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Merry Christmas Everyone

Shelle’s Playground—CR

Can you believe that here we are again? Another year has passed us by.  It really went fast here in My world.  I’m sure that it was the same for all of U/us.  This year was tough in many ways, but I’ve always been told that whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.  I’m not so sure that I truly believe that.  But here W/we are ready to celebrate CHRISTMAS and usher in a brand-new year. 

I’m so excited for Christmas this year.  I’ll work both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but I have Sunday off.  Saturday morning, I will go to My sister’s after My shift and then on Sunday there will be a big celebration and dinner.   I can’t wait for prime rib and all the sides.  My sister is like Me, a great cook.  Plus all I have to do is show up.  I like that part a lot.  I am planning on catching up on some rest after the holiday.  I think I will sleep all day on Monday.  Well sleep and watch movies.

Anyway, back to Christmas, what is your favorite thing about Christmas?  For Me it’s family, food, and sharing memories.  Oh, and watching the kids all open their gifts, that’s always fun.  This year is special for you and Me because we have given a great gift of Christmas Cheer to our adopted family. With your help, they will have plenty of food and gifts for the kids.  I’m sure that we will get pictures of their Christmas morning.  If I do, I will share them with you.  Thank you for making their Holiday special!  We are so good together.  I am proud to have you as Mine.

My sweet, go and be happy holiday season. I am so PROUD of who you are…Proud of how W/we have grown together.  It’s been an amazing year.  I’ll talk more about our past year and the New Year plans in next week’s blog.

Have a Merry Christmas and share your LOVE with someone who needs a hug.



This week’s session is A BRAND-NEW Playground command…be sure to get programmed with Surrender CR or you will miss out on some very HORNY and HARD times..



Plus check your emails for a surprise or two.  Maybe even a GIFT-WRAPPED MIND for you.

NEXT WEEK W/we’ll bring in the New Year with a bang!

See My Special Deals.

Taking care of your Domina is always on your mind, so I allow you to contribute to Our future with My a Challenge to PLEASE.

HoHoHo and MERRY CHRISTMAS from Santa Shelle.

Oh, you may want to dig up the OLD Santa Shelle Christmas sessions.  They were always fun.

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