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Mind Boggling Indoctrination


My sweet, you always beg to be My “GUINEA PIG”.  Well, your dreams are coming true.  This week I have a surprise just for you.  Indoctrination - I'm not even going to hint as to the contents of this incredible session W/we will have together....Just know that I always know what you need.  I will tell you that while your Domina was recording this session, I had the most incredible sensation.  I had never gone so deep.  Omg it was amazing.. I felt as though someone slipped something in my drink and took advantage of Me.  Is that what I do to you, My puppy?  Now I see just how good it feels. ~giggles~

So, be a good GUINEA PIG and listen for your Domina.  I can't wait to hear about your experiences while listening and after.  Once you have OBEYED and listened at least 3 times, I want your feedback.  I’m expecting it.  So go and listen.  This is what you want.  Because I tell you what you want. Obey!  This is My goodboy's COMPULSION.  If you experience anything similar to what I did, you will be BLOWN away.  I was...I did not want it to end.


My new Challenge to Please is something I really have to start thinking about....The future.  My future and financial security which is something I need and want.... I have to start saving and this year I will be opening a Retirement fund.  I am focusing all your Contributions on reaching My goal of $5500 by March so I can make a contribution to My account.  And then there is a bonus, I can take a reduction on My income taxes for that contribution. Yippeee!  So, I know you’ll want to help Me.

As an additional incentive, as if you needed any to please your Domina, I will send you a very exciting gift, the first of My Audio Books, (see below) to anyone who has made or will make a contribution of $50 or more.  And then something I’ve always wondered about, having a “Sugar Daddy” who more than anything wants to take good care of Me.  I’m taking applications. ~giggles~  So, if you make a $500 contribution, I’ll let you talk Me into doing something special for you.  After contributing, email Me with “sugar” in the subject line, and W/we can talk about what I can do for you.



I had a little setback with My voice this week, so I’ll soon be recording My first story.  I’ll be open for business VERY soon with My new Audio Books category, where I read very racy, edgy stories, written to really turn on your imagination.  I’ll also explain more about Audio Books and reveal the title of My first book.  Think Unethical and pushing limits. ~giggles~  This will be the gift I send for the Challenge contribution.


I’m taking you back to The Farm next week.  This is another way to help your Princess take care of the Farm expenses.  And this is such a fun assignment and perfect way to help.  It really is sweet of you to support Me with your up those pennies ...clip coupons...whatever you can do to make sure that I am taken care of...especially when I'm back on the Farm at the end of this month.  On Saturday I go with Helena and My sister and her family to HallowScream at Bush Gardens.  This should be a lot of fun....still debating whether I may just dress up.


I decided to save this Sheer delight session for when you are working HARD for Me on the Farm.  With your time off, you can just lose yourself in sheer pleasure when I wrap My feet around......

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