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SLAVE WEAVER-A spell in your suggestible subconscious mind

slave Weaver

This week I have a special surprise for you.  I've fucked with your mind and c*ck so much lately, that I think you deserve a treat... I will reveal your future.  With this week’s session, slave Weaver, you will experience one of the deepest trances that I have ever taken you under...Yes, just for you, I will lead you DEEP so slowly, softly and gently (even though I could take you with one little word).  I’ve decided to play with you and Weave My spell into your open and suggestible subconscious mind.

Here’s a little peek insideJust imagine a sexy alluring GYPSY...Imagine Her beautiful full breast pulling you into Her control.  Remember the velvety blackness of Her seduction, falling endlessly and mindlessly to your destination.  The spell that She is weaving is one so powerful that no man could ever resist.  She loves control and She already knows what is inside your mind...She has slipped inside long before now.  She knows all, She controls your mind....She will reveal your future.  She has never been wrong...don't try to resist Her, it will only tire you further.

Now just TRY to resist listening....No one can.

My sweet, I am the Magistrate and Knower of your soul, the sweet Slayer of your misconceptions, the Siren’s voice of mischief.  But I have secrets.  I will reveal one after dropping your empty, blank, and sleepy hypnotized mind to the very bottom.  you will not resist.  Poor baby, you will be much too weak and tired from falling over and over again, deeper and deeper.  My sweet, you know Me and you know that I won't reveal all of My cards, yet. I love taking you blindly without your knowing exactly where you are going.  Just listen and TRUST ME.  I make the element of surprise so sexy, so mind Fucking...This is one AROUSING and Hypnotic journey that you will want to go on over and over again.  I'll see you at the bottom.  BRING your own TOWEL!  Giggles!!!


I am going through your EXPERIMENT Journals and will be devoting O/our next School Class #14 to your journals and My response to your needs on Thanksgiving Day, as a celebration of the loving bonds between U/us.  Thanks for your patience if I haven’t gotten back to you, personally.  I WILL!

The Painting, framing is all paid for and soon to be on My bedroom wall to enjoy.  Thank you so much for making Me happy.  My CHALLENGE will now be focused on My next priority, My retirement fund for the 2019 tax contribution.  you were so helpful and supportive last year.  W/we have several months to reach My goal.

The Beach.  I loved everything about it.  Relaxation, sun, sand, water, family, Helena, oysters.  Did you miss Me?  Well, I’m refreshed and back stronger than ever.  Thanks for your support.

Contracted, I am posting a new SFS slave story for your enjoyment.  It could happen to you.


I will bring you into a different type of EXPERIENCE with your destination being My Farm.
My sissy gurl, you will be following Me into the magical PINK Sleeping Forest, at last.

Check My special deals:

Erotic Hibernation --
A sensually intense PROGRAMMED submission...

Sweet Torture --
Wicked and Oh so SEXY...

Brainwashed-Complete Control --
I am a Dangerous Domina-Mistress...and this is a DANGEROUS file. ***Giggles***

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