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My lab rat, you have more than surpassed My expectations with the EXPERIMENT.  Dramatic changes are taking place already.  Three words seem to summarize the responses you sent from the week one Assignment.  Arousing, arousal, aroused. ~giggles~  That’s the reward for enslavement to a beautiful, caring, powerful Domina.  My sweet, the personalized sessions have been especially effective and so far a great SUCCESS...

I love all of your week one Experiment comments.  Here are a few:  "knowing that i am serving my Domina gives me an intense feeling of joy.....constant urge to just stroke and stroke.... my Domina is able to make me crave to be Her submissive... needing to please You and make You happy.... unbearably aroused and horny… You have real power to control me and enslave me into what You want me to be."
MORE of those later...
Lab rat, you are being personally and perfectly calibrated to the sound of My voice.  SuggestibleTrustingThoughtlessAddictedObedientEnslaved.  Just as I planned.

THIS week's CLASSROOM is Stand-alone and open to the PUBLIC.  If you attended Class 11, don’t miss this follow up.

This week, your wicked unethical therapist takes Her place as Professor Shelle.  I am bringing the class to order with ReForm School-Class#12, Domina’s ABC Priorities.  I planned the class lesson to reinforce your ongoing EXPERIMENT sessions.  Like the Experiment, this session focuses on strengthening O/our relationship.  your assignment comments about last month’s school were so much fun.  I will be sharing and playing with some of those sexy popular words/PHRASES and arousing fantasies you associate with your Domina. Yummy....Something for everyone to identify with.


Birthday updates- Still spoiling Me...August has been amazing!  The EXPERIMENT and MY Birthday!  I still have gifts with no names... :(

EMAILS- Sit tight I’m catching up...PLUS if you are waiting on a CUSTOM, well, it’s close.  This week I have gotten a lot off of My To-DO List.


Contracted look for your new training session in your email TONIGHT.  POWERFUL and like a book you can’t put down.  Another reason to be a CONTRACTED slave to your DOMINA... and if you are not My contracted slave and are feeling a little left out, just email Me to discuss your options with “contracted” in the heading.


Can you imagine everything turned up even hotter?  Think BONDAGE...Think nylon stockings, garter belt, silky thighs.

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777 --
777 - File with no description--just listen and accept My words.

Demon Inside --
This session gives Me access to the demons that live within you.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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