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Hypnotic HOLIDAY kickoff

My sweet, I had the week all planned out.  But, I put it on hold.  The past weeks have been too SERIOUS.  Too much happening.  I just want U/us to have a nice easy week together...spend more time together in CHAT, in emails and talk.  So I decided that W/we will kick off the HOLIDAYS right now, THIS WEEKEND.  So, email Me with your ideas, holiday plans or just because you have missed Me.  Then stock up!  Yes, My puppy, stock up on any sessions that you may have been waiting on.
It’s the perfect time.  BUY any session and get one any two sessions and get two free...etc.  (free sessions must be equal or less value)  Email Me with your FREE choices after making your purchases.  This Special ends on Nov. 6th Tuesday night at Midnight, Eastern time.  Let’s get this season moving in the right direction.  W/we all need a BRIGHT Holiday SEASON.  Let’s get festive.

I want your brain to be MUSH for all that I have to ETCH on it.  A soft brain is easy to write on. Giggles!!!

My puppy, Maybe I don’t say it enough, but you know how much I depend on you.  you are My motivation.  And I’m very appreciative of all the support you give Me and how willingly you come to My aid when I really need it or call on you.  I may be talented, but getting everything ready every week Is hard work....and without your monthly obligations none of this would be happening.


It’s been so enjoyable to read your School assignments.  I will be writing future lesson plans based on your assignment.  I’m learning a lot about the additional slave training you need and I require!!

The New Website will be a HYPNOTIC SEXUAL pleasure, just to look at.  The Membership area is being worked on now.

There is a lot of sadness in the world in recent days.  Let’s take comfort in each other’s support.  Let’s have an amazing Holiday Season.


I want next week to be a surprise....but, I do have to tell you I have some amazing plans for you in the NEAR future.

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