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Celebration Of your Domina

I want a celebration of life, LIVING life to its fullest... I want to thank everyone who’s a part of My life.  I feel rich in love and support.

It's My BIRTHDAY but I'm really not thinking of gifts, I just want you to know how important you are in my life, for My that does not mean that I don't love to be spoiled a little, haha...But, I want you to take a few minutes today and appreciate all those you love.  Let's CELEBRATE life, LOVE....and just LIVING out LOUD!
I want O/our everyday to be amazing TOGETHER...especially today as W/we celebrate together.  Accept your Domina and My powerful trainings and teachings...accept your place with Me this day and all days.  My sweet, know that it is ok be yourself (the self that I am perfecting).  Be the you who does not cheat yourself...the you who can share the most secret part of yourself, even if it's in a place called O/our REALITY... That's My make a make a good slave a better man. Giggles!  you know what I mean!  So, let's celebrate My way...My BIRTHDAY!

We had a small family celebration this week at the beach...GREAT food, homemade ice cream, music and dance.  Lady H and My sister cooked a pot of seafood, the shrimp straight off the boat. Yummy!!!  My BD dinner was amazing!  I spent My days running on the beach, then sitting and soaking up the sun...I needed that!!!  Oh not to mention OYSTERS...LOTS of OYSTERS!
Thank you for your sweetest gifts and making Me feel SPOILED and VERY LOVED! ...and oh so that you, or the oysters.

I love the paths that I have chosen for My life's JOURNEY...and I am so happy to have found you here on this road.  This amazing JOURNEY is not a part of My life, it is My life.  I would NOT change a thing...well maybe I would spend MORE time on the beach, more time RELAXING with hot oil massaged into My sun kissed skin....and slaves doing all of My chores. Giggles!!!!
But this is what I want from you now....for My birthday...Raise your cup and CELEBRATE your Domina's Birthday in My Special way!  Use one of "My favorite toast/quotes", or send Me your own words...YES, PLEASE ME!  Serve Me and make Me smile.
Some of My favorite "borrowed" toasts:
"Here’s to lying, cheating, stealing, and drinking...If you’re going to lie, lie for a friend.  If you’re going to cheat, cheat death.  If you’re going to steal, steal a heart.  If you’re going to drink, drink with me."
Sing like no one is listening.  Dance like nobody's watching, LOVE like you have never been hurt, and live like there's no tomorrow.
To your Domina, your honor will be, to Her feet you kneel and plea.  Thank you, Domina, for accepting me.  I am Your slave and will always be. Giggles!

Just a THOUGHT....for those who know Me understand Me well also...many have known Me from the have a good understanding of what I want from you...what is important to ME.  When you are invited to SERVE Me, you know that there are many ways to serve and PLEASE ME.  your LOVE and LOYALTY mean the world to Me.  Just so you know, serving and pleasing does not mean throw money and gifts My will find ways to stand out.  your support pleases Me...finding ways to promote Me, PLEASES ME...GET creative, I allow you.

I am NOT releasing a new session this week...This is in preparation for a SURPRISING session next week.  Although for My Birthday celebration I am offering a BUY one get ONE free (free session same price or lesser), offer ends August 8th-Tuesday night at Midnight EDT.
So stock up...make your choices, then email Me with your FREE session choices.  I'll email the FREE sessions to you.

If you have My Brain Chip Implanted, you will find birthday gifts in your email box.

I have a Birthday assignment gift.  you may download it here.  Let's get sticky wet for My celebration.

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