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Double Jeopardy

How do you like the New Year so far, My pet? In the cold of winter I’ve made you so HOT for your Domina. And that intensity continues this week with Double Jeopardy...a Trance In a Trance. As W/we have done so many times before, I bring you down deep into an erotic trance where you become so suggestible and open to everything I say. Then, once there, something new. A new sensation of being doubly entranced, your will and identity lost completely in Me and My control. your arousal heightened.

I bring you deeper and guide you so pleasurably and slowly to the very height of physical pleasure. An intense need to serve and obey grows stronger and harder. So at the very moment you are compelled to climax, I stop suggesting and guiding you because you will know what you need to do to please Me. Consider this a TEST of Class lessons learned, of self discovery, of cravings and addiction for Me, of what you need to do for your Domina, who has done all this just for you, My puppy. I am eager to see how you choose to Please and Serve Me and be My true and real submissive.


I appreciate how you have helped Me with some of the expenses for O/our new website. And now I am returning the CHALLENGE to My future security where you can be most helpful with My financial priorities. Everything you contribute I am dedicating to My retirement fund. I have 3 months to make My 2018 contribution of $5500.


Volunteer Participants look for My release instructions for the 15th of this month. Anyone else may contact Me and “Beg” for My permission and instructions with a Stroke Tribute.

How do you like the new Website? Are you spending more time with Me? Finding everything you need? If you have any questions or suggestions write to Me.


I am posting two new slave stories on SFS. One is from a slave who just loves to take care of his Domina with TRIBUTES. Shall W/we make an arrangement? ~giggles~ And the other story is about the power of My shoes, feet and toes. A new Domina addiction for you, My foot slave.


A full dose of Behavior Control with LAB RAT 2. Ready for My experimentations on you?
Also, I am currently writing your class lesson for Re-form School #7 on CONTROL for later this month. This is going to be a very instructive and sexy session.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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