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Hot STEAMY and WICKED lil Princess

Did you know, Nothing is by chance....All things lead you where I want to take you, through the corridors of your mind into the deep unconscious state of hypnotic bliss...Pleasures brought on ONLY by a most POWERFUL HYPNOTIC ENCHANTRESS.

Have you ever fantasized about being secretly hypnotized and seduced by a beautiful woman...a chance meeting, entranced by mesmerizing eyes, freely taken beyond your will....just an ordinary moment, changed into something that will affect you for a lifetime?  SEXY and a bit frightening.  I draw you into My tale, planting a trigger that makes the story REAL for you.  It is happening to you.  So listen carefully to the lessons to be learned.  Know when you have a good thing.  And know how to keep it.  I’m so excited about O/our future together.

This session may seem familiar to some....don't's been brought to perfection.  So powerful, so sexy....  Give Me feedback.  I love to know what you think.  When I allow you to think.  The Allure --- DO NOT MISS it!


With this hot summer weather, shall I take you to the beach next week, My puppy?  My mission continues.  Surrender to My control.  Surrender to your enslavement.

About Me:

LONG , HARD wet week....giggles.  I mean LONG work hours ...topped with long sweaty miles of running.  It's been so busy, but good.  I think when I fall into bed at night, I am asleep within 2 minutes, maybe quicker.  I know that you have missed Me...I'm catching up though.  Stay close, lot's of fun times are around the corner.
Oh, and working hard on those new Brain Chip IMPLANTS....not ready yet.  PLUS, CONTRACTED session will be to you soon.  Prepare to swell, need ice packs. Giggles!!!
JJ BARKS hello...He is going on a diet.

Send your thoughts and prayers for My Sister.  Waiting on biopsy results and hoping for the best.  My heart is with Her today and everyday.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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