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I am sending KISSES from the Farm in West Tennessee after a wonderful visit with My Mother’s family near Nashville.  Aunts, uncles, cousins and My immediate family.  A very joyful, happy gathering.  And since I remind everyone so much of My Mother, who is so greatly missed, I am the recipient of incredible love and affection.  On Easter, I thought there was no place I would rather be EXCEPT in your head, since I can be in two places at once. ~giggles~  See, I am always with you.

Love can’t be underestimated as life’s most potent force.  It fuels your passion and love.... and lust.  It increases desire and your commitment to please Me.  you enter My erotic, sensual world and offer your submission and obedience and seek My approval and control.  I fulfill your needs and give you love and acceptance.  you love to hear Me say how pleased I am with My good boy.


you have shown your love and devotion to serving Me with your support for The Farm.  I want to share this place and make it real for you, My puppy.  I am so pleased and happy that you see how important this Home Sweet Home is for Me.  I want you to feel at home, here, with your Sweet Princess.

Now, if you signed up for Farm Assignment Part 2 (not too late), watch your email.


I am giving you a pause from My surgical Brain procedures. ~giggles~

So, this week I’m putting on Half Price Sale TWO or Three FILES and the Sleeping Forest series...I want you to have and listen to whenever you have the need to feel Me right there with you, My pet.


Remember, Part 3 of the BRAIN CHIP Series will be released soon.  After which, I will be continuing with many ongoing IMPLANT Triggers which will be available ONLY to those who sign up.  If you haven’t yet, SIGN UP to receive My future Implants Triggers.  Dr. Shelle is really looking forward to measure the effects Her Triggers will have on Her subjects.


When I get back into My studio I will complete the final touches to Part 3 session to make it perfect.  This session will bring My thoughts completely together inside your mind.

I want to thank Lady Helena for taking care of everything for Me back in North Carolina.  She has helped get everything together to post for this week’s website.  We have a final adjustment to make before releasing Her new file session, Hypnotic Chains.  So, you’ll just have to stay hard and horny for YOUR release.

And, thanks for lunch with My sisters.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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