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Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!

Christmas Present

Oh My, did the year fly by or what? It's Christmas. I love this time of year... My family from back home are in town. Having friends over and so much love...and of course, lots of presents and cookies. Santa Shelle LOVES presents and cookies. I hope you are there with people close to you. you know I am there with you whispering My Christmas message into your ear. Santa Shelle is out to take all that She wants from your mind.....and body.

First of all, with this week's Christmas Session, there is a little gift just for will find out what it is when you listen to this very hot and COMMANDING session. This is the perfect time for U/us to celebrate O/our remarkable relationship. Who says W/we can’t have sex so many miles apart? ~giggles~ No matter what else is going on W/we embrace O/our closeness in mind and body.

Really. Stop what you are doing and look at O/our life together. Being My slave makes everything worthwhile. W/we are fortunate to have each other. W/we have this ESCAPE, together. Think of the LOVE W/we have in O/our lives and appreciate being in the Present. W/we found love right where W/we are.

DO NOT miss out on My Santa Shelle Pictures. I took these just last Saturday, as they say, HOT off the press. But, the only way you get Santa Shelle pics is to download this week's session....yes, they are a GIFT that is available ONLY with this week's Christmas Present session. So, go now and DOWNLOAD! Bring your own TOWEL.


I really want to THANK YOU for being with ME and being are an important part of My life, more than you could ever imagine. Thank you, too, for all your generous financial and emotional support and taking such good care of Me and even worrying about Me.

Thank you for SPOILING ME this Christmas. WOW! I have been spoiled...So many amazing surprises. If I haven't said thank you for a gift, email you know so often there is NO name. If you are a last minute shopper and want to send something now, make it a Gift of LOVE. I appreciate your support and all the love and devotion you have given Me.

Most of all, THANK you for CONTRIBUTING to O/our adopted family! Because of you, at least ONE VERY NEEDY family will have a Merry Christmas. This makes Me so happy!!!

My Contracted slave, I’ve told you before, without your support I couldn’t do this. I really mean it. I appreciate you and look forward to enjoying a more normalized time in the world around U/us in 2023. you have SPECIAL gifts coming for Christmas. I’ll see you Christmas morning. I think that I will have your full focus.

Everyone, W/we shared precious, loving, arousing and intimate moments that W/we will always have and be able to continue in O/our World. Thank you for your gifts of Love, Devotion and Support.

I'm finally feeling well and READY for Santa. Of course, I'll be working for part of the Holiday, which is fine. I had three weekends off, thanks to Covid. It feels good to be back with it...I missed running so much.


W/we will be bringing in the New Year with a steamy, hot, vivid, arousing sexual encounter.

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