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Lab Rat Maze


I want this Experiment to be extra special, so this week NO new session.  So, for the second week of the Experiment, you will concentrate on listening to each day’s session as instructed...PLUS a 2nd listen when possible.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up with Me and go to sleep with Me at night?

I have been very happy with the results of the EXPERIMENT after less than one full week.  I can NOT imagine how the next weeks will affect your brain.  A well conditioned mind is My favorite PLAYGROUND.  Speaking of playground, Surrender U now.

The first week is bringing about some changes to your subconscious motivation patterns...some of which you may not yet be aware.  Over the course of the Experiment, W/we will be measuring changes to your thoughts and feelings that influence your behavior, especially with your Domina.  It’s exciting to be part of this Experiment.  you will be the one to validate the effects and changes to your personality, making you better for who you need to be for Me.

It is NOT too late to begin the Six Week, EXPERIMENT-Mind Calibration.  you could begin as soon as SUNDAY or MONDAY...all you need is a few minutes each day to listen and obey.  Being My Lab Rat will change your, surprising and MIND BLOWING.  Don’t miss out!  Just keep in mind that Hypnosis is real and real SEXY.

Just as a reminder, if it happens that you are so overwhelmed with excitement and have an orgasm, you will be required to send your Tribute or Offering.


I want an interim report on what the Experiment is doing to you.  So, I have this free Experiment Assignment...just a few self examination questions.  Send your RESPONSES and maybe I will share them with everyone in future Blogs.  I’ll keep your identity PRIVATE of course.


Back to RE-FORM SCHOOL-CLASS #12---Can’t get enough ABC’S...This session will be OPEN to everyone.  I BELIEVE that everyone needs a good EDUCATION.

My special deals have changed:

Pleasure in Submission --
I will hypnotize your mind into My erotic web, all LOCKED up.

Surprise Surprise --
A very NAUGHTY, fun and SEXY Tease file.

Black Widow Spider--Wrapped In MY Web --
MY Web Of Enslavement--Complete Metamorphosis...

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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