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Domina’s SEXY 3 S’s

Professor Shelle's ReForm School - Class #13 - Domina’s 3 S’s

Just as the EXPERIMENT has strengthened the bonds of O/our Dom-slave relationship, in this week’s ReForm School Class #13-Domina’s 3 S’s and you...the lesson focuses on qualities necessary for O/our unique, personal, intimate relationship.  This is the THIRTEENTH class of 15 for My ReForm School.  Although this session is a PERFECT stand-alone for all submissives.

Look how far W/we have come since these classes started.  I hesitate to give you too much praise for how well you have learned your lessons, My student, because I want you pushing yourself to always work harder to do better and even more for your Domina.  W/we give a lot of O/ourselves to each other.  W/we make commitments and have responsibilities that strengthen O/our emotional connection.  For this class, the three S’s are “submissive”, “slave”, “serve”.  W/we will explore just what makes you who you are and why.  submissive...slave...serve.  And what you bring to your Domina and O/our relationship.

After reflecting on yourself, your class assignment will be to let Me know how do you describe yourself regarding these 3 S’s.  So come to class, sit in the front row so you can look up My skirt and I can whack your behind with My ruler. ~giggles~


Available later this week.  This is a special session for My sissy gurls.  Follow your Princess through a newly opened pathway deep into The Pink SLEEPING FOREST to a magical place of stimulating TRANS-FORMATION, beauty, happiness and love.  your destination, under a PINK mist, is a bubbly pond with transforming powers leading you to your destiny.  A place I will bring you back to, again and again.


WOW.  My little lab rat, I’m almost at a loss for words on how well the effects of The Experiment have penetrated your well calibrated mind.  These permanent changes will insure that you will always belong to your Domina Shelle.  I know how happy that makes you.  I look forward to reading your EXPERIMENT Journal results and scientifically measuring the real effects of mind Control and Brainwashing over time.  What are the changes that occurred, not only with your thinking, but also with your thought process?  And how have these changes affected your actions, your behavior?

I want to share these results with you and what I concluded from My analysis.  This will help with your future training.  Right now I’m thinking the best way to do that is dedicating My next Re-form School class to the EXPERIMENT and the results.  When I can, I will be getting back to you, personally, about your journal results.  So give Me time. (If you started the EXPERIMENT later, then send it when you are finished.)


you have made Me so happy with your contributions to Challenge To PLEASE.  I close My eyes and see that beautiful PAINTING hanging in My bedroom.  Of course, I’ll need to have it framed, so I will really need your continued contributions to pay for that added expense.  And then I will be able to send out a picture of Me looking at the painting in My bedroom.  Yes, I just might have to pass out some REWARDS.


On OCTOBER 1ST, there will be a SIGN-UP for LOC-TOBER for both the 4 weeks and 2 weeks of Chastity.  Included in the SIGN-UP will be a FREE session in which I will be teaching you all the PLEASURES of Chastity when you do it for Me.  Also, when you Sign-Up, I will have your email address to send you additional “teasers” during Loc-Tober.


Loc-Tober is going to be another exciting month..... for CHASTITY.  Everyone will participate.  I am preparing a full month for My devoted DIE HARD Chastity slaves, with 4 weekly sessions, assignments and more.  For those not joining in the 4 weeks of chastity, I have a special two week session for you.  As mentioned, I will have a session describing all the pleasures of Chastity.  If you are not convinced to OBEY, the loss will be yours!

LOC-TOBER Chastity will begin next weekend.

P.S.  SFS slave story posted.

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