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Blank State of Mind

Blank State of Mind

As I mentioned last week, I expected to have "PANTY RAID-The Session" ready sooner than expected because it goes so perfectly with PO Playground Trigger. But due to technical difficulties, it seemed My panties got caught in the endless wash cycle. By the time I got the machine to stop and wear them long enough to re-infuse them with My heavenly p*ssy scent, it took longer that I thought. Finally the session is now ready, but I can’t upload it here at this cafe.

Yes, I am here at Starbucks trying to get the weekend sessions up. It’s LOUD and very busy here. No one has power. But, let’s not much has happened in the last few weeks. We are fortunate to be safe. A LOT of damage but SAFE!!! So don’t worry, your Domina is ok. STRESSED but good.

Now for the session that I have ready for you, you will LOVE this one. Oh, did I say, COMPULSION!!! Get ready to be BLANK, I mean blank and EMPTY with Blank State of Mind. I make it a very SIMPLE SESSION for you. Let Domina do all the work. It’s so easy to go blank and empty for your Domina. I’ll pull you down into a VERY DEEP and pleasurable, passive trance and leave your mind in the dark. Empty. Utterly Blank. Then I’ll implant My Trigger deep into your psyche and what for the results. You always love to please Me.


Let’s keep My undies drawer open for My Pussy Scented Panties until you listen to this week’s Panty Session and PO Trigger. If you currently have a pair, keep them available finally for this week's session (it will be uploaded somehow this weekend). This will be the last week the panty package (which includes a second pair for your stroke hand) will be available at this price.


Contracted, your NEW session is READY....I will get it to you either tonight on My break or when My shift ends. I’m still working on your SPECIAL surprise...Time has not been on My side.

For your orgasm release file for the 15th, listen to choose ONE of these RELEASE files... Idée Fixe - My Prey, Cat Woman - The Addiction or Hot For Teacher... And cum with the thought of pleasure when you send My Stroke Tribute. Continued progress on the New Website. Hope for more news next week.


Could be back to school...Teacher knows best.

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