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Mastermind of Confusion

Do you recall a Magical show, maybe you were tricked or misdirected, just for a moment...Or maybe it was just boring (like a boring teacher, back in school---OMG, the best naps ever)….Yes, boring deep into your mind.  Misdirected -- Just listen as My words of CONFUSION, BORE deep within your core.  My words, bore deep into the center of your brain.  you will listen NOW and allow the “Domina of your MIND”, Magician, Master of your will, as I SPELL BOUND you...and you will only feel a deep erotic sensation befall you.  SO SEXY...a TRICK...what just happened.  You will never know, AMNESIA sets in.  GIGGLES! OMG!!!!  No one knows what can happen under HYPNOTIC AMNESIA!


CONFUSED and in a deep HYPNOTIC state, you surrender willingly to be taken into the unknown, because you trust Me to take care of you.   So float and be captured by My soothing MAGICAL voice.   Subjugated, you serve as I desire.


Last week I had you ask:  Am i doing all i can to serve and please My Domina?  When I give you pleasure, you give Me gratitude.  Notice the update to My CHALLENGE TO PLEASE.  I’ll explain more about this next week.

"Lady Helena" brings you, Supreme Mind Control.  Just when you thought She had reached the peak of Her power, Lady H turns you up a notch and takes you to a place you never expected to reach.  Now, close your eyes and just think about where that might be.  Now go listen.

Just to keep you up to date.  Lady Helena and I are still working putting together all the pieces to Her multi-week slave Obedience training BOOT CAMP for slaves.  My contracted slaves will be able to reserve spots for enrollment.

At the end of the month, I’m returning to Tennessee and My family Farm.  I’ll give more details and news of a new Farm Assignment 3.  I want your idle hands being of use to Me working on My farm, if you know what I mean. ~giggles~

In next week’s session, think about a FUC*ING hot, NAUGHTY, fetish of sheer pleasure.  Then, when I put My feet around....... Well, I won’t spoil the surprise.  Why am I so good to you?

CONTRACTED SPECIAL MONTHLY session available SOON.  Password will change.  I am PLEASED with your PROGRESSION to the other side.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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