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My slaves/followers, since this is the one week a month dedicated to My contracted slave, whose support makes all of this possible, let’s discuss something I want to make sure you understand. Of course, I want to be the Object of your fantasies and desires, your priority ALWAYS and FOREVER. I am your Domina that you LOVE, Honor and obey. What W/we do together in O/our Erotic Hypnotic World is positive and safe, fulfilling and pleasurable. W/we open up and share O/our TRUE selves with each other.

But, if you have a wife or a partner/girlfriend, I want you to make sure you are careful and cautious. W/we must always protect O/our LOVED ones. So, you must be safe at home. Some/most partners would not be happy if they were to find out the secrets that W/we share and the things W/we do together. So, let's always protect US...This means Me and you BOTH. I have a secret LIFE too. I get to LIVE MY REAL LIFE RIGHT here with you. My Dad/some family know that I do hypnosis, but nothing more, most of those who know Me, know Me as a Nurse. I do NOT share My life with most...So, W/we are in the same boat! Stay SAFE, W/we have a LONG JOURNEY ahead. So much excitement! I love it here in My world, that I have created for you and ME!

Now for the good stuff. I am planning for a HOT summer together. I will make it special for both of U/us. I’m working on another Advanced Experiment. I will be collecting info on just how effective My TRIGGERS/Brainwashing and SUGGESTIONS have become and the improvements I’ve made on My Subjects.

I’ll be testing the on/off switch I placed on your body to see if it works so I could use it anytime I wanted to by remote control. Have you seen this done in movies? And then I wonder, if whenever I speak, you fall deep, automatically, just at the sound of My voice.

How about when W/we communicate and I send a text or email to you? Does that trigger My voice to take over control of you and make you weak and helpless to obey all My suggestions and instructions? Mmmm... What I can do to you, then!

Have you seen the movie "Dark Shadows"? Maybe this and other similar movies show us just how effective a voice can be and how a deep TRANCE can be your SEXIEST state of mind, especially when your mind is all MINE.

What movies do you find yourself lost in? I mean movies that have fed your fantasies, fetishes and desires? Tell Me! I want to know so I’ll have some new ways to work My magic on you.

This works so well because you find Me irresistible. I integrated Myself so deep inside of you that you respond to Me as soon as you read My words or hear My voice. Isn’t that right? What if you had a ring-tone that placed you in trance for Me...Like a word. Sleep! Down down down!!! Giggles. Are you ENTRANCED NOW? My power over you is absolute. My words control you. W/we are forever connected and you already fall into trance for ME so easily and automatically. But, I want MORE. I want you to feel My power as soon as you read one little word from Me or listen to ONE word of My voice. SEXY! I am so good to you, My lil pet.

Contracted: Watch your email for a special lil message that I have created ONLY for you! Plus a little surprise.

UPDATE: My puppy, I am traveling to Tenn next week (Driving halfway Sunday and the rest of the drive early Monday morning). This trip is so exciting! My sister, who was initially expected to never walk or talk again is walking, getting better daily, and actually she is moving HOME (her home-near Memphis) for in-home care next week. This is so amazing!!! She is very excited! Thank you for your continued love and support. I could not have done it without you helping with these travel expenses!

It's been a crazy 13 months. It's not over, but this year will be much easier on your Domina. I won’t have to travel to Tennessee every month, maybe every other month. My sister will have an amazing aide named Brittany. Plus home monitors in every room and Brittany will be preparing all meals 5 days a week. WOW! If I didn't believe in miracles, I do NOW. So, My sweet, always know that whatever W/we go through in life, W/we can get through it. Miracles do happen. NEVER GIVE UP!

I am your proud OWNER! Always MINE! I am so thankful for YOU and the support you have shown through Challenge to PLEASE. you are Mine forever!


Next week I have some skill training (I’m going to teach you a little C*CK PLAY)! Following My instructions will be very SEXY and maybe NAUGHTY!

Talk Live - 20 minutes

Take a look at this week’s special deals ~~~ included I’m offering a 20 minute LIVE talk with Me for almost 40% off. I’m going to do more ONE on ONE trainings for you...that is if you are interested.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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