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Be My Valentine!

Let Me explain want to do what I must do what I want because this time I give you NO choice, you will listen to this week's session.  This is important to Me and you LOVE making Me happy.  So My sweet, you may CLICK before you read what the session is about...TRUST ME.  After you click you may come back and read the details.

If you have OBEYED you may stroke while you read the DETAILS.  I know that you are go ahead and unzip.

you know that sometimes I take an unexpected road, maybe a turn that leads you into a new direction...but it all brings you right back into My world of BRAINWASHING...I use HYPNOSIS and sometimes a little sexual many ways to get into your open and suggestible hypno-mind.  This is EXACTLY My plan for you for the month of February.  My baby, I have a perfect way to prepare you for Valentine’s Day.  This week’s deep brainwashing session...Hypnotically Addicted Junkie... keeps you focused completely on your Domina.  The mind is the mental power controlling your consciousness and subconscious, judgement and perception, your thinking and imagination, fantasies and arousal, in addition to your physical functioning.  Come real close to Me and feel the reaction to your body when I go deep into your mind.  you want Me to take over and fuck your mind.  Fall under My complete control, mindless, open and aroused in deep pleasure…

Hypnotically Addicted Junkie

My voice, it’s irresistible...It's CHLOROFORM. BREATHE in the ANESTHETIC and feel My drug seep deep inside your's mind numbing.  I am the only Woman you think of now, your Absolute Authority.

Obey and listen NOW.  Love and adore your Domina while I seduce you.  My addicted love slave, I will soon be your Valentine.
This session is a Mind Numbing, MIND Fucking MASTERPIECE.  you must have this one BECAUSE you need the PROGRAMMING.  I know what you need and what you will do NOW.  Obedience is your PLEASURE...go and LISTEN NOW.


My Sweetheart. I’m excited with all the love you show your Domina.  I have Valentine Day gifts for you.  A SURPRISE, maybe a video, maybe sexy pictures and just maybe Love...Are you excited!?

Then, on the 14th, a Valentine love session as next week’s file.  It’s never too early to send your Sweet Valentine a Gift of Love.  See how good it feels when you show you Love Me. Kisses...

Valentine's Week Assignment

My Love slave, I want you to spend some quality time with your Domina, thinking about Me being your Valentine.  Get closer to Me with DOMINA’S Valentine's Week Assignment.  Do this assignment for the next 5 days as instructed, until Valentine’s Day.  Take this private, intimate time to relax and get EXCITED, but not too excited.  W/we are saving THAT for Valentine’s Day.


I want to clear up any possible confusion about your School Story Assignment.  Finish the Shelle and the Professor story ANY way your imagination takes you.  I will record at least 3 stories and use the others, also.  Remember to submit your story when it’s ready with the Challenge submission fee.

NEXT WEEK...well, LOTS of SEXINESS.  A Valentine Love Fest.

My special deals of "Love" ...

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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