ALL MONTH LONG. This isn’t about chastity. This is a test to see if you can truly stand up to the heat that My voice instills within you. It may be getting colder outside but My sessions are hot enough to melt your resistance in every way imaginable. Shall we prove it? How about you just try and show Me if you can go all month without an orgasm... all while picking up more and more of My delicious mind candy. Oh, this is the month to spend on your Domina and show Me how grateful you are to have Me tightening My leash of control over your mind...Another Challenge, leave a brief review after you listen!

Black Friday Month begins now. Save on My sessions with huge discounts every day to help build your collection of My seductive works. My Chastity slave, increase your depth of obedience to Me while taking up My Not In November challenge. Listen to all of My SALE sessions this month... without c*mming to a single one. Can you handle it? If you tell Me you made it all month without cumming... maybe there will be a surprise. Maybe I will acknowledge you with words of approval and pleasure for your Obedience and sacrifice. Because, deep down, I know if you are NOT My Chastity slave, you won’t last. No one ever does. 4 weeks of My voice and not c*mming.... Lol... your mind is My playground... I couldn’t see you lasting a week. Are you submissive enough to try? Not In November during My special Black Friday Month of savings.

Cum participate. See if you can drop even deeper with My new training. I know My Chastity slaves will prove it to under My control you really are. Don’t worry if you don’t last long, there are no losers in this game. Losers, winners, you are all obedient pets under the sway of My words. I win either way, haha. Binge on My files, pet. Enjoy My training, plunge into My month-long celebration of your surrender to Me. Get excited by stocking up on hours of listening to My voice telling you to Cum....OR stroke, but not to cum....if you dare....Kisses

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