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My love puppy, through my powerful brainwashing you are beginning to comprehend the extent of My influence on you and your everyday life.

Isn’t it stimulating how CLOSE W/we have been lately?  I know you are thinking about Me all the time, aren’t you?  I am always thinking about you, My puppy.  Thinking of how I can play with your mind...And this week with My slave's Life, I am going to focus everything on you.  Just imagine a full day with Me, from the moment you wake up in the morning to the end of day when going to sleep, you are always MY slave....

Have you noticed, you’re fitting Me into more and more of your everyday life.  you have absorbed Me not only into your brain and thoughts, but feel My presence there with you throughout the day.  I am such a pleasant thought to keep in your head all day, you agree, don’t you.  you want Me more and more.  you need your Domina and you have Me any time you need Me.  See how well it works for you, My baby.  you talk to Me when you Mantra.  you fantasize about Me.  you look for My calendar instructions so you can please Me with your devotion to obedience.  It’s true, I am irresistible and adorable ~giggles~ and you are grateful to have Me in your life.  How lucky you are to belong to Me.

Being My slave makes you happy.  Listening to My voice relaxes all tensions.  Being hard and aroused brings you pleasure and gets you through the rough spots of the day...

you want to obey and please your PRINCESS and be your submissive self, serving and taking care of Me.  It lifts your day and brings pleasure and are able to come to Me whenever you need Me.  And O/our devotion to each other gets stronger every day.  It works out so well, My baby.

Crawl up next to Me and listen....Then send Me your thoughts on what a day with your Domina would be like, using your most vivid fantasies and desires.


Lady Helena is feeling better and back to her wicked ways.  She should have a new exciting file session available soon.
My contracted, you may remember this from your slave Handbook.
Support Lady Helena every way you can.  She works for Me and I benefit from your support of My slave Girl.  She acts with My authority.

Next week's file brings you back into a deep brainwashing session...INSANE how perfect this session is going to be...NOT a man alive could resist.  Would you find it arousing if I said you will be begging Me for even more of My control?

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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