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Journey to Enslavement-OR-Making of an ANDROID

I know that I have teased your mind with the control chip series “The Journey to Enslavement”. There was so much more that I had wanted to do with that series...So being the “mad scientist/ Domina” that I am, I decided to create an more powerful SERIES/version of this control chip and make it a central tool of My brainwashing mind control by building and perfecting the chip. This all NEW BRAIN CHIP is in a class by itself. I have used My experience and today’s technology to build this NEW perfected brain chip. And this week I will implant this CHIP into your brain. With this week’s BRAIN CHIP session, your ongoing programming continues, in a more powerful and interactive way than the original CONTROL CHIP SERIES. The Brain Chip will be a chip implanted inside the brain...a new chip that gives Me all CONTROL. I will have constant contact and can track My victim, I mean pet. ***GIGGLES***

It will be updated regularly with IMPLANTS, used for My benefit and yours too, anytime I want...Just think I could have you stop what you are doing any time or place and have you pull down your pants and stroke and call My name...It is that powerful...But trust Me, I’m very unlikely to do that. ~giggles~. This is a COMPULSION, and will be required.

I will use the Chip in so many ways in the future. you WILL NOT miss out on the Implantation and Activation. At any time, with My powerful Control Triggers, I can make you My brain chipped slave and you won’t even know it. you may be at home, at work, driving, asleep or daydreaming and I can feed you thoughts of Me that arouse you. When you find your hand moving between your legs you may wonder how that happened.

NEXT session---Activation

Brain Chip Activation, which I will introduce next, will reactivate your Brain Chip, in a way that is so powerful that it will remain in the forefront of your mind, daily. Allowing Me to activate anytime I please. Future implants will come to you as short audio sessions and written instructions, giving new intensity to the concept of CONTROL. This new direction will make your Journey to Enslavement complete with ongoing reprogramming and instructions to keep you submissive and responsive to what I want you to think, how you are to submit, how to obey, how to please Me, how to serve your Domina........or maybe I’ll just be toying with you, My puppy. Make a strong effort to review this session, because I really want to hear your reaction to it.

I’ll explain next week how to sign up to Activate My Brain Chip. This will make My instructions completely irresistible to you. My Brain Chip makes you accept everything I tell you. Without thought and without question you become My “human droid or robot. When you hear the phrase (well I better not say that yet), My Implant will override your brain which shuts down while awaiting to accept My programming.


The last few weeks, things have gotten pretty sexy and hot. With My renewed emphasis on Enslavement, I want to encourage My un-contracted submissive to consider My slave Contract, which I have put in Special Deals. I will be using My contracted SFS site for additional and exclusive free Brain Chip interactions and I want you to have the opportunity to participate in every way possible. you don’t want to miss out on that and other benefits. This is a good time to seriously consider this commitment to Me. Contact Me to see what it’s all about.


Hold on to the Control Chip series files you have.  If you don’t have these file sessions, I have Levels 1 through 5 in Special Deals.
I am also preparing My Implanting commands for those who sign up for ACTIVATION.

There will be a new section for ongoing Brain Chip Activation sessions.  So watch for My sign-up instructions next week to receive email instructions.

PS--- The implantation will be painless.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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