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Burned Buns

What a fabulous birthday and time at the beach.  I loved just relaxing and playing in the sand.  I wish that you had been there, I sun burned My sexy little ass and needed a slave to massage in the aloe....maybe next time.  Giggles!!!

Thank you AGAIN for making My birthday and My trip TRULY fit for a Queen.  A Queen lavished in all beautiful things.

But, now I’m going to take very good care of you, My slave, with this week’s session...Dangerous Pleasures...  I’m not going to tell you just how, I want to surprise you.  your submission and obedience is MANDATORY.  I want to play around inside your mind ...I mean, in a more wicked and DOMINATING way.  you’ll let Me, won't you....oh come on, it will be so much don’t have to say anything, I already know the answer...YES, because you LOVE to say YES to Me.
No one gets it HARD like I do, My agree, don't you.

(Be Warned---This session will be EXTREME for some...VERY AUTHORATATIVE!)  It's not just your average everyday control session.


PS...If I have not THANKED you for your gifts, PLEASE email Me...AMAZON is notorious for leaving NO NAME.

My sweet, did you like the gifts that I gave to you for My celebration?  Did you enjoy the assignment last week?  Oh, and this week?  Has your brain been upgraded with two new Chip Implants I emailed My Chip slaves?

I'm working on that EXPERIMENT....EXCITED about My guinea pigs!

Note to CONTRACTED:  your ASMR TRAINING is running a bit worries, it will be worth the wait!  Watch your emails.

ONE more thing do NOT miss SPECIAL DEALS.  The HANDS FREE Orgasm Training is on sale just for you.  This will be perfect if you chose to NOT STROKE for the assignment. Haha!  Also, on sale, there are a few other very pleasurable sessions you will enjoy!

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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