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THE EXPERIMENT - Mind Calibration

My pet, I’m very excited about My Experiment.  I know how much you love to be a Lab Rat to the mad scientist in Me who loves to experiment on your brain.  So don’t be afraid, I’ll take good care of you with THE EXPERIMENT-Mind Calibration.  Just relax and settle in.  There are 7 sessions, one for each day of the week, starting on Sunday or Monday.  Even though the Experiment continues for 6 weeks, the time you need to commit each day is very brief and manageable so that it will not interfere with your other daily responsibilities (approximately 15-22 minutes).  For purposes of scientific research it’s important to listen to each session in daily sequence to test the results.

your brain is being perfectly calibrated to the sound of My voice, making My voice, words and specific instructions more compelling and irresistible than they are already.  I will be speaking directly to you and I can already hear your saying, Yes, Domina.  Each session has a in sync physically and mentally. ~giggles~  I can’t wait to work My magic, and live the life of a real Princess, to be loved and served by Her subjects.  This EXPERIMENT will change you.  Be prepared for that.

The EXPERIMENT will include a journal assignment, you will be answering simple questions for each session and making brief notes, short and sweet to yourself.  So, at the end of 6 weeks, W/we can measure any changes over time, by comparing the answers from week 1 to those for week 6.  So, be sure to refer to your Journal assignment that comes with this experiment.

I am interested in the real effects of mind Control and brainwashing over time.  What will change inside you, your thinking, thought process, which will help Me with your future training?  Are internal changes affecting outward behavior?  W/we shall see.  I am so excited.

If you Signed Up for the 7 personalized sessions last week, you have already been listening to the Experiment LOOP session.  Otherwise, the LOOP comes with the Experiment package.  Listen to it for at least 15 minutes and then every day for the first 7 days of the Experiment.

NOTE:  If you purchased the personalization for your EXPERIMENT, watch your email for how to pay for your completed sessions.  DO NOT purchase the GENERAL package that will be for sale on the website.

Watch for the EXPERIMENT to appear like magic in My NEW soon as I get it all perfect...At some point in the next 24 hours.


I have been enjoying your responses to your last Class Assignment; in O/our next School #12 Class session, I will be sharing them with you and telling you what are MY favorite words.

What a crazy week.  Right now, I feel like My voice needs combat pay for the 340 personalized EXPERIMENT sessions I just finished, well, still uploading.  The lengths I go to make you happy.  Enjoy.  What lengths do you go to serve Me?  Show Me. ~giggles~  I need a day at the beach...anyone taking Me?...haha


Just wait and you like a little bondage play?...say, with My thigh highs?

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