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Domina’s Expectations


First of all, I bet you wish I were your bunny for Easter!  Happy EASTER My sweet.  Do something special for your Holiday.

Now this is NOT a bunny's tale...This is a fact...this is My plan for your Holiday.

Let Me explain what is about to happen to you.  I want to be completely up front and open.  First, I'll take you into a deep IRRESISTABLE hypnotic TRANCE, and you will be in a weakened state of mind, completely subjugated and vulnerable.  YES even HELPLESS...Perfect for My use of this POWERFUL tool.

For the past several weeks My soothing voice has worked your mind like a lullaby, causing you to fall into a state of mindless subjugation.  I have experimented, sublimated, adjusted your neural switches and generally fucked with your mind.  With Response Expectancy I bring you into a sleepy state of relaxation to manipulate your mind easily during hypnotic sleep.

There are so many new powerful psychological tools being discovered that are primarily to be used by therapists to aid patients.  Of course I use these tools to bring you things you love, like being My guinea pig/lab rat to follow wherever I lead you because you want to be with Me.  But really, My use of these tools is quite selfish because it’s so easy to take control, brainwash and fuck your mind up even more deeply and severely.  We already know this...but did you know that I can insert into your mind thoughts of expectations (this is a very effective form of programming you to learn just what I expect) will love what is about to happen to you.

Submit NOW and listen to Response Expectancy!!!

There is a BIG SURPRISE within.

POWERFUL Post HYPNOTIC suggestions within this session.

So I expect you to LISTEN...leave the rest up to ME!  you are in good hands with My red painted fingernails.



I will give you a final chance next week to make sure I’ve reached My goal....Then, My pet, you will help Me start early on My 2018 retirement fund.  I am sooooo good to you with all these opportunities to Please Me and make this commitment to Me.

Contracted, by now you should have read nadette’s story on SFS.  I am organizing a new section for slave stories/thoughts and will be posting an additional slave story very soon.  Next week, I will have a SIGNUP so you can submit your story for future posting.  Write a story that reflects you.  Start thinking about it.  I will be your editor and publisher to prepare it for posting on SFS, I will send it to you before posting.


With your mind so malleable, you need my suggestions implanted into your brain.  So many things to have you do for your Domina.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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