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Professor Shelle's Re-Form School - Class #2

Recording this week’s session, Prof. Shelle’s Re-Form School-Class #2, is the most excitement I’ve had since lightning hit the Our summer house at the beach.  you are going to love it.  This is the second of fifteen monthly sessions.  you will work hard and earn that degree.  So, W/we are on this long journey together and these class lessons are personal training guides to make sure you stay on the right path to perfection for Me.  And as your teacher, My job is to make sure you are properly taught your lessons, no matter how hard they make you...Don’t want you in detention. Giggles~~~

My sessions leave you mindless for Me in trance and I do all the thinking, you love being controlled and I love controlling you.  It’s the perfect relationship.  I love taking you into a passive, blank state of mind which makes you more suggestible and compliant and needless to say, aroused and VERY HORNY.

My Re-Form School sessions will be more interactive.  Teaching you a deeper submission and complete COMPLIANCE... I am very excited to explore your life as My slave as you experience, PLEASURE in Ownership, addictions, submission and obedience, dedication and servitude, deep fetish obsessions.  I can’t wait to see how My teachings will change you.


I am also excited about O/our new WEBSITE.  This was a very big decision and investment.  After a false start, I found a reliable company to begin work which might take 4-6 weeks to be ready.  There will be a new membership area which will open at a later date.  More on that later.  SFS will remain a separate section.

Visually and in every other way, the new site will be a better experience, easier to navigate, convenient and provide you with mobile access.  Imagine, stopped at a red light, you can take a minute to look at My picture on your phone.  But keep your other hand on the wheel. ~giggles~

you have been so good to Me in the past by taking My Challenge for different priorities.  In My hour of need, I’ll be dedicating all your Challenge To PLEASE contributions to the new website expenses.  Get your SAVINGS caps on.


Just last week at the beach, the now bronzed beauty, Lady Helena, was telling Me about Her latest creation, Trigger of Insanity, which is in New Releases.  How far will you go?  Listen and find out!!


There is a new SFS slave story posted this week from My devoted slave fito who describes his fascination with with My slave Girl, Lady H. and his erotic intense experiences at the hands of My slave Girl.  A story guaranteed to turn you on to booking an appointment with the Dominatrix of My dungeon.


you always trust Me to tell you the TRUTH.  Well, maybe not as the Unethical Therapist.  But, who cares about the truth, when the results are more than you could wish for.

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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